17 Frost Theater of the Arts

Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 17 Frost St.
Brooklyn, NY    11211

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Tales from the Tree: Four Original Fairy Tales  | Open: 11/07/12 Close: 11/11/12
Sparrowtree Theatre Company is proud to announce its newest production, Tales from the Tree, a night of original and imaginative fairy tales written by four emerging female playwrights. These dark and innovative works will incorporate theatre, film, music and dance to transport the audience to colorful worlds filled with strange happenings.

8pm, November 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 at 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (L and G train at Lorimer)

The Four Plays:

Abyssine by Anjelica Young, Directed by Chad L Howard
Flowerama by Lillie Jayne
Overgrown by Carly Howard
The Dead Moon by Lavinia Roberts, Directed by Clare Hammoor


Variations Of Romeo And Juliet  | Open: 05/18/12 Close: 05/20/12
Phillstock Entertainment and Sparrowtree Theatre Company present a re-imagining of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy that charges five emerging playwrights with the task of creating new fifteen minute plays inspired by the characters, settings, and themes of each act of the original work.

Short plays by Carly Howard, Tyler Phillips, Aurora Lane, Sean Griffin, and Conly Basham.

Brandt Adams
Josh Bowen
Carly Howard
Zac Moon
Sarah Norris
Jennifer Oman
Courtney O'Reilly
Clinton Schreck


American English  | Open: 03/09/12 Close: 03/11/12
by Tyler Phillips
directed by Carly Howard

Phillstock Entertainment, Carly Howard, and Courtney O'Reilly present AMERICAN ENGLISH -- AMERICAN ENGLISH is a multimedia driven piece of impressionistic Theatre Americana following the journey of Isaiah, a young and less-than-ambitious New York City nine-to-five-er, who drops everything after receiving an urgent letter from his childhood sweetheart. His impromptu trip back home goes awry almost immediately and leads Isaiah on a surreal trip across the East Coast of America where he is confronted with a reality populated by aliens, tent people, highly classified government projects, resurrected heroes from American History, and some drunk ass bears.

Conly Basham
Danielle Beckmann
Alex Birnie
Josh Bowen
Manny De La Portilla
Faith Fossett
Sean Griffin
Carly Howard
Kelsey McClarnon
Zac Moon
Sarah Norris
Courtney O'Reilly
Clinton Schreck
Matt Van Deventer
Christa Whitlow
Garrison York
Evan Zelnick