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CRIME AND PUNISHMENT  | Open: 07/19/16 Close: 08/28/16
This summer, acclaimed theater director Aleksey Burago and The Russian Arts Theater and Studio continues its 2015-2016 season with Fyodor Dostoevsky's magnum opus Crime and Punishment. In the hot slums of St. Petersburg lives Raskolnikov, a former student struggling with debt and disillusionment. Believing himself to be a superior man, he soon executes a plan to kill and rob an old pawnbroker, arguing that her money can be used for good deeds, while ridding the world of a worthless parasite. As the growing voice of his conscience sets in, Raskolnikov soon finds the noose of his own guilt tightening around his neck. Join the Russian Arts Theater and Studio as it brings one of the greatest novels to life at the West End Theater and embark upon a journey into the mind of a killer and his search for redemption.

About the Company: The Russian Arts Theater and Studio

Currently, our mission is two-fold. Firstly, through the exploration of new theatrical works as well as progressive re-imaginings of classics, we aim to preserve, promote and advance Russian arts and heritage in New York City.  Secondly, through an affordable and accessible theater education program, we aim to train a new generation of imaginative, innovative, and sincere artists capable of serving the mission for generations to come.

Tricia Brouk's Committed  | Open: 04/17/14 Close: 04/20/14
In 1989 at an Upper East Side psychiatric ward, five women and three men share their very personal stories of struggle and hope. This new book musical, with 13 original songs written by lyricist/composer, Andrew David Sotomayor, is a little "Orange is the New Black" meets "Girl Interrupted" meets "Friends." The personal stories, told through song and dance, touch on various and more than common mental illnesses. The characters are likable and very relateable. We understand them and want them to get better. The subject matter is intense, but there's no lack of humor.


Miniatures in Detail  | Open: 04/17/14 Close: 04/20/14
"Miniatures in Detail" is a concise new venture with long term collaborators, Elise Kermani (sound), Barbara Kilpatrick (visual) and Vicky Shick (movement). The charismatic, quirky and intimate chamber setting of the West End Theater functions as active host to the weaving together of costume, sound, choreography and the delicately nuanced relationships revealed in the piece. Costumes are designed to produce sound when in motion and the multi-layered sound composition is mixed and performed live. This piece follows their 2013 Bessie-nominated work for ten dancers, "Everything You See," translating an exploration of deliberate commotion and chaos directly onto the moving body. While still devoted to finessing detail, "Miniatures in Detail" offers a new passion for choreographed disjointedness and a taste for "letting go." The performers are Olsi Gjeci, Marilyn Maywald, Omagbitse Omagbemi and Vicky Shick.


Pirira  | Open: 11/15/13 Close: 11/24/13
 Set simultaneously in Malawi and New York City in July 2011, PIRIRA tracks two stories separated by 7,000 miles. The onstage playing area becomes both a storage room in Lilongwe and the back room in the Chelsea flower district, two worlds overlapping in space and time… In Africa, aid workers Jack and Ericka take shelter during riots, while in Manhattan, Malawaian student Gilbert and his gay co-worker Chad begin their day at work.

Inspired by the African concept of ubuntu, this new play explores the ways in which our lives are inextricably linked across cultures, continents, language, and time.

About the Company: Theatre 167

 Born in a community where 167 different languages are spoken, Theatre 167 creates, cultivates, and supports new work by artists of wide-ranging backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs. Our process is deeply collaborative, and we are particularly interested in investigating intersections, boundaries and borders—both cultural and artistic—and exploring how the telling of our individual and collective stories inspires us to appreciate a multiplicity of voices. We bring our community together to share innovative, generous and entertaining theatrical events—events that deepen and enhance our understanding of one another and of the role of theater in our civic dialogue.

A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 04/26/12 Close: 05/20/12
Starring Vivien Landau, Lenny Ciotti, Eric Doss, Alan Altschuler, Amy Frances Quint, Erick Gonzalez, Kyla D'Souza, Jonathan Reed Wexler, Treasure Davidson, & Stephen Siano


Cymbeline  | Open: 10/07/10 Close: 10/31/10
Cymbeline, King of Britain, takes a new wife who has an arrogant son called Cloten. Cymbeline's lovely daughter Imogen is expected to marry Cloten. Instead Imogen marries the brave, but poor Posthumus Leonatus. Cymbeline is furious when he finds out about the marriage and banishes Posthumus who goes to Rome. the couple have time to exchange love tokens and Imogen gives Posthumus a diamond ring and he gives her a bracelet. The villain of the plot is Iachimo who bets 10,000 ducats against Posthumus's diamond ring that he can seduce Imogen.

About the Company: Frog and Peach

THE FROG AND PEACH THEATRE CO. is committed to dispelling the “rocket science” myth of Shakespeare by bringing wildly entertaining productions of Shakespeare’s plays to the people of New York.  We don’t dumb down the texts or engage in stunt period stuff (Wild West Winter’s Tale?  Not here.) —we painstakingly craft the scripts to appeal to Shakespeare fans and Gen-Y alike.  If you’ve ever walked the Upper West Side, you’ll know—it’s become astonishingly bifurcated in terms of income and level of education.  As former “troubled kids” themselves, the co-founders strive to engender a love of theatre in those who may not otherwise get an opportunity to see a live show, and to whet young appetites for the classics.   20% of all tickets are FREE to at-risk kids, their families, and the elderly.

Morning's At Seven  | Open: 05/21/10 Close: 05/30/10
The backyard of two houses in a small mid-western town is the setting for Paul Osborn's 1939 comic drama.  Cora shares her house, and, disconcertingly, perhaps her husband Thor, with her younger sister Aaronetta.  Across the yard, their sister Ida and her husband Carl live with Homer, their unmarried 40-year old son.  A few blocks off, the eldest sister, Esty, and her husband of 55 years David, barely co-exist on separate floors of a house divided.  When Homer brings home Myrtle, his long-suffering girlfriend, to meet the folks, all nine of these vividly drawn characters face critical choices that will determine the course of the rest of their lives.

Macbeth  | Open: 04/15/10 Close: 05/09/10
THE FROG & PEACH THEATRE COMPANY dares you to enter the world of Shakespeare's most complex & terrifying hero!

Macbeth has won King Duncan's war; all should be well-- but for the gorgeous, seductive witches (AMY FRANCES QUINT, HANNAH OWENS, & LINDSAY TANNER) who haunt the moor, tempting Macbeth to horrible acts with promises of power, and into the heart of darkness.

Featuring critically acclaimed MOTI MARGOLIN & KAITLIN LARGE as the murderous Macbeth & his lovely, lethal Lady, MACBETH is a chilling ride you won't soon forget.

An audience favorite, The Frog & Peach Theatre Company's MACBETH brings all the heart-stopping thrills and excitement our fans have come to expect.

MACBETH is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young and old alike.


Length: 2 hrs 20 mins
Intermission: Yes