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Drill Piece  | Open: 09/20/13 Close: 09/21/13
 Motley Dance’s latest performance event, Drill Piece examines military custom, ritual and tradition in relationship to performance. Brought up in a military family, choreographer Motley considers how much of the Marine Corps lifestyle has carried over to her art practice. Inspired by the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the USMC Silent Drill Team and basic training, the work draws comparison between the choreography and ritual that is present in both the military and an ensemble of female dancers. Drill Piece encourages its audience to ask deeper questions about their thoughts on military, gender, and the influence of a military presence both socially and culturally. It points to the small, mundane, and sometimes comical ways soldierly custom has been integrated into our lifestyle. Dancers interact with a vocal processor that distorts and loops their voices, exploring the existing military language of metaphors with which we describe our lives, such as “shot-gun” and “battle”. Music ensemble Colonna Sonora performs live with keyboard synthesizers, drum machine, electric guitar, and microphone. Visual artist Aleta Lanier provides haunting animations, further capturing the ever- existing presence of army in our day-to-day.

Motley Dance creates environmental, transporting and viscerally resonant performance events. Uniting movement, live music, film, and sculpturally resounding visuals Motley Dance develops interdisciplinary works that are responsive to its surrounding environment. 

ReGroup Dance Presents: Evening Two  | Open: 03/23/12 Close: 03/24/12
ReGroup Dance and guest choreographer Annie Malcolm will present an intimate program consisting of four pieces. Sophie's contribution to the program questions the arbitrary data that identifies a human being, in turn making space for the performers to present themselves in other ways. Paula will perform a solo that articulates questions of how one risks change. She seeks to highlight the way in which we navigate the processes of letting go and moving on without losing our ability to recognize the non-negotiable "self". Meg's work focuses on the physical act of walking as an abstraction, and will include multimedia elements and original music. Annie's piece, "Never Going Back Again", is based on the solo "Weird Lunch", which she performed in 2010 at the CSV Center in her grandmother's trousseau. This series of performances, while grounded in its original mission, is the company's first appearance before a New York audience.


Fefu And Her Friends  | Open: 11/10/10 Close: 12/05/10
Fefu and her friends is an intelligent, dynamic and unsettling exploration of feminism, social expectation and individual empowerment. Tin lily has set the majority of the play in the round and then splits, according to Fornes’ alternative staging, the middle of the play into four scenes in four separate spaces occurring at the same time. The audience is an activated voyeur in the events of play. As the play begins in 1935, eight women arrive to rehearse for an educational fundraiser, but the events of the day digress and the play becomes a character study of women on the verge of either self awareness or martyrdom. Tin Lily is excited to present Fornes’s unique and challenging experience.

About the Company: Tin Lily Productions

Tin Lily Production is a new socially charged, physically generous live performance company founded in September of 2009. We believe theatre exists to broaden views, spark conversation and overall be a moving experience. Our production scope is to focus on rarely produced or original works that utilize a diversity of artistic mediums and atypical performance spaces to instigate charged conversation.