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Alex Davis: Man Of The Year  | Open: 02/19/11 Close: 02/19/11

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex is the only child of Brad Davis, the Golden Globe-winning actor best
known for his acclaimed performances in the 1978 film Midnight Express and the 1985 Off-Broadway
premiere of Larry Kramer’s groundbreaking drama The Normal Heart. Alex was only eight years old when
his father died of AIDS in 1991 – a headline-making controversy that his widow, Emmy-winning casting
director Susan Bluestein, chronicled in her 1997 memoir, After Midnight (Simon & Schuster). Growing
up without a father in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight, Alex’s journey into manhood – becoming his
own Man of the Year – is a triumphant tale of courage and love, family and transformation. Says Larry
Kramer: “Alex Davis is an extraordinary young man, with an extraordinary story to tell and sing to you.”
Hailed as one of the Top Five Up & Coming Solo Artists by Music Connection Magazine, Alex writes and
performs indie-inspired rock infused with introspective lyrics. His guitar-driven performances have been
compared to Elliott Smith's poignant lyricism and the stark emotionalism of Kurt Cobain. Born and raised in
Los Angeles, he now performs regularly at noteworthy venues including The Key Club, The Knitting Factory,
and Highways Performance Space. Alex's song "Stop" was featured in the 2007 indie black comedy Holding
Trevor, and he performed on MTV's video series How Do I Say This? His 2010 album Man of the Year
includes three songs from the rock memoir.