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Where The Light Falls By Eyeknee Coordination  | Open: 11/09/12 Close: 11/11/12
A new evening length work for four dancers, which merges the mediums of dance, video and live vocals to explore a state of waiting and anticipation; peeking into a surreal world of memories and daydream; embracing both the beautiful, bizarre and the melancholic.

WITH: Sarah Cameron, Kevin Ho, Uta Takemura and Einy Ã…m (live),
and Oren Barnoy, Corinne Cappelletti, Cristina Jasen and Run Shayo (video).

VIDEO ARTISTS: Run Shayo and Tyler Sparks

"One of the best works of dance that I've seen of late that doesn't just use interdisciplinary elements, but actually fuses them into a new form."
Kevin Doyle, Artistic Director, Sponsored by Nobody

EINY Ã…M is the artistic director of EyeKnee Coordination and a Brooklyn based, native Norwegian contemporary dance artist and singer/songwriter who has submerged herself in site-specific performance and dance on camera, as well as stage pieces for the past decade. Einy's choreography has been presented at the New York venues MMAC, DNA, Triskelion Arts, BAX, The Winter Garden, CPR, Chez Bushwick and White Wave John Ryan Theater, as well as internationally.

RUN SHAYO is a performance and media artist creating work that combines elements of clown, Butoh dance and drama, both for the stage and for his video work. His video art work has been presented in such places as The Vox populi Gallery, The TLV Film Festival, and is on display through the end of the month, at The Grizzly Grizzly Gallery in Philadelphia. His performance art has been presented in places such as: Triskelion Arts, Spoke The Hub, The Brick, The Rover Soho.

TYLER SPARKS is a photographer and videographer, specializing in timelapse photography, and most recently did work for Canon'sProject Imaginationwith Ron Howard. His timelapse videos have been featured on the website for the highly recognized media college Høgskulen i Volda (Norway), on Animal New York, as well as in a music video by rap artist Neff. Tyler was director of photography on Irish Top Models with photographer Chadwick Tyler, and has done video and photography work for a range of choreographers, including Andrea Haenggi (AMDaT) and Kota Yamazaki.

"Stunning and thought provoking"
Sunnmørsposten (Norway)

"The way Einy Ã…m merged the dance and the music gave the performance a soundness which was incredibly nice to witness"
Møre (Norway)

This work is sponsored, in part, by Arts Council Norway, and by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Created in part through the NACL Deep Space Performance Residency Program, and through The Field's Emerging Artist Residency Program, supported by Lambent Foundation of the Tides Foundation.

This production is being presented through BAX's Visitors Program, a subsidized performance package rental program, and is a self-production by EyeKnee Coordination.


. . . First . . .  | Open: 02/24/12 Close: 02/24/12
An evening of choreography by ANAE, Tendayi Kuumba, Sydnie Mosley, and Simone Sobers. The evening will feature work ANAE has showcased in the past such as "Immortality," a piece she began as a senior at Tri Cities High School and further developed as a solo at NYU, along with some new creations that have been stewing in her spirit for quite some time now. As they say, we all have to start somewhere.

This production is being presented through BAX's Visitors Program, a subsidized performance package rental program, and is a self-production by ANAE.