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This Is Why I Whisper  | Open: 06/29/13 Close: 06/29/13

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jay Michaels/WrightGroupNY


 "What if Mama dies...?" 
"What if I'm stuck with him...?" 
"What if his voices come back...?
“What if he refuses to bathe...again?" 
"What if he kills me...?" 

This Is Why I Whisper

Two Special Showings:

Symphony Space’s Pete Jay Sharp Theatre

2537 Broadway at 95th St., New York City

Saturday, June 29, 2013 @ 2:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.


Tickets can be purchased by calling Peter Norton Symphony Space @ 212-864-5400 or online @



Portions of this production will be seen on 
ABC-TV’s Here & Now with Sandra Bookman 
(broadcast tentatively set for Sunday, May 19, 2013)


Back by popular demand, playwright Sibyl Renaye revives her award-winning autobiographical stage play, This Is Why I Whisper, at Symphony Space’s Pete Jay Sharp Theatre, 2537 Broadway at 95th Street for two special showings Saturday, June 29, 2013 @ 2pm and & 7:30pm.Jonathan Valdez returns as director with Rasheda Crockett, Celine Justice, Catherine Cushenberry, Whitney Marchelle and Sam Lasko join original cast members, Michael Gilbert, Keith H. Henley, Maurice A. Tucker, and Eugene Daniels. 

WHISPER tells the story of man’s battle with schizophrenia and the feelings of guilt, fear, and shame the ordeal fosters in his family. Seen through the eyes of his sisters, struggling to honor the last wish of their mother, WHISPER, tells in heart-breaking detail of the trials a family must endure when one of its members is mentally ill.

The gripping drama laced with humor is based on the playwright’s own brother’s condition and the uphill battle she and her sisters were forced to bear. The play is Ms. Renaye’s attempt to make sense out of the bitterness, anger, and misguided feelings of embarrassment she and her siblings felt.

These special performances are designed to create further awareness for mental illness.  

Tickets can be purchased by calling Peter Norton Symphony Space 

Call 212-864-5400 or online @

Patience  | Open: 03/11/12 Close: 03/11/12
Patience, or Bunthorne's Bride features the sweet and vivacious village milkmaid of the title who cannot comprehend the languid infatuation of all the other ladies in town with Reginald Bunthorne, a self-styled disciple of the aesthetic movement. In true Gilbertian fashion, Bunthorne’s only true interest is Patience, the one woman who does not fall for his overblown pretensions. In stark contrast is a band of Dragoon Guards, stuffy military men, who come home looking for their former sweethearts only to find them inexplicably enamored of the newly minted aesthete. When Patience decides it is her duty to take Bunthorne off the market, all of the former lovers are temporarily reunited, until the appearance of Archibald Grosvenor, another self-absorbed aesthete whose fatal curse is “to be madly loved at first sight by every woman” he comes across. The ladies immediately switch their affections to this new apostle, even though Grosvenor is really in love with his former childhood play fellow, the confused milkmaid. Bunthorne is devastated by the loss of his star status until he convinces Grosvenor to renounce aestheticism, but this backfires when the women all decide that if Archibald the All-Right “chooses to discard aestheticism, it proves that aestheticism ought to be discarded”. The Dragoons all claim their former loves, Patience rejects Bunthorne in favor of the now common Grosvenor, and Bunthorne is left with nothing to admire but his mirror and a lily – one of the symbols of the aesthetic movement.

About the Company: New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players

New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players is a professional repertory company giving vitality to the living legacy of Gilbert & Sullivan through performance and education.

Schubert's Dream  | Open: 06/03/10 Close: 06/03/10
A theatrical show about Franz Schubert interwoven with a live chamber music concert featuring some of his most personal chamber music and songs, including the second Piano Trio.

Schubert's outgoing personality and lively social life masked an undercurrent of insecurity and loneliness. My Dream, his short story about exile and homecoming, reflects his anxieties as he is driven from his home and forced to wander in foreign lands.

Enjoy an evening of hauntingly beautiful music, enhanced by a theatrical reading of Schubert's only known literary work.