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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee  | Open: 04/20/17 Close: 04/22/17
  1. Triskelion Arts Presents

  2. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

  3. Vangeline Theater

  4. Butoh for Waste Prevention:

  5. Reducing Coffee Trash in New York

  6. April 20-22, 2017 at 8pm


Triskelion Arts, in association with Vangeline Theater, presents Wake Up and Smell the Coffee – Butoh for Waste Prevention: Reducing Coffee Trash in New York at Triskelion Arts (106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222) from April 20-22, 2017 at 8pm. Tickets are $16 and are available at


Vangeline Theater seeks to increase environmental awareness in New York and nationally, resulting in a positive impact on our ecosystem. As a key component of this initiative, Vangeline Theater will remount an evening-length Butoh performance piece, for a total of three performances, and the final show will coincide with Earth Day on April 22, 2017.


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee utilizes the intensity of the art form Butoh to convey a serious problem: the environmental repercussions of non-recyclable waste. The tradition and techniques of Butoh are rooted in an art form that has the power to bring us back to our humanity and become closer to the Earth through meditative and hypnotic movement motifs. This includes uncomfortable truths we need to face, such as confronting the “garbage,” or grotesque parts of our society. The performers will literally dance through garbage; a set made of collected unsalvageable coffee cups. This initiative will serve to increase environmental awareness in New York City through dance and have a tangible impact on our ecosystem.


Currently, Americans are responsible for a staggering 58% of the paper cup consumption in the world. NYC counts 212 Starbucks, 454 Dunkin Donuts, and 974 other coffee shops for a total of 1,700 coffee shops within the five boroughs. This results in a daily mountain of non-recyclable coffee cup trash, which, for the most part, ends-up in a landfill. There are 4100 coffee shops in the Tri-State area alone, which represents an estimated 14 million cups that New Yorkers will generate over the next 10 years. The paper cups used at coffee shops across NYC are laminated with a plastic resin, polyethylene, which helps keep beverages warm and prevents leaking but also prevents the cup from being recycled. Once in a landfill, the paper begins to decompose, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide. This issue is directly linked to the threat of global warming.


Wake Up and Smell the Coffee originally premiered at Triskelion Arts in 2015. It included a set made of 1500 used, disposable coffee cups, illustrating the extensive amount of non-recyclable waste generated by society. Since that performance, the state of waste in New York hasn't changed for the better, so a revised and amplified 2017 version, now featuring New York Butoh star Vangeline backed by a company of nine members from Vangeline Theater, will expand the reach of the work’s message with new choreography, performance elements, and panel discussions with environmental scientists such as Paul Bartlett, Environmental Services Consultant and scholar in residence at St. Peter’s University. The show will inspire audience members to make a positive lifestyle change. Vangeline Theater will partner with the public education program GreeNYC, and will have audiences sign pledge forms online. Programs will be printed on recycled materials. Sustainable, bpa free, recycled & recyclable durable mugs will be available at each performance to encourage the discontinuation of buying and disposing coffee cups.



Vangeline is an award-winning teacher, dancer, and choreographer specializing in the Japanese postwar avant-garde movement form Butoh. She is Artistic Director of The Vangeline Theater Inc., an all-female dance company that she founded in 2002. Firmly rooted in the tradition of Japanese Butoh, The Vangeline Theater is committed to providing programming, performances and classes that honor the legacy of the art form while moving it forward in the 21st century.


Since its inception in 2002, Vangeline Theater has fused the post-apocalyptic vision of Butoh (the Japanese dance form that developed after Hiroshima) with the near-cinematic aesthetic of 21st Century science-fiction noir. The mission of Vangeline Theater is to be at the forefront of the artistic movement to address environmental awareness providing artistic, socially responsible engagements in our community. Vangeline Theater was selected as a finalist for the Creative Climate Awards in NYC in 2016.


The Vangeline Theater's mission is to educate the public about Butoh, promoting an understanding of Butoh dance history and its social and cultural significance; to connect Butoh to other art forms and disciplines; and to build community through Butoh. The Vangeline Theater is home to the New York Butoh Institute, dedicated to the advancement of Butoh in the 21st century, with a special emphasis on scientific research as it relates to Butoh. Vangeline Theater aims to be at the forefront of the artistic movement to address environmental awareness providing artistic, socially responsible engagements in our community. Vangeline is the winner of the 2015 Gibney Dance's Beth Silverman-Yam Social Action Award recognizing excellence in the field of Community Action. Vangeline’s Butoh work has been commissioned by Atlantic Records’ Grammy award-winning artist SKRILLEX, and is featured in a major motion picture “The Letter” with James Franco and Winona Ryder, as well as on CNN's Great Big Story. She is currently in collaboration with Grammy Award winner Esperanza Spalding and Japanese musician Yuka C. Honda on the project Virgin Writes.



Triskelion Arts houses five lovely rehearsal studios, one of which is a the fully-equipped black-box performance space, the Muriel Schulman Theater, and one of which is the Douglas Elliman Studio Theater. The original space, in heart of Williamsburg at 118 N. 11th Street, opened in 2000 where it thrived for nearly 15 years before its recent relocation to a two-story, stand-alone, treelined corner in Greenpoint. Triskelion offers affordable rehearsal, class and performance space to hundreds of working artists and hosts a full roster of shows and classes. The Triskelion Arts Presents program presents full-length or half-evening-length work of over 50 select artists and companies every year. Additionally, Triskelion’s annual festivals feature the work of over 75 choreographers, clowns, comics, and film makers. The organization is grateful for past or current support from Dance Theater Workshop, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, NYSCA, the Brooklyn Arts Council/JP Morgan Chase Regrant Program, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and The Mertz Gilmore Foundation.


This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council

Melodrama Physical Theatre Workout  | Open: 02/08/14 Close: 02/08/14

Debbie McMahon, Artistic Director of the Grand Guignolers in Los Angeles, leads a physically theatrical workout to get you out of your head and into your body. This is a heightened and physically expressive style ideal for actors seeking to improve movement skills, physical theatre artists looking for a 'workout' and non-artists who want to sweat and have fun. Melodrama is the most expressive of Western theatre forms, closest to the theatrical impulse, based in heightened physical gesture, high stakes, the struggle of virtue and evil ... to music. It is the visceral expression of Artaud's "athlete of the emotions." It's cathartic, powerful and FUN! Dress to move. All levels welcome.

The Grand Guignolers present critically acclaimed sold out shows blending traditional genres: melodrama, Commedia dell'Arte, clown, Grand Guignol, dance, vaudeville and puppetry in a 1920s Parisian event-like atmosphere. They have earned an honorary award from the LA Drama Critics Circle and played both in Hollywood and at The Actors' Gang by invitation of Artistic Director, Tim Robbins. Debbie earned her M.A. at NYU in Performance Studies and studied physical theatre at Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. teaches melodrama, Grand Guignol, and movement with Grand Guignolers, at Dell'Arte and USC and has clowned for Cirque du Soleil.


The Todd Henry Movement:Soaked  | Open: 10/25/12 Close: 10/28/12
The Todd Henry Movement explore's how we live among one another and with ourselves in "Soaked." This show is about the boundaries we set; don't set; learn to set. It's about obsession. It's about addiction. It's about falling in love. It's about sex. It's about emotional vampires. It's about falling on your face. It's about loving yourself. It's about hope. It's about being human.

Choreography by Todd Henry in collaboration with the dancers

Visuals & Vocals by Christopher Temple

Text by Todd Henry

Lighting by Andy Dickerson

Victoria Benzinger
Tracy Eisenberg
Angelo Filaccio
Noelle Finamore
Hannah Lillevoy
Todd Henry
Amber Qureshi
Christopher Temple
Rickie Tice

The Soundtrack: TV on the Radio, The Mountain Goats, DJ Shadow, NIN, Perfume Genius, Nicholas Jaar, Stacey Q, live vocals & original text.


Clown Intuition  | Open: 09/15/12 Close: 09/15/12
This workshop is a guided journey to discover and further develop your unique and personal way of bringing your intuitive clown to life. For Denni, the world of clown is not only a profession, but a lifestyle. In this workshop he will combine his background of the European style of Jacques Lecoq, Russian character clown and the Pochinko method, with his personal experience working in clown and as a clown director. Throughout this workshop, you will explore the clown's world-what makes us laugh and why, with an emphasis on having fun and searching for the beauty and poetry of each clown. This workshop will allow you space and opportunity to explore plastic training, status play, improvisation, parody, and your personal creativity, working individually and within groups. Denni will share his process of building and maintaining contact with the audience. Come for 2-days to practice trusting and playing using your spiritual intuition!


Spymonkey Clown Masterclass  | Open: 09/05/12 Close: 09/05/12
In the SPYMONKEY CLOWN MASTERCLASS, you will learn to further discover what makes you funny, hone your skills and practice making an audience belly laugh! This workshop will culminate in a public showing at the NY Clown Theatre Festival. Through clear and specific instruction, Aitor will support you to develop and hone your comedic skills in a safe and fun environment. This positive group dynamic will allow you focus on following your impulse, being adventurous and taking risks. You will learn how to shine as an individual and improve on every spontaneous opportunity.

In this highly enjoyable workshop you will play games, do exercises developing trust and complicity with the group. In this atmosphere of discovery and revelation, you will be developing and showing new material. The best of this work will be shared with an audience the final evening of the workshop, followed by group discussion and feedback from Aitor. Be prepared to find the pleasure in your own ridiculousness, stay optimistic and discover the golden moment to make an audience belly laugh.


2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!  | Open: 08/03/12 Close: 08/04/12
The Way, Far Future, AD 2010: A time of techno-studded blecchiness. Freedom fighter Kate Brick plans a final strike against the Artas, artificial life forms who control humankind through torture, brainwashing, and Foursquare. Can Kate and her sometime-lover Dehnise Compuserve make a difference, or is it already too late?

2010 is a synthpop-infused, queer-friendly musical comedy homage to the great dystopian classics of the 1980s and '90s. It features brilliant riffs on classics like "Blade Runner," "Max Headroom," and "The Matrix," and delightfully twisted tunes like "Near Futuristic Dystopia!" and "Bangor Boogie."


Cleo Mack Dance Project  | Open: 06/23/12 Close: 06/23/12
Cleo Mack Dance Project will premiere their new work "DIRT" at Triskelion Arts on June 23rd, 2012 at 8:00pm.