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Harry & Pep  | Open: 03/03/11 Close: 03/13/11
Agoraphobia and fear of laughter has set Harry back a few years. The day has come when his wife, Mish, has had it with his antics and finally kicks him out of the house, leaving him crippled in fear. Harry's perceptions of himself, his love for his wife and the world are drastically altered when he finally steps outside. By helping his friend Pep find his deaf blind sister, Harry re-learns courage through loyalty, camaraderie and love while teaching Pep to be a good man. Harry & Pep has heart aching characters in a snappy old New York that may or may not have been. The gun, the garbage and the audience all have parts.


STARRING Meredith Autry,* James Fauvell, Sal Massari, Daniela Mastropietro*, Melissa Rosenberger, Charlie Swan*


About the Company: LabRats

LabRats are

“An experiment in ensemble that generate artistic ass kicking results…rigorous in their artistry and relentless in their commitment to explore, discover and stir the creative pot.”

                                                --Padraic Lillis, Director, Playwright, Member and Chairman of Education                                                                                   Committee, LAByrinth Theater Company.                                                    

“Nothing but the most generous, demanding, imaginative gaggle of rough- edged talent gathered into a well wrought, disciplined collective. They may soon prove integral to the evolution of theatre performance.”                                                                                                              --Gerry Trentham, Artistic Director, lbs/sq" performance, Toronto, Canada

The LabRatsare a group of multidisciplinary artists in residence at CenterStage NY in New York City. Founded in 2009, we are committed to facilitating one another’s artistic growth by sharing and developing original work through our weekly Tuesday night workshops as well as our Experiment Sessions program, a twice yearly, day-long free performance of our works in process. We are dedicated to developing a personal relationship with our audiences and our community by breaking the boundaries between stage and audience. We invite feedback, share food and drink, and present our work in various stages of development in order to create a collaborative dialogue with our community.