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NOTHING  | Open: 09/15/16 Close: 09/17/16
Inspired by true events, NOTHING is a multi-media production featuring Ben, a young wordsmith/technology enthusiast with autism. Using poetry, music, and video, Ben shares his story of meeting "Barbie" in a divine online connection, standing up to his high school bullies, and finding ways to fit into a "normal" world.

NOTHING is based on Nic Balthazar's novel Nothing Was All He Said, which was inspired by a newspaper article about a young man with autism. Since the book's publication in Belgium in 2002, it has been adapted for stage in five countries, and twice for the screen, including 2007's Ben X. This production of NOTHING has won awards at the Cincy Fringe, United Solo (NYC) and the San Diego Fringe Festival.

About the Company: Unity Productions

UNITY PRODUCTIONS (Producer) was founded by Zack Cieslak and Jon Kovach. The company is dedicated to making a positive change through the arts, education, and community service. Unity premiered Nothing in high schools throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. From there, Nothing has performed at nationally accredited universities, including Wisconsin, Indiana and Miami and theatre festivals, including Cincy Fringe, New Orleans Fringe, and San Diego Fringe Festival.

THE BIRDS AND THE BEES: UNABRIDGED  | Open: 07/09/15 Close: 07/12/15
We're all taught anatomy and shown sexuality in the media, but what happens when those definitions and explanations are not enough? The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged explores the unique--yet interwoven--life circumstances of eight women and trans people forced to confront their own shifting identities, struggles, and confusions surrounding their own sexuality.

Through dialogue, movement, song, humor, and multimedia, the performance examines such themes as partner communication, sexual identity, the de-sexualization of aging women, today's "hook-up" culture, and sexual health.

Co-Created and directed by: Maggie Keenan-Bolger and Rachel Sullivan. 

Featuring: Ashleigh Awusie, Maybe Burke, Jenne Carey, Ruth Cooper, Meggan Dodd, Cat Fisher, Molly Gallagher, Lindsay Griffin, Catherine Gowl, Jordan Ho, Stephanie Mallick, E. Okobi, Julia Osen Averill, Mary Parker, Riti Sachdeva, Holly Sansom, and Aubrey Seader.


The Mermaid's Legs  | Open: 10/23/14 Close: 10/26/14
A cast of ten homeschooled teens take an exploratory deep dive into the realm of The Little Mermaid, from Disney's happy ending to the explicit traumas of Hans Christian Andersen's original. Not that there's any correspondence between the pain of becoming an adult and the pain of having your tongue cut out and boiled...

Music! Puppetry! Water safety! Stage blood! THE MERMAID'S LEGS has something for everyone…provided they can handle an experimental approach and a non-red-haired mermaid who - SPOILER - dies in the end!

(Parental discretion may be advised, even at the supremely weird hour of 6:30 pm. It’s not a kiddie show.)


WHAT    The Mermaid’s Legs

WHO    Conceived and Directed by Ayun Halliday with further contributions by the cast of 10 homeschooled teens

WHERE    The Tank NYC

151 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

(212) 563-6269


WHEN:    Thursday, October 23, 2014, 6:30pm

Friday, October 24, 2014, 6:30pm

Saturday, October 25, 2014, 6:30pm

Sunday, October 26, 2014, 3pm


TICKETS: $15 general, $12 student,


AGE RANGE: 12-adult


Inquiries: Jenn de la Vega or

Hi-res photos available on request

Long Story Long hosted by Eli Reiter  | Open: 02/20/14 Close: 05/15/14
February 20th, March 20th, April 17th, May 15

There are many storytelling shows out there that offer a slice of life. At the corner of Fringe Festival Street and The Moth Avenue, Eli Reiter offers us a larger piece of the pie giving each performer 25 minutes to tell their story. Long Story Long allows you, the audience, to get to know the storyteller a little better. We'll also have a featured storyteller in the middle, to be the extra crust around the pie. Who doesn't like extra pie? Featuring TBA


VHS Presents  | Open: 02/13/14 Close: 05/08/14
February 13th, March 13th, April 10th, May 8th

Angel Yau takes us into the young minds of comedians, filmmakers, and storytellers by watching the videos they made as future struggling artists and telling the stories behind it before. From movie re-enactments to cable access shows to school projects to simply home videos. Each month, four storytellers get to show videos they worked hard on pre-youtube days and reflect on how they've grown today. Featuring TBA


Dingmantics  | Open: 02/06/14 Close: 05/01/14
February 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st

Sam Dingman hosts this monthly open-mic as part of his storytelling podcast "Dingmantics." ( Each month, four randomly-selected storytellers will take the stage, followed by a featured performer to close the show. All stories will be recorded for possible inclusion on the podcast, and every performer will take home a recording of their piece. Come share your antics with Dingmantics! With Featured Guest: TBA


Lamb Lays with Lion attempts: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Attempting to perform John Patrick Shanley's celebrated play, "Lamb Lays with Lion attempts: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" is a sputtering performance, gasping integrity, masquerading as a play that navigates between violence and attraction, desire and delusion, and the victory of ephemeral love over desolation.

Mistress of the Hour
Created by Suzana Stankovic
Performed by Vincent Louis Marra and Suzana Stankovic

Mistress of the Hour is a confessional, avant-garde dance-theatre work that explores female archetypes; subconscious desires, fears and obsessions; and the inner life emancipated. Through a fusion of dance, theatre and poetry, Mistress of the Hour brings to life a world of feral beauty and beckons you to step inside. For all about Suzana Stankovic please visit:
Note: The mistress cannot be tamed. This is an immersive show. The mistress may sit next to or touch you or otherwise enter your private space depending on your energy.


The Lovely Miller-Maid  | Open: 03/23/14 Close: 04/06/14
Franz Schubert's haunting song-cycle comes to life with innovative puppetry and magical theatricality.

This collaboration between classical pianist Azusa Ueno, operatic tenor Dory Schultz, and theatrical director Ben Prusiner takes the audience on a visual journey as we see the world through the eyes of the main character, a love-struck miller. People from his past come to life in the form of objects animated to form beautiful and eerie faces, while shadow puppets ripple in watery images overhead and a blue silk river dances below. The merger of stunning classical music and elegant marionette, found-object and shadow puppetry is a unique event.

Featuring puppeteers Flor Bromley, Chris Gebauer, Nicola McEldowney, Equiano Mosieri, and Elizabeth Spano. Movement by Ryan Brooke Taylor. Puppets created by Ben Prusiner.


The Big Intimacy Group Presents Autobahn By Neil Labute  | Open: 03/14/14 Close: 03/16/14
Be it the medium for clandestine couplings, arguments, shelter, or ultimately transportation, the automobile is perhaps the most authentically American of spaces. In Autobahn, Neil LaBute's provocative new collection of one-act plays set within the confines of the front seat, the playwright employs his signature plaintive insight to great effect, investigating the inchoate apprehension that surrounds the steering wheel. Each of these brief vignettes explore the ethos of perception and relationship--from a make-out session gone awry to a kidnapping thinly disguised as a road trip. The result is an unsettling montage that gradually reveals the scabrous force of words left unsaid while illuminating the delicate interplay between intention and morality, capturing the essence of middle America and the myriad paths which cross its surface.

Featuring: Logan Sutherland, Emma Thorne, Jonathan Berenson, Jill Durso, Anthony Taylor, Hayley Palmaer, Todd Litzinger, Caroline Jordan, Annie Grier, Jonathan West


The Existential Sing-Along  | Open: 02/21/14 Close: 02/23/14
How do you choose to define real experience?
What happens to us when we die?
How many jelly beans are in this jar?

Doppelskope aggressively answers none of these questions, but they do use puppetry, clown, magic and music to explore what children and adults have in common in terms of obsession, anxiety, and uncertainty. They also flirt shamelessly with the audience.

An Existential Sing-Along is Doppelskope's signature show which has gone on to spawn both Shrink: Puppet Therapy and The Existential Variety Hour. Come see the madness that started it all! There are also free cookies.

"mind-numbing brilliance." Taos News


Poste Restante  | Open: 02/07/14 Close: 02/16/14
"The charming performance piece is a love letter to the deep human need we have to connect and the terrible trouble we have in succeeding." Culture Map Austin.

In this show, originally inspired by the Dead Letter Office, The Agents explore the ups and downs of a relationship through the magic surrounding hand written letters. The result is a poetically beautiful, absurdly logical show that is by turns funny, dazzling, and, in the end, surprisingly touching.

Poste Restante earned support from The Jim Henson Foundation, LEF Foundation, and Puppeteers of America. It won Best Touring Show from the Austin Texas Critics Table, Best of Fringe and Best Physical Comedy from the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and it was a finalist for Best of Fringe from the Prague Fringe Festival.


Rule of 10  | Open: 02/09/14 Close: 02/09/14
Rule of 10: two playwrights, two readings, ten rules.

An evening of two staged readings, presenting new one-act plays from ROB ASKINS (Hand to God; EST & MCC) and BRETT EPSTEIN (Slaves of our Lives; The Flea). Each original piece had to adhere to the same ten "rules." .

1. A character who would exist in a Neil LaBute play.
2. An old character who wears too much makeup.
3. Rob must incorporate the first three shuffled songs on Brett's music playlist; Brett must incorporate the first three shuffled songs on Rob's music playlist.
4. A commercial really affects someone.
5. A scene must include two people texting to each other (audience needs to see or hear what the texts say).
6. On pages 3, 6 and 10: Someone passes gas and tries to hide it.
7. That flatulence brings about a deep revelation from another character.
8. A monologue about the documentary Blackfish.
9. "Hey bud, how's this look?"
10. Within the last few pages: the destruction of furniture.


Frank Tedesso: As If Through a Glass Darkly  | Open: 02/09/14 Close: 02/09/14
This performance will include:

a Cello
SouLfuL wOMen
certain colours of Blue
a Graveyard
a BrotheL
some speaking songs & singing poems
a confused Clock
2 Red Flowers
& a cOcoNut

... Along with many other Escapades & Feats of Wonder ...


The Tempest  | Open: 08/22/13 Close: 09/01/13
Set in a modern NYC subway this adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest will bring the audience into the mind of Prospero and his journey toward forgiveness, creating links to all New Yorker's and everyone's struggle with the pressures of the modern world. Featuring a minimalist set and costumes, the focus will be put on the fantastical story while allowing room for the imagination of the audience.


David Rabe's The Orphan  | Open: 07/26/13 Close: 08/07/13
David Rabe's The Orphan is a gonzo retelling of The Oresteia. Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, sex, drugs and the murderous Manson family collide in this comical but deeply disturbing look at our relationships with our mothers, fathers, and the nature of violence. The cast includes: Eric Tucker and Ted Lewis of Bedlam's acclaimed Saint Joan and Hamlet, Flor De Liz Perez of the New York Neo-Futurists and Pioneer Theatre Company favorite, Andy Rindlisbach, in his New York debut. The production features original music composed by Jen Jackson, a recent grad of the Yale School of Drama.  Aaron Sparks directs a lively and relevant new production of this rarely produced David Rabe play, not seen on the professional New York stage since its premiere at the Public Theatre in 1973. David Rabe significantly revised The Orphan after its original production, and the play has never had a major New York production in its current form.

About the Company: Children of an Idle Brain

We are dedicated to telling good stories with ingenuity and a restless curiosity. We choose works that acknowledge the extraordinary in the ordinary and embrace the joys and struggles of being human. We believe in the theatre. We invite our audience to discover and celebrate wit us.

The Curious Case of Phineas Gage  | Open: 06/06/13 Close: 06/23/13
A Vermont railroad worker in 1848, a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, and a band of mercenaries stationed on the water planet of the Cortica Galaxy... All faced with the same question: Who am I? An adventure of self-discovery through the inner space of the mind to the outer reaches of the universe by Split Knuckle, which returns to Flint & Tinder on the heels of its heralded 2010 presentation of Endurance.

The Curious Case of Phineas Gage is part of Flint & Tinder, a new curated theater series. Save money and buy a ticket bundle:

About the series
Flint & Tinder is a curated series of exciting new independent theater presented by The Tank in the heart of Manhattan's theater district. The series showcases ferociously imaginative emerging artists making work that spans (and often flagrantly combines) physical theater, puppetry, dance, clowning, and more. They are storytellers, relentless risk-takers, and theatrical alchemists shaping the future of the medium.

Now in its second season, this year's Flint & Tinder (formerly Theater at The Tank) will feature performances from across the country and around the world: returning artists Kyle Loven (My Dear Lewis in 2010) and Split Knuckle Theatre (Endurance in 2010), as well as St. Ann's Puppet Lab artist Marta MacRostie, renowned clown performer Summer Shapiro, and the bouffant clown company La Piarra from Mexico City. Flint & Tinder is curated by Josh Luxenberg and Jon Levin of Sinking Ship Productions. Maggie Baker is the series coordinator. For more information visit


These Shining Lives  | Open: 05/24/13 Close: 06/02/13
1920'S Chicago, over 1000 women worked at The Radium Dial Factory.The higher ups wore masks as the women were encouraged to work with harmful products. Victimized by their employers, these women rose to become heroes. Based the true story of Catherine Donohue and her friends who sued the factory and changed labor union laws for generations to come. "These Shining Lives" is a story of change, friendship, love, loss and the courage to persevere.

About the Company: Infinite Variety Productions

Infinite Variety Production's mission is: To create opportunities for female artists. To voice the words of unnoted storytellers. To broaden the public purview one audience at a time.


Infinite Variety Productions was started by Ashley Adelman and Maria Makenna, who have been working in the New York theatre scene for several years.
After finishing prestigious acting programs at The Actors Studio Drama School, NYU TISCH and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, they eagerly entered the scene, hoping to become a part of something that would have a real impact on the world around them. They soon discovered that the best way to be a part of something important is to create it.
Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit", their first production, opened to great acclaim in June of 2011 at Theatre For The New City. It was theatre that incited real conversation! The ladies were inspired to tackle their next project, Shirley Lauro's "A Piece of My Heart". The play,based on true stories of women who served in Vietnam, opened on Veteran's Day 2011 at The Tank Theatre to sold out performances.  The Living Theatre, after seeing the show asked the women of IVP to bring the play to their theatre in February!

IVP was even honored by several women who had served in the war, who graciously agreed to a talkback following the show. The stories these women told reinforced what Ashley and Maria had begun to understand: too many of these stories have gone unheard. IVP is looking forward to telling many more.

These Shining Lives  | Open: 05/24/13 Close: 05/24/13
1920'S Chicago, over 1000 women worked at The Radium Dial Factory.The higher ups wore masks as the women were encouraged to work with harmful products. Victimized by their employers, these women rose to become heroes. Based the true story of Catherine Donohue and her friends who sued the factory and changed labor union laws for generations to come. "These Shining Lives" is a story of change, friendship, love, loss and the courage to persevere.

Kinds Of Light  | Open: 05/02/13 Close: 05/18/13
The Tank will present the World Premiere of Summer Shapiro’s (Legs and All: In the Boudoir) Kinds of Light, as part of Flint & Tinder, their curated theater series, May 2-18.

A recluse is confronted with the unexpected in this highly physical, visually rich stage production charting the all too futile need for certainty and the beauty in being a hapless human. In a world where the familiar moves from mundane to magical, Shapiro plays with the likes of tissues, bed sheets, table and chair to wrap her arms around the unknown within and without.  Inspired by the work of Carl Sagan, supernovae, New York City’s general public and unbridled joy, Kinds of Light crafts unfolding whimsy to find light is everywhere, even in the darkest spaces.

Kinds of Light was postponed during its development at The Tank in 2011 when Summer Shapiro learned she had cancer. Now, two years later and healthier than ever, this award-winning comedienne and theater-maker returns to New York with the knowledge that human beings are built to fall apart and such a breaking can be the gem of a life time.

“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything - that's how the light gets in.” —Leonard Cohen

We Will Prevail  | Open: 03/09/13 Close: 03/15/13
Want to see new work that is bound to leave a mark?

Here's your chance to see the world premiere of WE WILL PREVAIL.

An evening of two one-acts, The Intruder, and Ladies Night, written and directed by young American playwright, Larry Bao.
These plays are a poignant magnification of intrusion, property, camaraderie, and of course... love.
Journey into the cynicism and optimism of our human psyche.

As humans, we can prevail...


The night begins with The Intruder, a seemingly surreal journey of two men who claim the rights to a brand new house. The play begins with a man unlocking the front door while another man is sitting at the dining table reading. They jump back in surprise leading to a confrontation, an attempt to defend their rightful ownership of their territory. Is one of these men a squatter? Is one of these men a thief? Who’s property is this really? Could two people really have missed each others presence? Who is the intruder?

The night ends with the comedic one-act, Ladies Night. Just returning from their favorite bar, three business women are in an apartment complaining about the prospects of men. They attempt to continue their celebration with wine and music but their neighbor, a man, tells them to turn down the music. Hilarity ensues as these women talk trash on these “oppressive” men. Ladies Night is a representation of sexual frustration and yearning for love.

Cast: Camille Lowman, Alyson Calder, Phoebe Dwight, Paul Notice, and Brent Rose


The Tank Theater

151 W 46th St 8th Floor

March 9-10, 15-17


Door: $15

Reserve your tickets on line at with code "wwpfriends" and get a 5 buck discount!


Follow us on tumblr to see the faces behind the production!

Jumping The Shark  | Open: 12/05/12 Close: 12/19/12
Jumping The Shark takes a behind-the-scenes look at a prime time television show. On the heels of their most successful season in years, the show's executive producers suddenly find themselves at odds with each over the direction of the show's future in a classic struggle between art and commerce.

The cast features Graham Stuart Allen (Deep Throat Sex Scandal, 45 Bleeker), Ashley Arcement (Broadway's Grease), Kyle Knauf (Charles Mee's Fetes De La Nuit), and Elenna Stauffer (Quiet Cry, Theatre Row).


The creative team for JUMPING THE SHARK includes director/set/sound designer John William Schiffbauer, costumer designer Jessica Bergstrom, lighting designer Timothy Parrish, general manager/press representative Erica Ruff Productions, and production stage manager Ben Guralnik.
Founded in 2003, The Tank is a Manhattan based non-profit arts presenter. Curating across all disciplines, The Tank provides an artistic home to both new and established artists who are engaged in the pursuit of new ideas. Combining free performance space, subsidized rehearsal space, discounted ticket prices and promotional support; the Tank brings quality programming to a new generation of audience for live performance, civic discourse, and the work of emerging artists.  
To learn more about the show please visit 
Bad Theater Fest  | Open: 10/22/12 Close: 10/31/12
Highlighting unique and bizarre short plays, comedy acts, short film and more - the Bad Theater Fest sets out to prove that people will watch anything.

Terezin, Children of the Holocaust  | Open: 10/19/12 Close: 10/28/12
Award-winning play set in a diabolical, false-fronted prison camp in 1943. Six children face the psychological barbarism of the Nazi war machine. With courage, hope and art, they demonstrate the resilience of the human spirit. "Terezin" is written by Anna Smulowitz, the daughter of two Auschwitz survivors and the play is a tribute to her many relatives who died in the Holocaust. The play won the 1984 American Television award and was given a five star review by the 2011 Edinburg Fringe Festival.

"Terezin" provides a historical context in which to examine critically important issues such as hatred,predjudice bullying and indifference present in our communities and schools."

"The Play is an important tool, not just for Jewish children but for all children to learn about racism, social responsibility and individual choice." Judith Kamber, Chair Diversity Committee Northern Essex College.

"This is a five star show because it is superbly conceived, superbly acted by children who put many a fringe veteran to shame, despite being Americans with no direct experience of the holocaust. For a deeply moving piece of theatre this Fringe look no further." (2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival review)


Eclipsed  | Open: 09/28/12 Close: 10/14/12
 “Eclipsed” is based on true events of Ms. Burke Brogan’s experiences as a young novice in one of the Magdalene Laundries. Under the watchful eyes of the strict nuns, “Eclipsed” tells the story of four girls scorned not only by society but their own families. Considered “fallen”, they were locked up and forgotten. In this institution, some girls fought to regain their childhoods, while others fought to regain their children. Forced to endure heavy labor, mental, physical and emotional abuse, these girls fought until their last breaths.

The Magdalene Laundries operated for over 100 years, the last one closed in 1996. They generated income by taking in laundry from local businesses and churches. In what amounted to slave labor, the girls were never paid for their work.

It is now up to us to continue the fight for the 30,000 girls who passed through these laundries.  Hardly anyone knows that these institutions even existed. History does repeat itself; mostly because we refuse to learn from it. IVP invites you to listen and learn, and from there change can happen.

Hard To Please (an evening of sketches)  | Open: 08/23/12 Close: 08/25/12
Hard To Please is an evening of 5 sketches written and directed by young playwright Larry Bao.

1. Unclean: A passionate young man asks a blind woman, whom he doesn't know, up to his apartment.
2. Working Helping Singing: A young business woman sings her heart out.
3.Elation: Two co-workers finally approach each other about a date. One of them has an eye problem that gets in the way of communication.
4.Bathroom: A young businessman checks for a uni-brow in a public bathroom, as his co-worker confronts him of their escapade.
5.Portugal: Two strangers with an affinity towards each other spend time looking at the evening stars, then one of them suggests that they should leave for Portugal.
Cast: Ivan Dolido, Rebecca Meaders, Alyson Calder, Xavier Galva, Brooke Cannons, Drew Nungesser, Josh Woodard, Shane Jensen, and Brent Rose.
*Most of the cast attended Atlantic Acting School.

The Tank Theater
151 W 46th St. 8th Floor

August 23rd, 24th, and 25th
Performance start at 7pm
Admission is $12

Get advanced tickets here:
(Discount Code: h2pfriend)
Snow White and Cinderella F**king Rage  | Open: 08/03/12 Close: 08/04/12
The REAL Snow White (Risa Sarachan) and Cinderella (Christina Jeffs) are fed up with Hollywood dictating how their stories should end; when they finally meet their (disappointing) princes, they decide that an epic adventure through the Forbidden Forest (courtesy of Fairy Godmother) would be much more fun than marriage. Join them as they triumphantly conquer fat Rapunzel, gnomes, and involuntary manslaughter on their quest to answer the age old question: can you give yourself a happy ending?  Snow White and Cinderella F**cking Rage is co-written by Christina Jeffs and Risa Sarachan, directed by Kristopher Knight, and features actors Alex Herrald and Kunal Prasad.

Based on Your True Story  | Open: 05/16/12 Close: 05/19/12
Imagine a NIGHT OF THEATRE written by four different communities...

[family members] [the twitter/facebook world] [the ny theatre/improv scene] [complete strangers]

Brett Epstein is a New York based playwright who has targeted each of these communities as inspiration for his latest work.

He interviewed an array of people in all of these communities throughout the month of January-- one person a day for a total of thirty interviews.  By being an active listener -- whether he has known the interviewee for 24 years or for 24 seconds -- he has learned heir passions & struggles, their regrets & dreams.

Their stories, their words, their experiences, their lives have inspired SIX NEW SHORT PLAYS to be presented with a DOCUMENTARY film about Epstein's process talking with the people in these communities.  What they shared has completely shaped this new work.

This project is the possibility of openness, vulnerability, creativity, leadership and artistic healing.

L E A R N    about    T H E    P R O J E C T:

Interview in BME blog & a 2-minute promo video -->

BASED ON YOUR TRUE STORY: Six new short plays.
Written & Directed by BRETT EPSTEIN



"Connect Four"
Phil --> RAY FIELD
Howie --> BRIAN ENCK

"A Divorce"

"Where's My Klonopin?, or I Want to Walk on Those Train Tracks"
Elsie's Inner Voice --> BRITTANY TAYLOR VISSER

Justin --> DAVID CRAIG

Stage Directions --> SARAH GOOSMANN




Men: Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them  | Open: 02/24/12 Close: 02/26/12
Four short plays exploring the many varied roles men have in the lives of women; laugh, cry and enjoy as Sarah Chichester and Paige Strothmann present "Men: Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them"!