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New York, NY    10003

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Bonnie's Last Flight  | Open: 02/12/19 Close: 03/02/19
BONNIE’S LAST FLIGHT is a three-part play set on a plane. Our audience makes the trip as passengers: sitting on the tarmac before takeoff, floating at cruising altitude, and buckling down for the wild and rocky descent back to land. 


It’s Jan’s retirement flight. Everyone knows, except for Greig, Jan’s best friend and coworker of many years. As Greig waxes nostalgic, Jan worries about life post-retirement. LeeAnne, a klutzy newbie flight attendant with a dark past, must avoid her ex on the plane while Captain, a waggish pilot with a weakness for unlimited Bloody Mary Brunches, is caught in a love triangle. Erik, the co-pilot with a heart of gold, can’t get a word in edgewise. Presiding over the flight is Mark Twain, of course.

In a comedy set on everyone’s least favorite mode of transit, we must reckon with our crew’s dreams and regrets and ask ourselves: What does it take to really start living? 


Featuring Ceci Fernandez, Federico Rodriguez, Greig Sargeant, Barbara Walsh, Sam Breslin Wright and a special appearance of Eliza Bent as Mark Twain 
Scenic Design Meredith Ries 
Lighting Design Oona Curley 
Sound Design John Gasper 
Video Design David Pym 
Costume Design Heather McDevitt Barton 
Props Design Rhys Roffey 
Stage Manager Bob Brownell 
Production Manager Emma Johnson 
Master Electrician Megan Lang 
Technical Director Michael LeBron
Front of House Guru Spencer Armstrong
Assistant Stage Manager Michelle Perri 
Assistant Director Erin Krebs 
Production Assistant Juliana Forrest 

This Is Modern Art  | Open: 06/02/18 Close: 06/23/18
Who decides what art is and where it belongs, and what is the role of race, class, and pedigree? THIS IS MODERN ART, the acclaimed and controversial play by Idris Goodwin and Kevin Coval, based on the 2010 “bombing” of the Art Institute of Chicago by an underground graffiti crew, is making its New York debut. The production by Blessed Unrest is directed by Jessica Burr and performing as part of the inaugural season of Next Door at New York Theatre Workshop. Blessed Unrest brings their award-winning, trademark physicality to a play that has wowed audiences in Chicago, Denver, New Haven, and Houston. The set design features a stage-filling original graffiti piece painted for the production by legendary NYC street artist KEO XMEN. The cast consists of returning Blessed Unrest collaborators J. Stephen Brantley, Nancy McArthur and Ashley N. Hildreth, as well as the actors making their debut with the company: Andrew Gonzalez, Shakur Tolliver, and Landon G. Woodson.

The Man-Made Rock  | Open: 12/07/12 Close: 12/16/12
In his early thirties, living in New York and pursuing a career in the theatre, Kyle Holley has come back to his rural home in East Texas and is going fishing with his father, intending to tell some long-unsaid secrets. But when they run into a brooding, binging alcoholic with secrets of his own--Bobby Cartman--Kyle's little-league baseball coach and one-time family friend--everyone's original intentions for the day are swept away. Five men are on a fishing barge in the blinding heat of an East Texas summer. Their chance encounter hurls them into a spiral of nostalgia, examination, and confrontation, in an environment where feelings and emotions are seldom discussed.

"The Man-Made Rock" is a new play running at New York Theatre Workshop's 4th Street Theatre from Dec. 7th - 16th.
Ten performances only.


In The Company Of Jane Doe  | Open: 05/17/12 Close: 06/02/12
In the Company of Jane Doe is a wake-up call written by a woman about a woman who is looking for a miracle -- a way to be in more than one place at one time. The production is wild ride that tells the story of an Advertising Executive at the top of her game. She is a sixty-four-hour-a-week workaholic who refuses to take time off for Christmas, misses birthdays and doesn't even use the word vacation. She is also strikingly beautiful: buffed, botoxed, manicured, pedicured, stretched, worked-out, chemically-peeled, dentally-bleached, systematically-starved, militantly-disciplined and a proud member of three gyms. No amount of work is too much for her. She was made to please, accomplish, endure and deliver, but something's got to give. When the over-stressed Jane looks for a way to have it all, she consults with the wrong Doctor. The results could push her over the edge or they may just save her life.

May 17th through June 2nd, 2012
(Tues through Sat at 7:30pm, Sunday May 20th at 3pm, Sun May 27th at 7:30pm)

Starring: Brooke Berry*, Sarah Brill, Francesca Day, Jason Guy*, Marta Kuersten, Robert Maxwell, Liz Neptune, Joe Stipek*
*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. This is an Equity approved showcase.

Scenic Design: Sara Walsh
Lighting: Dante Olivia Smith
Costumes: Amy Pedigo-Otto
Stage Manager: Courtney Ferrell

New York Theatre Workshop's 4th Street Theatre
83 East 4th Street (between Second Avenue and Bowery)
Nearest Subways: 6 to Astor Place / F to Second Avenue

Tickets $18
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What Happened In Ohio  | Open: 05/05/11 Close: 05/22/11

WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO, an original work from writer and director Cara Scarmack and ensemble The Roadsters


Set in 1950's rural America, the play is a fierce telling of four siblings whose lives are caught dead in their tracks by a fatal automobile accident. Staged with wild imagination, the show is a gutsy meditation on loss and a look into how we pass things on. 


In WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO, The Roadsters have created their world through the use of old-timey poetic text, a meticulous physical landscape, and joyously transcendent original music.  The intersecting of these elements creates an alive, immediate, and intimate performance experience.  The story is here and now, and way back then, too. 




About the Company: The Roadsters

The Roadsters are theatre practitioners Priscilla Holbrook, Ashley Nease, Cara Scarmack, 

Stephanie Viola, and Nathan Richard Wagner.  They convene on a regular basis to practice a bigger 

way of living and to deepen their understanding of humanity.