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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 312 W. 36th Street (1st floor)
New York, NY    10018

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The Colors of Love  | Open: 09/25/13 Close: 09/28/13
The Colors of Love returns Off-Broadway in September 2013 featuring Royce Reed (VH1's BasketBall Wives)!

The Colors of Love first debuted off-Broadway with an all Black Latino/African American cast in early 2011. In summer 2011 The Colors of Love underwent development for its transition to the television screen with New York City as its backdrop. The "dramedy" delves deeper into the private lives of each of the four couples.

In the Off-Broadway production the couples are at the height of their relationships and are exploring the issues that are placed before them. Each pair of lovers is working through their relationship and attempting to find the true meaning of happiness while achieving and maintaining a level of self gratification and satisfaction.

The couples encompass all stages and ages from high school sweethearts Angela Brown and Jeffery Blackman dealing with the challenges of cohabitating; to the unspoken sexual taboos that haunt Mark and Valerie Pinkette; the seemingly perfect relationship of Brittany Green and James Rojo; and matrimonial veterans Melissa and Franklin Grayson who are succeeding professionally at the expense of their marriage.

Royce Reed
Devale Ellis
Dahiana Torres
Elliott Lee Cowart
Jonathan Iglesias
Casey Braxton
Apryl Lopez
Crystal S. Roman
Sylenia Lewis
*Understudy- Krystal Farris*

Writer/Director- Crystal S. Roman
Assistant Director- Fulton Hodges
Jay Johnson- Lighting Designer
Anthony Davison- Set Designer


MAX MAVEN Thinking in Person  | Open: 06/12/12 Close: 06/12/12
The New York Times said MAX MAVEN THINKING IN PERSON is a "category-defying mind-reading show that veers into CONCEPTUAL ART." More than just the world's foremost mind-reader, Max Maven brings a new form of participatory theatre to the world involving hundreds of minds including yours. Audiences from Russia to England to Argentina to Japan (yes, he speaks fluent Japanese) have been ASTONISHED and ENTERTAINED by Maven's bizarre brand of MENTAL MAGIC.

Armed with an acerbic wit, and what the Los Angeles Times called "CHARISMATIC ANIMAL MAGNETISM," Max explores a wide variety of topics ranging from abstract painting to Kabuki theatre, from theology to higher mathematics. The Chicago Tribune called it "WONDERFULLY ESOTERIC."

Audiences in more than two dozen countries agree. So don't miss your opportunity to be dazzled by the NEW YORK DEBUT of MAX MAVEN THINKING IN PERSON.

It's Magic, Mystery and Mentalism to the MAX! And it's an evening you'll never forget.


Blood Feud  | Open: 05/30/12 Close: 06/03/12
Written by Yakup Almelek & Directed by Annie Ward

Featuring: Cassie Fireman, John Mulcahy, Rosalind Ashford, Zsuzsa Manna, Rachel Loebs, David Woodrow, Vincent Ingrisano, Alexander Seife, Lance Willoughby, Michael Washington Brown, Tom Vickers

The Blood Feud, dormant and docile in the footnotes of history books for most of us today, leaps out for our Derin larger than life. Golden boy of modest rural origins in present-day Turkey, with a diploma from a prestigious High School in England and a degree in Law within reach, Derin suddenly finds his blood to be more in demand than either, as youths from his native village catch up with him in his student hostel.

He knows that his own father, in a petty dispute, has killed the brother of their Uncle, the Head of their Clan, Uncle Musa. And he has no illusions that his enlightened modernity will exempt him one iota from their rules of retribution. He runs for it.

Tickets are only $18

Jeff Loddo, Stage Manager
Nathanael Vaky, Assistant Stage Manager
Sara Slagle, Set Designer
Valeria Picerno, Costume Designer
Jillian R. Lifson, Stage Hand
Steve Lefstein, Box Office Manager