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The American Sephardi Federations Institute of Jewish Experience presents:

The Global Naçao Conference will explore the complexity and vitality of this community in its historical and modern-day contexts through an examina+on of its history, religious leaders, customs, liturgy, literature, arts, and material culture. Taking advantage of our loca+on in New York City, home of one of the great Spanish and Portuguese Jewish congrega+onsShearith

Israelwe will also engage with the vibrant, living communi+es who s+ll dedicate themselves to the tradi+ons and culture of the Spanish and Portuguese minhag across the globe.

Scholars, artists, and community leaders from across the globe will discuss the global reach of this dynamic diaspora. In addi+on to the academic exchange, the Conference will contain a cultural component and engage with current Rabbinic leaders of the community. The conference and cultural events are open to the general public looking to enrich their personal heritage and understand the richness of the Sephardi experience.

Monday, 11 May

at 6:00PM


at 7:00PM

Opening Night

Tuesday, 12 May, 9:00AM-6:00PM

Academic Sessions

Wednesday, 13 May, 9:00AM-6:00PM

Academic Sessions

Wednesday, 13 May at 7:00PM

Closing Night