Mark Morris Dance Center

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 01/20/14 02:43:00 PM
Address: 3 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, nb    p;NY 

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Live & Outspoken: Dianne Mcintyre | Sarita Allen  | Open: 02/13/14 Close: 02/13/14
International Dancer/Choreographer Sarita Allen sits down with legendary Choreographer/Dancer Dianne McIntyre in a candid conversation about their experiences throughout their careers. This program will also feature excerpts of Dianne McIntyre’s recent works.For more information about the artists go to 651 ARTS' website at



The Live and Outspoken series will feature Universes in conversation with a member of the Black Panther Party and the Young Lords with excerpts from their new play “Party People,” a theatrical performance commissioned as part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s “American Revolutions: The United States History Cycle.”

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Up Close And Personal  | Open: 05/18/12 Close: 05/18/12
The Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company invites you to, "Up Close and Personal", an intimate evening of contemporary dance, featuring our art, artists and dialogue with Artistic Director/Choreographer, Carolyn Dorfman.

As an audience member, you can be part of the process. Carolyn will be previewing her new work INTERIOR DESIGNS, and company dancer Mica Bernas will premiere her piece MARIA, MARIE. Bring your smartphone, iPad, or paper and pen, and be a part of CDDC history!


Two magnificent artists of the music world, singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon, and her mentor, music pioneer June Millington, come together to talk about artist activism and why they make music. Throughout the evening, Reagon and Millington will perform selections of their critically-acclaimed work.


Live & Outspoken: Judith Jamison Interviews Garth Fagan  | Open: 03/13/12 Close: 03/13/12
Two of modern dance’s incomparable legends, choreographer Garth Fagan and dancer/choreographer Judith Jamison, sit down for an intimate conversation about their ideas, inspirations and careers in dance. Members of Garth Fagan Dance will perform excerpts of his work.


[the] Ophelia Landscape  | Open: 04/29/10 Close: 05/08/10
Re-examining Ophelia's tragic landscape at the crossroads of different aesthetics, and breaking down the barriers between disciplines and cultures, director Naum Panovski fulfills the Poiesis Theatre Project's mission in creating an original, ensemble work, featuring live acting, dance, music, and engaging the new electronic media and internet. The material in this performance is gleaned from Shakespeare, Heiner Muller, Luis Bunuel, Rimbaud and Pasternak. Special guest artists include William Nadylam (Peter Brook's Hamlet in Paris), Mira Furlan (Lost & Babylon 5), among others, in a performance dedicated to Joe Chaikin.

Poiesis Theatre Project perceives the world as an open landscape for different cultures to braid.

Length: 1 hr 20 mins
Intermission: None