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The Story Behind the Book Upon This Rock  | Open: 04/16/12 Close: 04/16/12
This book chronicles a Brooklyn church and its community amid the crime, drugs and despair of the black community. However , faith and learning to believe in the Lord and his ultimate plan for an individual and his community makes this church an oasis amid the storms. It is a story of a pastor, with his own demons, trying to be resopnsible for the souls of his congregation and the thin ice on which he must tread. This book will make you look at the inner city and its churches in a different light.


Mother Wit: Echoes from the Womb  | Open: 03/19/12 Close: 03/19/12
Every woman's birthing experience is not a joy-filled and natural phenomenon. Some women conceive, carry and give birth to their babies and lose their mental and spiritual foundation. Join all women cast of "MOTHER WIT: ECHOES FROM THE WOMB" as they share a story of conception, birth, DEVASTATION, restoration and forgiveness. Co-Written & Co-Directed By Shawnee Benton Gibson and Jasmine Gibson.


Allie's Notebook  | Open: 03/16/12 Close: 03/16/12
A loving husband cares for wife with Alzheimer until the end. This event will be supported by Emblem Health. Following presentation a "talk back" session focused on caregivers will be conducted. Refreshments will be served.

Directed by: Michele Hawkins Jones

Murial Ashby
Jacqueline Lemon-Denton
Charles Hugee/James Mims
Kirby Spivey