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Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 02/24/14 10:11:21 PM
Address: 317 East Houston
Manhattan, NY    10002

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Excelsior Does Excelsior!  | Open: 03/10/14 Close: 03/10/14
When Stan Lee started writing comics, and creating characters that would later make millions, the audience wasn't the whole damn country, it was just impressionable young boys. Their parents worried the funny books' malign influence would turn their kids into juvenile delinquents. Or perverts. Or, possibly, Communists. We welcome all three into our audience (juvenile delinquents over 21 only) as we celebrate The Man himself. Come out to salute the Juggernaut of imagination, the Daredevil of the printed page, the Magneto of creative energy, the Stilt Man of... well, they weren't ALL great characters.

This month, Excelsior Burlesque is happy to mark the first year of its salacious celebration of nerd culture. Sufra Gent dazzles you with his special power eye, as Minnie d'Moocha takes deadly aim with hers. Mary Cyn gets you into a sticky situation, and Fem Appeal gets you smashed. Ruby Solitaire brings you The World's Greatest Burlesque. And we just can't chase Kat Mon Dieu out of all the rest of the acts!! Plus Charles Stunning puts you under her spell as the gogo artiste for the evening.

'Nuff Said.

Featuring the Excelsior Burlesque Bullpen:
Fem Appeal
Minnie D'Moocha
Mary Cyn
Kat Mon Dieu
Sufra Gent
Ruby Solitaire

Gogo by Charles Stunning
And our host Moe Cheezmo


Join us on Febuary 15th for an evening of evil! D20 Burlesque has assembled a pageant of nefarious villains stripping for your pleasure..or maybe world domination?

Hosted by the devious Dicey Dame of Burlesque, Anja Keister, the show will feature performances by:
Minnie d'Moocha
Fem Appeal
Tiger Bay
Lewd Alfred Douglas
Ruby Solitaire
and Francine
with the D20 Burlesque debut of:
Johnny Panic
and go-go by Taylor Sweet

Plus exciting raffles, audience games, and go-go!

$15 at the door or reduced price tickets available through

21+ event (w/ 2 drink min.) plus specialty wicked drinks from the malicious mixologists at The Parkside Lounge


Ruby Solitaire and Moe Cheezmo bring you a night of acts based on the brilliant creations of Frank Miller at the Parkside Lounge on Monday, February 10th, 2013.

From the pages of his original creations Sin City and 300 and featuring yet more characters he helped define and popularize throughout his career . . .

Evelyn Vinyl - Bringing a bright spot to a dark city.

Creamed Stu - The Man Without Fear may not be able to see you, but he knows you're watching him!

Mary Cyn - A grinning villain with tricks up her sleeve . . . good thing they won't stay on very long!

Brettzo - Who is that masked man? We're not sure, but we do know the ladies love him.

Corvette Le Face - Prepare for glory, and remember - THIS IS BURLESQUE

Ruby Solitaire - This bad girl was just too hot to stay dead

With gogo by a dark and twisted Apathy Angel, and hosted by the comic loving Moe Cheezmo!


Join D20 Burlesque for a special one show only event tribute to a special sort of show to start off 2014!

Hosted by Anja Keister this show will include themed burlesque from
Hazel Honeysuckle
Minnie d'Moocha
Stella Chuu
Lewd Alfred Douglas
Taylor Sweets
and more
with Go-Go from Tiger Bay
with our own pony music maker, DJ Aderpable

Pre sale tickets available on this site at$15 guaranteed seat/$10 gen. admission
or $15 general admission at the door

21+ event with specialty cocktails from the mixologists at The Parkside Lounge

8pm show only!

promo photo of Hazel Honeysuckle


BOOM! The Best of Excelsior Burlesque 2013  | Open: 01/13/14 Close: 01/13/14
Hey, remember 2013? Royal baby. Government shutdown. Gandalf and Captain Picard bromacing it up all over town. Shibe memes, a new Pope, the Harlem Shake, and the birth of Excelsior Burlesque here in NYC! Well, its a brand new year, we're at a brand new venue, and we're recapping some of Excelsior's thighlights of the year, to help you settle in and start your new year right.

Dangrr Doll makes us all a lot little hot under the collar as she returns with a devilish number from our very first show. From the pages of Alan Moore, Anja Keister brings you the best act you'll never see. Ruby Solitaire protests all these repressive decency laws, and Stella Chuu cleans up her act as she dirties up your mind, with acts from our tribute to the Occupy movement. Zoe Ziegfeld reminisces about all the wild things from our Reading Rainboobs show, and Stormy Leather reprises the act that summed up our Neil Gaiman show . . . not to mention a very special performance by Kat Mon Dieu to celebrate a fantastic year to come!

On Monday, January 13th at 9 PM, Excelsior Burlesque brings you a cavalcade of some of the best acts we've seen all year! Come out and see us explode at our new home, Parkside Lounge, at 317 East Houston St. BOOM! The Best of 2013!!!

Stormy Leather
Dangrrr Doll
Anja Keister
Stella Chuu
Zoe Ziegfeld
Kat Mon Dieu
Ruby Solitaire

Gogo by Roxanne St. John
Hosted by Moe Cheezmo


The Parkside Lounge's New Years Eve Extravaganza  | Open: 12/31/13 Close: 12/31/13
This is going to be one for the ages!

It's an all night extravaganza including dinner, drinks, burlesque, incredible music, dj's, fireworks, champagne, top hats, noise makers, and if you're still here, breakfast!

The ticket includes a 5 hour top shelf open bar, a delicious New Orleans-inspired dinner at 9pm (vegetarian options available), champagne at midnight, an all night Juke Joint Revue with Empire Beats, and the best DJ on the Lower East Side.

Come have fun with us on New Years Eve!


October is here and as our minds turn towards the spooky and scary, D20 Burlesque is here to bring you a night of blasphemous burlesque based around the cosmic horrors of H.P. Lovecraft.

Hosted by the cyclopean cutie herself, Iris Explosion
With burlesque performances by:
Anja Keister
Hazel Honeysuckle
with the D20 Burlesque debuts of:
Falana Fox
& we are proud to welcome from Arkham (okay, Boston), MA performers from Rogue Burlesque:
Dewie Decimator
Ms. Sassypants
& Busty Keaton
with the hypnotically haunting go-go stylings of Dolly Debutante
and mindblowing music by DJ Kita St. Cyr

21+ event with specialty themed cocktails from the mixologists at the Parkside Lounge

Reduced price pre-sale tickets available until Oct 26th, then general admission tickets will be available at the door for $15 each.


Savage In Limbo  | Open: 10/03/12 Close: 10/20/12
Savage in Limbo is a site-specific production of John Patrick Shanley's play about five people who congregate in a seedy Bronx bar. They have one explosive evening where they bare their unstated dreams and thwarted possibilities; expressing their search for roots and purpose in an often purposeless world.

Performing at:
The Parkside Lounge, "The Champagne of Dive Bars"

Presented by:
DOGFACE Theatricals

Directed by:
Eric S. Robertson

The Cast:
Renee Barnett* as April White
Kimberly Dillon* as Denise Savage
Vonia Arslanian as Linda Rotunda
Eddie Furth as Murk
Charles Sprinkle* as Tony Aronica

Stage Management Team:
Miriam Cortez * - Stage Manager
Chrysten Peddie *- Assistant Stage Manager

* "These Actors and Stage Managers are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association."
"Equity Approved Showcase"


D20 Burlesque Presents Prg Burlesque 3rd Edition  | Open: 09/22/12 Close: 09/22/12
Join the ladies of D20 Burlesque for our 3rd celebration Role Playing Games!
Hosted by Neil O' Fortune
With burlesque performances by:
Stella Chuu
Gemini Rising
Evelyn Vinyl
Nasty Canasta
Hazel Honeysuckle
Anja Keister
and the D20 Burlesque debut of
Hayley Jane
with shadow go-go dancing by Kita St. Cyr
and the bardic DJ skills of DJ Pavel Pipovitch

Two shows: 9:30 and 11:30!
Reduced price pre-sale tickets ($10 gen. admission, $15 reserved) or $15 at the door.

Raffle prizes donated by the Compleat Strategist,, Anna-Maria Jung designs and more!

21+ event with 2 Drink minimum with specialty themed cocktails from the mixologists at the Parkside Lounge

promotional photo of Stella Chuu by Stacie Joy


D20 Burlesque Presents War Dames!  | Open: 05/25/12 Close: 05/25/12
Kick off your Memorial Day weekend with D20 Burlesque as we celebrate War Dames: an evening of patriotic pasties and soldierrific shimmy!

The evening will hosted by Pat & Tony
and include performances by:
Kita St. Cyr kicking it old school gamer style with Battleship
Miss Rose shows us her Call of Duty
Foxy Vermouth tackles Metal Gear Solid
Stella Chuu brings to life Borderlands
Lefty Lucy as Captain America
Minnie d'Moocha as Red Skull
and Anja Keister gets Risky
with go-go by Private Iris Explosion
and DJ Pavel Pipovitch keeps us marching in step all night.

Normally our shows are on Saturdays, but THIS IS A FRIDAY! There will be 2 shows, one at 9:30 and the second at 11:30.

$15 at the door or $10 pre-sale gen. admission or $15 pre-sale guaranteed seating.


Here at D20 Burlesque we pride ourselves on being nerds. We roll our dice with pride, we have the konami code memorized, our Catan strategies are tried and true. So, it is with great pleasure we bring you our next burlesque tribute to a nerdy pop icon, Joss Whedon! The Whedonverse is wide and expansive and covers so many gaming themes (demons, mad scientists, space ships, attractive ladies) that this is something we can really sink our teeth into (vampires!). Join us for an evening of pop culture celebration in all its nerdy deliciousness, even Giles would approve you take a break from training for this!

Hosted by "The Golden Throat of Burlesque," Broadway Brassy
with burlesque performances by:
Anja Keister
Dottie Dynamo
Iris Explosion
Minnie d'Moocha
Stella Chuu
Ãœla Ãœberbusen
and the D20 Burlesque debut of
Evelyn Vinyl
with DJ Pavel Pipovitch manning the virtual turntables.

This is a 21+ event with shows at 9:30pm and 11:30pm. Also, make sure to come thirsty for some delicious specialty drinks brought to you by the mixologists at The Parkside Lounge.

All this plus amazing raffle prizes donated by some of our great sponsors!

$15 at the door, $10 general admission/$15 reserved seating online.

...and as always, coming in costume is heavily encouraged

A brief historical note:
We would also like to mention how excited we are to bring this sort of show to NY. The first Whedonlesque show started out in Madison, WI and moved to Seattle shortly after. D20 Burlesque is proud to carry this tradition to the east coast!


D20 Burlesque Presents Stripped Of Our Sanity  | Open: 03/24/12 Close: 03/24/12
D20 Burlesque presents "Stripped of our Sanity"
A Burlesque Tribute to Horror Gaming

Join us on March 24th at the Parkside Lounge for an evening of weird, strange and scary burlesque all themed around horror gaming!

Hosted by Schaffer the Darklord and starring
Anja Keister
Stella Chuu
Miss Rose,
Dangrrr Doll
Minnie d'Moocha
Victoria Privates and
Iris Explosion
with DJ Pavel Pipovitch spinning terrifying tunes and
gorey go-go by Valora Dee

Don't forget about your chance to win amazing raffle prizes from our sponsors: Eschaton Media, Miskatonic River Press, Chaosium Inc., ThinkGeek and Hangalong.

2 shows: 9:30 and 11:30pm. 21+ event with special drinks mixed by the the evil mixology scientists of the Parkside Lounge. 2 drink min.

Tickets are $15 at the door or $10 gen. admission/$15 guaranteed seating with online pre-sale.

Promotional Photo Brettzo. Back drop design by Miss Rose.


D20 Burlesque Gets Franchised!  | Open: 02/25/12 Close: 02/25/12
For February, a month often associated with love, D20 Burlesque will be paying tribute to those pop culture franchises were loved so much that they became part of the gaming world!

(Test your nerd knowledge and see if you can recognize the franchises that will be burlesqued using the event picture!)

Hosted by Neil O' Fortune with performances by
Anja Keister
Hazel Honeysuckle
Iris Explosion
Missy Aggravation (we loved her so much on tour, we're bringing her to NYC)
PLUS the D20 BUrlesque debuts of:
Rosey La Rouge
and Nasty Canasta
with go-go by Dottie Dynamo

All this plus the chance to win one of many raffle bags from out amazing sponsors: The Compleat Strategist, ThinkGeek, Hangalong, So Wrong It's Right Burlesque and the Pink Room.

Remember, this is a 21+ event with delicious specialty drinks hatched from the geeky minds of the Parkside Lounge's mixologists.

Presale Tickets available for purchase here for $15 guaranteed seating or $10 general admission.

Tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event for $15.