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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Address: 450 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY    10451

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La Fille Mal Gardèe  | Open: 08/22/14 Close: 08/22/14
LIVE the innocent love of Lisa and Colas, LOVE this blissful evocation of eternal spring in one of the oldest ballets still performed, LAUGH with the comedy of the dimwitted, umbrella obsessed Alan and the Parisian Widow Simone lost in rural France.



La Bayadère  | Open: 08/16/13 Close: 08/16/13
The enchanting and ancient India sets the background to a story of eternal love, exotic mystery and inevitable fate. Nikiya, La Bayadére [Temple Dancer], loves Solor, a noble Warrior. A vivid palette of human intrigues to separate the lovers is destroyed by virtue of the Gods and Goddess of mysterious India.

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Legacy, The Odyssey Of Albania  | Open: 12/21/12 Close: 12/21/12



Don Quixote  | Open: 08/17/12 Close: 08/17/12
By far the most successful ballet choreographed after Cervantes' story, Don Quixote is a magnificent spectacle of dancers’ athleticism suffused with an infectious passion for life. A joyous celebration of love and laughter!

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