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Address: 312 W. 36th Street
New York, NY    10018

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Samaritans, Or Where Is Sylvia?  | Open: 07/15/13 Close: 08/03/13

Tiger's Heart Players in association with The Midtown International Theatre Festival presents SAMARITANS, Or Where Is Sylvia? by Wayne Paul Mattingly. SAMARITANS tells the story of Sidney, who leaves Senior Hollows at 4 a.m. in search of his late young wife, seeking her at their former home, but the reluctant Samaritans there—a young married couple with a lifelong secret—refuse to let him inside. Sidney’s determined. All is disturbed. 

Directed by Melissa Flower. 

Featuring Broadway veteran Michael H. Ingram* as Sidney, Kevin Sebastian* as Hammond, and Quinn Warren as Dizzie. 

*Appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. 

Juni Li, Stage Manager; Lauren Bremen, Lighting Design; Ian Wehrle, Sound Design; Siqi Mao, Production Assistant

Main Stage at the Abingdon Theatre Complex, 312 West 36th Street 4th Floor. 

For tickets, please visit https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/27845 or call 866-811-4111.

Visit www.tigersheartplayers.com for more information. 

Mad Mel And The Marradians  | Open: 07/11/11 Close: 07/11/11
In this sci-fi political romp by Syfy Channel’s Gary Morgenstein (Ponzi Man, A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx), the ambitions of Imperial Chancellor Larynx of Marradia -- a planet very far away -- to become High Priest Dubya are threatened by writer Melvin Worthington. In his best-selling books about the Marradians and their visit to Earth 30,000 years ago (which he has totally made up), Worthington stumbles upon a secret that threatens the existence of the human race – bringing the Marradians to Manhattan to stop him. Directed by Carlo Fiorletta (Fertility Factor, Nipple Nazis). it will star Jordan Auslander, William Beckwith, Rachel Caccese, Robert Gaines and Mary Riley.

The Actor's Project NYC presents: Season 18 Productions  | Open: 10/11/10 Close: 10/11/10
Our Fall Industry Showcases:

Season 18 All-Comedy Industry Showcases
Season 18 Industry Showcases are collections of edgy, all-comedy, fast-paced(90 minutes),
productions featuring over 20 actors per show performing scenes, solo pieces, and sketch-comedy.
Directed by The Actor's Project NYC (TAPNYC) artistic director Bobby Holder,
each show is filled with original comedic skits created by TAPNYC company writers.
Season 18 productions will be presented for producers, agents (commercial and legit),
talent managers, casting directors, and regular folks!


Our Fall Play:

Chipola by Waylon Wood
When the power goes out after a July storm in a small town in the Florida panhandle,
Wanna June Duke is determined to enjoy a languid evening under the stars by the light of the full moon.
But her son Roy Boy picks up (literally) their persnickety neighbor Miss Bailey
and deposits her in a lawn chair in the yard; her eldest daughter Dot arrives after leaving her husband;
and her younger daughter Jewel, fresh from a rendezvous at the river, has secrets to spill.
Like the river for which it is named, this play meanders, revealing a family’s history and the skeletons
in their closets that could finally tear them apart.

Yorktown  | Open: 08/06/10 Close: 08/28/10
In a field house overlooking the Colonial army at the decisive battle of the American Revolutionary War, two great Generals and their wives dedicate themselves to the cause of liberty, avow their love for one another and marshal the constitution of purpose to birth a fledgling nation.

Starring:  Andrew Kaempfer* as Major General Henry Knox, Chloe Rose as Mrs. Lucy Knox, James Knight* as Major General Nathanael Greene, Jenny Strassburg* as Mrs. Catherine Greene and Gregory Jones as General George Washington.  Featuring:  Robbie Baum, Tommy Nelms, Tom O'Neill and Jason Gray.

About the Company: The Drama Garden

A fresh and powerful voice in the American theatre landscape

The Burkinis  | Open: 08/14/10 Close: 08/28/10
Witness as young, 21+, id’s checked, scantily clad men and women cheer themselves towards assimilation, have full plastic plastic surgery, marry their own brothers, straighten out, have their first and last periods, become implanted with I.E.i.u.Ds and run the road towards destruction of the entire human species through fornication.  Join them and orgasm your way onward to the next world in the name of the funny, the sun and somebody else.  *insert bed-oh-whine war cry here.

Gray Matters  | Open: 07/17/10 Close: 07/31/10
The Emerson Theater Collaborative presents Gary Matters, By Jacques Lamarre, in association with the Midtown International Theater Festival

In Gray Matters, we find acclaimed actress Sarah Gray in a predicament familiar to many Americans.  After an emergency hospitalization, she finds herself with no insurance, no job and no prospects.  Worse, she has a faulty memory.  Surrounded by a well-meaning but tough agent and two self-centered young upstarts, Sarah must discover if it is possible for an actor with an Etch-a-Sketch for a brain to get back to what matters.    

About the Company: Emerson Theater Collaborative

 ETC’s mission is to serve youth, under-represented communities and artists with an emphasis on diversity, by producing innovative and exhilarating theater in Southeastern Connecticut.  ETC explores timely themes and issues through new, original works and modern theatrical classics. We develop and nurture both emerging and professional artists, and collaborate with the Emerson College network of alumni and students. 

Our goals include reaching inner city youth through educational theatrical programming, to support our local communities by providing free admission to our performances to low-income families and donating profits to humanitarian causes.


Screenplay  | Open: 07/17/10 Close: 07/31/10
ScreenPlay is a Hollywood back-room drama examining an entitled generation addicted to fame and fortune. In this modern day fable, a failed screenwriter sells out - even by Hollywood standards - to an old friend turned producer. But in a culture dominated by American Idols, Top Models, and Kardashians, are there really any refusable offers?

Produced in association with the Midtown International Theater Festival, ScreenPlay stars Heather Dilly*, Jonathan Sale*, Diana De La Cruz*, and Scott Brooks. (*Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity.) 

For more information, visit the show on Facebook or check us out on YouTube.