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Performance Space 122 Coil Festival  | Open: 01/11/12 Close: 02/04/12
 To Whom It May Concern,

PS122 is glad to announce that the COIL Festival has been extended!   Young Jean Lee’s Untitled Feminist Show,  Temporary Distortion’s Newyorkland,  and the TEAM’s Mission Drift  will all play through February 4. Tickets for this extension go on sale January 15.  

This annual winter festival features 11 premieres from critical US and international artists. The presentations are socially engaged, visceral, and groundbreaking. The festival spans 25 days, all genres of performance and takes place in 8 different venues across NYC.  

Untitled Feminist Show
In Young Jean Lee's latest experiment, UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW, six charismatic stars of the downtown theater, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds come together to invite the audience on an exhilarating, nearly wordless journey through expressions of a fluid and limitless sense of identity.

The Twin Cities Daily Planet writes, "You may weep, or you may laugh, but you won't be bored, and—I don't think I've ever said this about a show before—you won't leave the theater unchanged...This is an essential theater-going experience."

January 12 - February 4, 2012
Baryshnikov Arts CenterJerome Robbins Theater
450 West 37th StreetManhattan, New York
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An intertextual assemblage, Newyorkland combines popular cop movies and TV police procedurals with first-person accounts from real-life police officers. Acclaimed director Kenneth Collins and prominent video artist William Cusick merge visual and performance art, documentary realism, cinema verite, and pure fiction as they follow four police officers struggling with the high costs of working within the demanding, dangerous, and secretive society of the NYPD.

"Mind-blowing video images and theatrical tension." - The New York Times [on Americana Kamikaze]

January 12 - February 4, 2012
Baryshnikov Arts Center, 450 West 37th StreetManhattan, New York
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Mission Drift
Mission Drift is a critically acclaimed contemporary musical that journeys west through time and space in pursuit of the soul of American capitalism. Amidst a score that fuses Vegas glitz with Western ballads, seductive storyteller Miss Atomic interweaves the epic saga of two immortal Dutch teens with an intimate portrait of a cocktail waitress and a cowboy in this political and urgent work about creation and destruction, bankruptcy and bonanza, and the crumbling myth of an eternal frontier.

"What a blast." - The Guardian
"A lush panorama of contemporary Americana." -The Financial Times

January 8-February 4
The Connelly Theater 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY
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Information on the COIL Festival as well as ticket sales for all COIL shows can be found at

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Sophie Fortez
Marketing Associate
Performance Space 122

Temporary Distortion : New York's Land  | Open: 01/12/12 Close: 01/12/12
 Performance Space 122 would like to invite you to the NY premiere of Temporary Distortion’s Newyorkland, January 12 – 28, presented as part of COIL 2012.

COIL is an annual winter festival f
eaturing 11 premieres from critical US and international artists that kicks off on January 5, 2012. The presentations are socially engaged, visceral, and groundbreaking. The festival spans 25 days, with all genres of performance, and takes place in 8 different venues across NYC.

 About Temporary Distortion's Newyorkland:

 “Seamless and gorgeous… a dreamy, poetic, abstracted and sometimes scary meditation.” – The Stranger

“Newyorkland is a fascinating window into a cop’s often isolating experiences.” – The Seattle Times

“A compelling, self-contained world from which it’s impossible to avert one’s eyes… an original and important evening of theater.” – Crosscut

 Click for a sneak peek - Newyorkland: The Trailer

Newyorkland is an intertextual assemblage, combining popular cop movies and TV police procedurals with first-person accounts from real-life police officers. Acclaimed director Kenneth Collins and prominent video artist William Cusick merge visual and performance art, documentary realism, cinéma vérité, and pure fiction as they follow four police officers struggling with the high costs of working within the demanding, dangerous, and secretive society of the NYPD.

Since its inception in 2002, Temporary Distortion has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of theater by staging unsettling, meditative performance in claustrophobic, box-like structures that feature minimal physical movement and a uniquely restrained acting style. The work is the last installment in a trilogy exploring iconic film genres as they are translated to the stage. Projected video is juxtaposed with live performance creating dreamlike double worlds that fracture traditional notions of narrative coherence and merge film, performance and visual art.

January 12 - 28, 2012
Baryshnikov Arts Center
Howard Gilman Performance Space
450 West 37th Street

Click for more information about COIL 2012, and our 2012 COIL Passes.

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 January 12 - 28

Jan 12 at 7pm; 
Jan 13, 14, 17-21, 24-28 at 7:30pm; 

Jan 15 at 6pm 

 EXTENSION: On Sale Jan 15

Jan 31 7:30pm
Jan 1 7:30pm
Feb 2 7:30pm
Feb 3 7:30pm
Feb 4 7:30pm



Performance Space 122  | Open: 01/12/12 Close: 01/12/12
To Whom it may concern,

Performance Space 122 Coil Festival is pleased to present you:

David Levine

Thursday, January 12 at 2:00PM

at Mabou Mines
150 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009
1st Ave at 9th Street, East Village, Manhattan
6 to Astor Place; F to 2nd Ave.; N R to 8th St. NYU; L to 1st Ave.

email: with a YouTube clip of your profession being misrepresented on film by the morning of the performance you are attending

A follow up to Levine’s acclaimed Venice Saved: A Seminar, this seminar masquerading as theatre masquerading as film screening asks the audience, “Why is it so annoying to see your profession represented on film?” You provide a YouTube clip, we provide the space to discuss.



From Dawn till Night (The Earth is Uninhabitable like the Moon) is a multimedia investigation of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1978 film In A Year With 13 Moons. In this apocalyptical tale of identity, love and death, a man woman reevaluates his her place in the world as the past closes in and the quest for humanity becomes increasingly difficult. Following her adaptations of Beware of a Holy Whore and The Third Generation (3! at last year’s undergroundzero festival), Dangerous Ground’s director Doris Mirescu concludes her Fassbinder trilogy with an ode to emotional disarray and cosmological swirls. 

WITH Jennifer Blair- Bianco, Tonia Chauvet, Kira Davies, Gene Gallerano, Gayle Greene, David Holmes, Lonetta Maier, Ilana Ozernoy, Jorge Rubio. Assistant Director/ Live Editing Patrick Flynn. Live Camera Gene Gallerano. Art Direction Doris Mirescu/ Roxie Kratt. Technical Director/ Screens/ Sound Marshall Miller. Video Set-Up Joe Trammell.

FROM DAWN TILL NIGHT will run July 21 & 23 @ 9pm, July 22 @ 7pm, July 24 & 25 @ 5pm as part of the 4th Annual undergroundzero festival at Performance Space 122. For more information, visit

The Last Burlesque Show In The World  | Open: 07/10/10 Close: 07/24/10
On the precipice of time, the ragged edge of existence itself, one painted gasp before an unceasing void envelops the final fragment of reality: A single beautiful moment remains, forestalling oblivion, in which a forgotten god -- trapped forever in the crumbling stone of a sculptors’ misconception -- obviates his own extinction with the only art eternity cannot bear to destroy...

No, seriously. Artistic striptease confounds oblivion.
Welcome, friends, to THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD, Pinchbottom’s first all-new piece of 2010. For over five years, Pinchbottom has brought a unique theatricality to burlesque, linking together striptease numbers by top performers with a comedic scripted narrative. With this show, it turns the tables on this formula and incorporates burlesque into a theatrical extravaganza. Inspired by the amalgam performance style of works like Julie Atlas Muz’s “I Am The Moon...” and Taylor Mac’s “The Lily’s Revenge”, THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD seeks to not only transverse but obliterate the conceptual boundaries which separate legit theater and burlesque.
An epic metaphysical journey through the twisted muscle of the human heart, the jagged crevices of the creative mind, the amorphous discord of the libido, and the insouciant profundity of pants-dropping, THE LAST BURLESQUE SHOW IN THE WORLD stars Pinchbottom co-creator Jonny Porkpie, featuring Clams Casino, Jo Boobs, Legs Malone, Naughtia Nice, and Mat “Sealboy” Fraser, with special guest stars Amber Ray, Gal Friday, Harvest Moon, Julie Atlas Muz, Peekaboo Pointe, Sapphire Jones, Tigger!, and more. It is—more literally than one can possibly convey in the ambiguous tumult of language—the ultimate Pinchbottom show.
For this event, Pinchbottom returns to Performance Space 122 as part of the undergroundzero festival, one of the last productions in the space before it closes down. 
But even with this new direction, Pinchbottom’s trademark humor will still be a part of the show—right? “No,” says Porkpie, his face a rigid mask of magniloquent contempt. “This is a deep and serious theatrical event. Anyone evincing a modicum of amusement during the performance will be asked to leave immediately.” He then threw his cloak over his shoulder and strode away in search of beignet.
Prices and purchasing info available soon at

Are We Here Yet?  | Open: 07/14/10 Close: 07/18/10
EAST RIVER COMMEDIA in association with ANNA BRENNER present ARE WE HERE YET? as part of THE 4TH ANNUAL undergroundzero festival.

Enter the American mind: afraid, allergic, contradictory, and forever searching. Five characters created from the interviews, memories, and observations of the ensemble struggle to connect with each other and the intangible in the midst of an uncanny American landscape. 

Directed by Anna Brenner (winner of the 2009 undergroundzero "Audience Choice" award), Devised with the company. Cast: Melissa Brown, Gabel Eiben, Mike James and Rachael Richman. Scott Dougan (Sets), Dasha Martikainen (Costumes), Bruce Steinberg (Lights), Otso Huopaniemi (co-creator), Hannah Hessel (dramaturg)

"Anna is an immense talent and I know that she will make a significant contribution to our field. I cannot wait to see what she does next."
Anne Bogart

Waiting For Nil  | Open: 07/14/10 Close: 07/18/10
with: Elisa Bongiovanni and Giada Parlanti
costumes: Valeria Bistoni
lighting designer: Hossein Taheri
photographer: Emanuela Bongiovanni
assistant director: Marco Canuto and Irene Veri
director: Fabiana Iacozzilli
(Italian with English subtitles)
WAITING FOR NIL is the story about two people who question themselves about the absurdity of human existence. A mother and a daughter are awaiting the arrival of  a manm but he will only come at the moment when the two ladies are ready. Will the two ladies finish getting ready? And the man, will he finally arrive?  From one of Italy's best young experimental theatre companies comes a ferocious,hilarious feminist critique of Italian gender attitudes in the age of Berlusconi, inspired by Waiting for Godot, and the recipient of numerous Italian honors.
The Concretes  | Open: 07/14/10 Close: 07/18/10
EAST RIVER COMMEDIA in association with MONDAY THEATRE @ GREEN HOURS present THE CONCRETES as part of the 4th ANNUAL undergroundzero festival.

The Concretes are coming to New York!

In the youngster’s night out, in a frenzy world full of easy amusements of a futuristic Moscow, long after the myth of the surgical strike disappeared, our characters decide to tear apart universal pieces of literature, to go inside other worlds and to search for new prey. Trip after trip, from Moby Dick to Natasha of War and Peace or the heroes of Dune, three – too real [aka concretes] - teenagers chew with orgasmic pleasure the symbols of world literary heritage then leaving with satisfaction towards something new.

Widely applauded in Romania, in various locations in Bucharest and in other theatres in the country, the performance engages young and more experienced theatre goers with a unique wit, the new language of the east, the raw screams of degenerated humans and to compensate: visual pleasures in a special offer by VJ Cinty.

You’d better come see The Concretes, who knows where they will be next, maybe just in the novel you read!

CAST: Katia Pascariu, Monica Sandulescu and Marius Damian  & Live-Vjing: Cinty      DIRECTED BY: Alexandru Mihaescu    COSTUMES: Carmen Secareanu


Quiet To Departure  | Open: 07/13/10 Close: 07/18/10
EAST RIVER COMMEDIA in association with LEIGH EVANS present QUIET TO DEPARTURE as part of the 4TH ANNUAL undergroundzero festival.

Leigh Evans’ new work, Quiet to Departure, has been selected to premiere at the 4th Annual undergroundzero festival of experimental theater, presented at PS122, July 13-18. Combining Butoh dance, video, and original music by Peter Whitehead, the duet Quiet to Departure explores the illusory nature of form through the shifting perceptions of self and other. Reflection, refraction, disjunction, shadow, and presence reveal our simultaneous transparency and visibility in this journey of self and memory.

Choreographed by Leigh Evans. Performed by Leigh Evans & Megan Nicely. Music by Peter Whitehead. Video by David Rogers & Joel Kurtz. Sculpture by Therese Lahaie. Costume Design by Tiziana Agnello. Lighting Design by Bruce Steinberg.

Leigh Evans, Choreographer at the intersection of dance, visual art, meditation, and theater, Leigh Evans' performance work explores the nature of perception by re-inventing our relationship to viewing the body. Evans' dance theater illuminates the darker aspects of human nature with the beauty of the physical form in rituals of invocation. Her explorations are fed by her fascination with the performance and meditative traditions of Asia. Integral to her work are her extensive travels and studies in the meditative and performance traditions of Asia, including Indian Odissi dance, Butoh, Yoga, Bulgarian singing and North Indian singing.


Father Of Lies  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/11/10
East River Commedia in association with The Immediate Theater Company present FATHER OF LIES, as part of the 4th annual undergroundzero festival.  

FATHER OF LIES is a premiere adaptation of avant-horror scribe Brian Evenson's chilling debut novel.  Drawing on actual, previously repressed cases of the abuse of young boys by Mormon lay clergy FATHER OF LIES is set in an epistemologically thorny environment of hypocrisy and violent physical terror. Evenson's allegory of blind religious obedience is a shocking account of a predator expert in the "soul murder" of the vulnerable and of a villain who relies on the church to abet his crimes. Adapted by award winning director Jose Zayas FATHER OF LIES is a disorienting and twisted journey probing at the horror and violence that lie between faith and despair.   

The Cast includes Evan Enderle (Bingo with the Indians, Princes of Waco), Jocelyn Kuritsky (Crawl Fade to White, Have You Seen Steve Steven?), Pete McCabe (Southern Promises, Prophet), Matt Huffman (Southern Promises, Missa Solemnis, or the Play About Henry), Jessica Pohly (Bingo with the Indians, The Great Recession) and Richard Toth (The Archery Contest).


For more information, visit

Tales Of The Body  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/11/10
EAST RIVER COMMEDIA in association with AU MENTS present TALES OF THE BODY as part of the 4th ANNUAL undergroundzero festival.

Tales of the body is a journey through the inner landscapes that have always inhabited us. This work inspired by the memory of the body, creates situations that supposes a transformation of the corporeality and uses the anatomy of the interpreter like an authentic automaton and marionette. This delicate piece of visual theatre plays different scenic languages (contemporary dance, butoh, objects manipulation…) to develop a new choreographic proposal.

Performed by Andrea Cruz.

Click here to watch the teaser.

La Party  | Open: 07/07/10 Close: 07/11/10
EAST RIVER COMMEDIA presents Phil Soltanoff and David Barlow's LA PARTY as part of the 4TH ANNUAL undergroundzero festival.

A fanatical vegan slides off the wagon one night, falling headfirst into a wild L.A. bender. The story written and spoken by David Barlow collides with live video in which six performers produce a compelling composite human being. A charming soup-çon from director Phil Soltanoff, whose collaborations with France's CIE 111 have produced playful meldings of theatre, visual art, dance and new cirque, LA Party has been an audience favorite at this past season’s Under The Radar Festival, Fusebox Festival, and Prelude Festival. The show also appeared at The Collapsable Hole, and is now presented as part of the 2010 undergroundzero Festival at PS122. 

LA PARTY is performed by David Barlow, Ilan Bachrach, Stephen Brady, Kristine Oakes, Claire Siebers and Phil Soltanoff.