Red Room Theater

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 02/14/13 09:11:59 PM
Address: 85 East 4th Street
New York, NY    1003

Phone: 917-501-4503
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Take the 6 train to Astor Place and walk south down Bowery

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Generic Magic Realism  | Open: 02/21/13 Close: 03/02/13
What happens when the magical world of your average South American person is transplanted to a more northern, less magical, more real location? Join Octavio as he discovers poetry, satire, love, birds, chocolate, hippies and explosives on the way from the Andes to San Francisco during the fragrant 1960s.

Little Pussy  | Open: 02/20/13 Close: 03/02/13

John Grady's true tales of being picked on, chased down, and beat up, from his youth to adulthood. Will he ever stand and fight? Are bullies and the bullied destined to find each other? If so, who or what will save him? How will John finally escape the years of torment? 

Little Pussy chronicles the life of a man subjected to bullying since grade school. A hero’s journey, as we follow John from his first day of Jr. High School in California where he faces his very first bully. To Canada, when he is beat up on the streets of Toronto by a young punk. And finally in New York City, when an encounter with a street thug pushes John over the edge. 

Half  | Open: 07/05/12 Close: 07/08/12
HALF shines a cheeky, savagely tender light on the absurdity of divorce. In this new play by Becca Foresman, a kingdom stands divided: when the King and Queen take a hatchet to their marital union, their dutiful servants reel in the crossfire as the Royal Decorator and Royal Therapist salivate over the wreckage, stoking the embers of the fallout. As the tension skyrockets, all members of the Court struggle to maintain their footing and facades, while palace life careens into an unknowable future. Two actors portray six characters in this riotous, heart-wrenching farce. This whirling-dervish comedy exposes a piercing truth beneath the ridiculous, and is not to be missed!


Judge, Yuri & Executioner  | Open: 02/23/12 Close: 03/03/12
Zack is an 85-year-old masochist who prefers older women.  His girlfriend just left him.  Where can he find a kinky senior citizen now?   Time to tell his darkly funny life story!

Starring Mac Rogers