Invisible Dog Art Center

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 06/20/13 09:54:32 AM
Address: 51 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY    11231

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Right off the Bergen F stop

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Barbarous Nights  | Open: 07/05/13 Close: 07/13/13
Barbarous Nights, A Drama in Four Shades & A Prologue, Grapefruit Tumblewee…The Great Green Moonis a sharp and surreal play inspired in part by the love letters of Lorca and Dalí. 

Buster Keaton falls out of his film and into a poetic world, a 1930s both future and past.  Grapefruit roll through the sand like tumbleweed.  The streets are filled with optical shops.  There, a rush of travelers -- a blind maiden struggling with the length of her dress, her nigh Victorian mother, a ridiculously attractive man peddling feathers -- float through Buster's nights like a dream as his sanity and the stoic stone face that made him famous start to crumble.

Choreography:  KatieRose McLaughlin
Set and Lighting:  Josh Smith
Video and Lighting:  Bart Cortright
Costumes:  Megan Spatz
Music and Sound:  Anthony Mattana
Masks and Music:  Adrian Blake Enscoe
Dramaturgy:  Corinna Archer
AD and Dramaturgy:  Miranda Steege
Producer:  Anne Troup
Stage Manager:  Hannah Johnson-Walsh
Production Manager:  Cody Westgaard
Featuring:  Nick Lehane, Sallie Eskins, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Dan Vidor, Lucia Roderique, Christian DeMarais

Night-song  | Open: 12/10/11 Close: 12/16/11
Examining the violent and intimate unraveling between a mother and her child

Te Ilum Theatre & Arts Production presents:night-song

An installation and performance composed of text and movement, drawn from short stories by

Melanie Jane Parker. Conceived by Teff Nichols.

4 performances only!

Saturday, December 10th & Sunday, December 11th at 7 p.m.

Thursday, December 15th & Friday, December 16th at 8 p.m.


Tickets $15


The Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen Street btw Smith & Court

Brooklyn, New York


The directorial elegance of Teff Nichols and aesthetically corrupt choreography & movement by

Grace Courvoisier & Taylor Donofrio, come to the fore in this adamantly honest interpretation

of the original text. Beautifully designed raw sound and space installation by Jonathan Cottle,

Ryan Maeker and Colleen Toole.


“My mother fit words together that did not belong together, like heart-flesh, like