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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 25 Central Park West
New York, NY    10028

Phone: 6073413347

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Allegro  | Open: 01/14/12 Close: 01/17/12
25CPW Gallery is set to host Blueprint Theater Project's newest production, ALLEGRO, part three of THE HUMAN VARIATIONS.

THE HUMAN VARIATIONS is a four-part dramatic symphony that explores moments when human beings are right next to each other and still deeply alone. Executed using an original theatrical convention,"theality," which juxtaposes expressive movement with hyper-realistic, docu-theater techniques, each part of the serial explores these moments in a site-specific setting.

ALLEGRO takes place at the opening of an exclusive art exhibit and scrutinizes the superficiality of public interaction. The cast includes Kyla Deichl, Molly Groome, Nick Hepsoe, Sarah King, Jillian Mason, Liana Rowe and Zac Walker.

The production team includes Ellen Orenstein (Director), David Alex Andrejko (Playwright), Anna DeMers (Choreography), Chip Rodgers (Sound), Nick Lanza (Assistant Director & Sound) and Blueprint Theater Project Co-Founders/Artistic Directors:  Kevin Connell and Ellen Orenstein.

About 25CPW Gallery:  Since opening in November of 2009 in a temporary vacant retail space, 25CPW Gallery has had a strong history of interaction with community organizations, as part of their mission and identity as a community-wide forum for the exchange of art, ideas, and culture. Part collaborators include Creative Capital, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, the International Center of Photography, the Museum of Russian Art, Conveyor Arts, Nuru Project, and the Copenhagen Photography Festival (www.25CPW.com).

For more information visit BlueprintTheaterProject.org