Theatre at 30th Street

Todays Date: 07/02/22
Last Update: 10/21/17 05:18:12 PM
Address: 259 West 30th Street
New York, NY    10001

Phone: 268-9829
Location: Between 7th and 8th Avenues
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Subway: 1 Train to 28th Street

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FERGUSON  | Open: 10/19/17 Close: 11/05/17
Phelim McAleer’s FERGUSON, recreates the evidence and tells the shocking truth about what really happened on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. This play is a staged version of the Grand Jury testimony exactly as it was heard it in the courtroom. FERGUSON doesn't present an agenda. FERGUSON presents the exact testimony and asks the audiences to decide for themselves. No spin. No media filter. No fake news. Just the testimony presented during the hearing to the jury.

TEA FOR THREE: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty  | Open: 05/30/13 Close: 06/29/13

Emmy Award-winning actress Elaine Bromka takes on three women who suddenly found themselves celebrities in politically tumultuous times: Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford. TEA FOR THREE offers a witty, intimate and thought-provoking perspective on the politics of love, devotion, and first ladydom, revealing the personal cost of what Mrs. Nixon called the “hardest unpaid job in the world.”

Men Without Myth  | Open: 06/03/10 Close: 06/13/10

Three One Acts by Italian American Playwrights

In a world where there are social and financial pressures everyday, three artists who sacrificed security and the norm to pursue their passions, cross each other's path through kismet. These three writers from Jersey City, Greenwich Village and Bay Ridge Brooklyn find out they have more in common than their passion for writing and their Italian American heritage.These "Men Without Myth"  scribe their father's wounds, in this laughable, dramatic and sometimes intense evening of One Act plays by John Dapolito, Charles Messina, and Robert Nicotra.   

Augie's Ring Written and Directed by John Dapolito
A down and out neighborhood legend drowns himself in isolation and booze at a local pub, only to encounter his latest and a most unlikely challenger.

Klepto Written and Directed by Charles Messina
Set in a cheap motel room in Fort Lauderdale, 1977 Klepto tells the tale of a boy with an encyclopedic mind for baseball and his complex relationship with his overbearing, kleptomaniacal mother, who have embarked on a journey south from NYC to find the boy's deadbeat father.

Like You Written and Directed by Robert Nicotra
It's St Paddy's Day, dinner is hot and the Yankees Exhibition game is about to start. It's just another night in Jackie Ryan's Life until he's interrupted by a knock on the door from a son he hasn't seen in seventeen years. His son wants answers; Jackie just wants to be left alone.

Length: 2 hrs 00 mins
Intermission: Yes