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Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 03/15/14 02:44:48 PM
Address: 260 West 36th Street, 3fl
New York, NY    10018

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True Colors of Weedle  | Open: 03/22/14 Close: 04/12/14
The True Colors of Weedle is a fun musical about a boy, born without any color. As such, he is bullied because everyone else around him has lots of colors. Ostracized, Weedle sets out to find a three-headed companion and together they hatch a plan for revenge on those who hurt them. After taking revenge, Weedle feels so bad that he cries. And to everyone's amazement, his tears are full of vibrant colors, proving that he had it within himself all the time..
Bullying has become an epidemic, causing many children pain. Our story confronts this issue in a fun-filled way, without shying away from the issue at hand. Perhaps, this show is needed now more than ever!


Theatre Madness 2013  | Open: 01/24/13 Close: 01/26/13
THE TIME IS HERE!!!....THEATRE MADNESS 2013 - four nights, eight plays,and enough "madness" for everyone. So be prepared to laugh, scream, shake, and be entertained as Thespian Production presents...

DOWN ON HIS LUCK written by Allan Lefcowitz directed by Phil Waller

When Rob is about to formally propose to Donna, a homeless person shows that charity brings unexpected reward.

FEAR OF CLOWNS written by Todd Wallinger directed by Mike Metzel

A clown seeks help from a psychiatrist for his lifelong fear of people.

TWO-BIT BETTY AND DIRTY ED written by Tom Deiker directed by Nick Saldivar

A handicapped couple meet at a homeless shelter and decide to pool their tattered resources.

FRIENDS AND MONSTERS written by Mila Gobulov directed by Daniella Caggiano

Two drag queens wait for the arrival of Gaga. Along the way, the line between friends and monsters becomes increasingly unclear.

TALKIN' TRASH written by Charlotte Cox directed by Mitchell Holmes

A humorous look at four household items tossed into the landfill. They scheme a way to escape the landfill and how their dreams to be recycled have been cut short.

BIFF AND BLANCHE written by John M. Twomey directed by Anna Lakomy

Two second-rate thespians confront one another over an audition, their careers, their attraction for one another, and a cab.

THE EXHIBITION written and directed by Judah Skoff

The audience witnesses a brief, shocking exhibition between the "subject" and the "object" in art.

TWELFTH DAY IN PARIS written by Maximillian Gill directed by Kevin McNair

Stephanie and Justin are going through a separation, but are forced to work together when Marat, a Soviet spy, takes them captive in pursuit of a secret. The three realize their lives changed forever during a fateful meeting in Paris.


August Slam -a-thon 2012  | Open: 08/23/12 Close: 08/25/12
Slam-a-thon Showcase
Thespian Production presents its third and final Slam-a-thon Showcase of 2012, an evening of one-act plays. Prepare to be dazzled by witty, heart-thumping, lighthearted, and creative plays by emerging playwrights and upcoming actors. We want you, the audience, to vote for your favorite play/cast. The winning cast will win a cash prize to be given at the last performance.

Slam-a-thon showcase featuring the following plays:

THEY ALL KNOW ME playwright - Anne Phelan
director - Christie Clark
BIFF AND BLANCHE playwright - John Twomey
director - Jonathan Stern
A CATTY NEIGHBOR playwright - Matt Crowley
director - Matt Crowley
HANKY PANKY WITH A YANKEE playwright - Tommy Jamerson
director - Kimberly Hickman

Location: Joria Production Mainstage Theatre
260 W. 36th St. 3rd floor
New York, NY 10018

Tickets are $15 through Brown Paper Tickets or $20 at the door.

*Further information is also available at


A Day Dream: Summer Squall  | Open: 07/07/12 Close: 07/07/12
Join us for our third 24 hour play festival! Participants have just 24 hours to meet, write, rehearse, tech, and perform brand new plays. Come join us for the final part of the process - the performances!


Slam-a-thon 2012  | Open: 03/08/12 Close: 03/10/12
A 10 minute play competition. Come join us as we host our first ever 10 minute play slam competition. Each play will be assigned a group leader who will be responsible to have the play rehearsed and ready to be performed by the cast. The audience will vote for the best performance. Winning cast receives $100 cash prize.

Purchase raffle tickets at the door for a chance to win a $150 Best Buy Gift Card. Winner will be announced at the beginning of last show Saturday 3/10/12 @ 8pm.

Raffle prices are as follows;
1 Raffle $3.00
2 Raffles $5.00
10 Raffles $20.00