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For Pete's Sake  | Open: 03/16/12 Close: 03/16/12
A Benefit Performance to Honor Bob Hoatson and Road to Recovery.

Have you ever had a secret? Something so terrible, so dark, that it suffocated you? For Pete's Sake takes you on a journey inside Joe's mind as he struggles with the truth. Tormented by the voices in his head and his memories, Joe takes a comedic look at his life as he struggles to find understanding and free himself from his past.

For Pete's Sake
written by Joe Capozzi
directed by Angelique Letizia

featuring: David Beck, Kristen Busalacchi, Joe Capozzi, Paul Lange, Thomas J. Pilutik, Bill Sorvino, Bilgin Turker

Road to Recovery is the only non-profit organization in the United States that offers compassionate counseling and referral services to survivors of clergy sexual abuse. Founded by two priest advocates, Fr. Robert M. Hoatson and Fr. Kenneth E. Lasch (himself a survivor of abuse), Road to Recovery assists survivors with their emotional, psychological, financial, and spiritual needs as they attempt to recover from the effects of clergy sexual abuse. For more information go to