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Nothing's Plenty for Me  | Open: 01/28/22 Close: 02/13/22
A world premiere dramedy about the importance of climate action written by Raymond Fortunato. Shela Xoregos directs a cast of five, including Marie Dinolan, Alexa Elmy, Dylan LaRay, Cole Mathewson, and Gaia Visnar.

With $500 million at stake, five clashing environmentalists are determined to cut their carbon footprint by 80%. But time is running out. Fights, romances and art bloom as they move into one dorm room together, vowing to live without chocolate cake, hair dye, alcohol and other necessities for three months. Can they do it? Could you?

Performances are Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 3:00 p.m. Climate change and creative team/cast talkbacks with special guests will be held after Thursday performances.

The runtime is approximately two hours, including one 15-minute intermission.

THE TALL BOY - A TALE OF REFUGEE CHILDREN  | Open: 09/28/19 Close: 09/28/19

The Tall Boy is set in occupied Germany in the aftermath of WW II.  An American relief worker tells the story of three orphaned boys, Czech, Polish and Italian aged 15, 14 and 12 who are dumped at a displaced persons camp for “unaccompanied children”.  But the boys are GI mascots – they were swept up by US Army units during the war.  They wear cut-down US Army uniforms and speak English in accents learned from the soldiers who befriended them, and they are desperate to get to America to be reunited with their Army buddies.  But the US isn’t welcoming refugees at this time, and only one boy has a soldier who is committed to adopting him - but that soldier happens to be black.

REGENERATION  | Open: 10/04/17 Close: 10/15/17
Regeneration is an uplifting and daring show about one woman’s journey through breast cancer, illuminating the jagged edge between serenity and fear, strength and vulnerability. After a routine breast exam, Dr. Barrett is catapulted from doctor to patient, where she confronts her mortality with tenderness and humor. In an unexpected twist, she finds courage at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Part of the United Solo Festival

Mad Women In My Attic!  | Open: 10/07/17 Close: 10/07/17
Typecasting and a theatre career drove Monica to insanity so she exchanged her stage wings for padded walls, glamorous costumes for a white nightgown, adoring audiences for a bunch of inmates. Yet, she will sing! A madwoman proudly recounts the roles and songs which made her who she is today, celebrating that fine line between creativity and madness.

A semi-autobiographical cabaret set in a lunatic asylum. From Sweeney Todd, to Jane Eyre the musical, from Sunset Boulevard to Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Mad Women in my Attic! is a fantastic romp through showtunes, folk and cabaret songs, celebrating the mentally unstable women that populate music and theatre.

Part of the United Solo Festival

“An afternoon of brilliant entertainment… highly recommended.”

- Fringe Review, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“A highly energetic and engaging performance from a truly exceptional singer.”

- All Things Cultured, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Nancy Drewinsky and The Search for The Missing Letter, written and performed by Robin Bady, will be a part of the 2017 United Solo Festival. Loren Niemi directs the piece, which is based on a true story.

When Robin Bady's father is accused of being a Communist spy and U.S. traitor in the 1950’s, no one ever said what that meant for her and her family. Putting her fears aside, she seeks the truth...wherever it is. Robin's account of a not-that-long-ago turbulent past is deeply personal, uniquely compelling and rings an uneasy bell of recognition today.

A Jewish Joke  | Open: 09/17/16 Close: 09/17/16
In A Jewish Joke, a curmudgeonly Jewish comedy screenwriter from MGM comes up against the Communist blacklist in 1950's Hollywood. Funny and lovable, Bernie Lutz has made his way up the ladder by being a spineless Hollywood sellout. He now has to make the biggest decision of his life. The night before a big red carpet premiere that will make Bernie's career, he has been asked to name names and give up a friend. Armed with stories about the great era of Jewish humor, this poignant and funny solo comedy shows one small man facing the tough American events of the mid-20th century and looking into the depths of his own soul.  A Jewish Joke had its World Premiere in San Diego in May and its Chicago premiere at Victory Gardens Theatre this past July. Presented as part of the 2016 United Solo Festival.


AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH DEATH, HERSELF  | Open: 09/17/16 Close: 09/17/16
An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself is a one-woman show about Dorothy, a middle-aged waitress who meets Death in a bar, and 49 days later, replaces him. After a bad day on the cafeteria line, Dorothy goes into a bar where she meets Tod, who turns out to be the Grim Reaper. In the course of an understated, unpretentious, poignant and tender, droll and massively ambitious performance, Dorothy helps her audience relate to death without flinching and with abundant amusement. Warning: everyone who sees this show will someday die.

Part of the United Solo Festival

Our Friends The Enemy: The 1914 Christmas Truce  | Open: 12/08/15 Close: 12/20/15
Our Friends The Enemy takes place on The Western Front during Christmas 1914, when not even a World War could destroy the soldiers Christmas spirit. Private James Boyce tells a very different kind of Christmas story, of how, on a frigid Christmas Eve of World War I, some British and German soldiers stopped their fighting and emerged from their trenches to spend Christmas together. They sang songs, exchanged gifts and even played a friendly game of soccer, Our Friends The Enemy takes us on a magical and haunting journey through the remarkable Christmas Truce.
Performance Schedule: Tuesday 7PM; Wednesday - Saturday 8PM; Saturday matinee 2PM; Sunday matinee 3PM
Tickets are $36.25 and can be purchased by visiting or by calling (212) 239-6200
Website: For more information about the show please visit,
LOVE IN ACTION  | Open: 10/11/15 Close: 10/11/15
A one act solo performance conceived and performed by Pippa White*, who celebrates her third season performing in the Festival. *Member, AEA.

Florence Nightingale, Lillian Wald, and Margaret Sanger not only revolutionized nursing, their work revolutionized health care. They were called Angels of Mercy, but these women were so much more. They tended the poor, the sick and the wounded, as they were trained to do, but they took their work beyond its expected boundaries of the doctor’s office or hospital, out into the crowded streets of our cities - the sweatshops, the tenements, the battlefields. They realized that health was a public issue, a public need, a public responsibility, and their accomplishments as reformers have had a lasting impact on human health. Through diaries, letters and memoirs of these fascinating people, Pippa White explores how they were led to their callings, their challenges, their accomplishments, their incredible legacies… their Love in Action.

ALL ABOARD  | Open: 09/25/15 Close: 09/25/15
ALL ABOARD: A Woman of a Certain Age Sticks Her Fingers Into The Light Socket of Life And Invites You To Hold Hands - a funny, poignant and gently in-your-face rumination on arriving at the inevitable unprepared - the latest solo work by writer/performer Tulis McCall.

In "ALL ABOARD: A Woman of a Certain Age Sticks Her Fingers Into The Light Socket of Life And Invites You To Hold Hands," writer and performer Tulis McCall invites the audience into the world of A Woman Of A Certain Age. For McCall, being A Woman Of A Certain Age has its advantages. Opinions have free reign. Age provides perspective. There are also the disadvantages. Invisibility, for instance. From her personal vantage point McCall assesses the markers and milestones on a journey that is universal. Once we are evicted from the womb, we all share the same challenge: how to manage the journey. McCall muses on how we ignore and euphemize aging, especially the female variety, until we arrive on its doorstep. When we wake to the fact that what is ahead of us is shorter than what is behind, the situation begs the question, "How did this happen, and what am I going to do about it?" Alternately hilarious, thoughtful and out-of-the-box intelligent, this is a show that pulls apart the minutiae of life's machinery and reassembles the pieces in a new configuration.

"If you are older, I am right behind you,” says McCall. “If you are younger, think of me as being on the other side of your mid-life crisis. If you are my peer, welcome to the Bar Car. Drinks are on the house.”


THE ACTUAL DANCE  | Open: 01/10/15 Close: 02/01/15
An award-winning play, The Actual Dance is a beautiful love story--a graceful and inspiring journey through the uncharted waters of illness, where the resilience and power of the human heart ultimately perseveres.

When first noticing his wife at the age of sixteen, Sam could not predict the profound connection they would share—they are two halves of the same whole. In their 33rd year of marriage, that love was tested…and the ringing in Sam’s ear was not as one would expect, in fact it was an orchestra, playing the music of his life--The Actual Dance.

The show will feature live music composed and arranged by Music Director Eli Zoller, whose experience as a Music Director and professional musician extends from Broadway to regional theaters and universities across the country.  The original music is arranged for guitar and cello.

Two one act solo performances conceived and performed by Pippa White*.

Voices from the Resistance tells the stories of ordinary people, forgotten heroes fighting an underground war against Hitler. They were shopkeepers, factory workers, housewives, bakers, farmers, teachers, and auto mechanics working in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia. They led Jews to freedom, rescued Allied soldiers, printed newspapers, blew up bridges, risked their lives every day to do what they could to cripple the Third Reich. Wherever the Nazis were, they were there, braving everything for freedom.

Voices from Ellis Island tells the amusing, frightening, inspiring and true stories of those who came to Ellis Island from 1890 to 1930. Risking everything for a new life in a new country, the "Gateway to America,” the “front door to freedom,” the “Island of Tears,” Ellis Island was the first experience of life in America for millions of immigrants. Brave people. True stories.

The Bohemian Love Diaries  | Open: 11/23/13 Close: 11/23/13
 Award-winning PBS producer and author Slash Coleman will present the stage version of his best selling book, The Bohemian Love Diaries, at the 4th Annual United Solo Theater Festival on November 23, 2013 at 6:00 pm. The festival, which is an annual international festival for solo performances held at Theatre ROW in the heart of the New York City theatre district on 42nd Street runs from October 3  – November 24, 2012.


The Bohemian Love Diaries was released by Lyon’s Press earlier this year and chronicles Coleman’s upbringing in the 70‘s and 80‘s by 8 artists in the capital of the confederacy including a grandfather who was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge and his subsequent history or failed love relationships. The recorded version of the book won the award for Best Action Stories of 2013 by Storytelling World. The stage production is directed by Meyung Kim and co-written by Amy Neswald.


“I’ve been making my living with many of the stories from the book on the National Storytelling Festival circuit. They were originally crafted using the oral tradition, exclusively. It’s been an interesting process to create them orally for the storytelling stage, re-create them for the page for my publisher and now bring them back to life off the page with the help of a co-writer and a director,” Coleman says. 


Coleman, who is often compared to author David Sedaris, ("It's hard to get stranger than the Sedarises, but Slash Coleman's family could give them a run for their money." - Backstage Magazine 2012) is best known for writing and producing the PBS special The Neon Man and Me which has been seen by over 77 million viewers to date and won the award for Best Drama at the United Solo Festival in 2012. 


Slash Coleman is also a blogger for Psychology Today, a columnist and host of the monthly author show “Literary Mischief with Slash Coleman.” Over the last decade, his storytelling work has been featured in The Washington Post, American Theatre Magazine and multiple times on NPR including the series, “How Artists Make Money.” As a storyteller, he’s been featured at: TEDx, The International Storytelling Center, The National Storytelling Festival (Exchange Place), the Oral History Performance Conference, and Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Festival.


The Bohemian Love Diaries will be performed on November 23, 2013 at 6:00 pm at 410 West 42nd Street, New York City. Tickets are $18 and available at online at or at 212-239-6200. More information about Slash Coleman is available at

About the Company: Slash Coleman Entertainment

Inspiring ordinary people to recognize everyday heroes. 

Ground-Breaking Librettist and Lyricist Brought to Life by National Storyteller.

Dorothy Fields wanted to be a songwriter, but unless you were a singer, a woman had little chance of a career in music. The woman who wrote “I’m in the Mood for Love,” “The Way You Look Tonight,” and dozens of other great American Standards forged a career for herself as a librettist and lyricist that lasted 50 years, during which she wrote nearly 500 songs. Come hear her great songs and experience her fascinating life as told by an award-winning storyteller.

From creator Pippa White
I was inspired to create this piece after hearing a 1972 recording of Dorothy Fields’ Lyrics and Lyricists Evening at the 92nd Street Y.  Here was this fascinating, gifted woman talking in such an entertaining way about her career and her craft that I thought, “forty years later a new generation needs to hear this, along with her brilliant songs.” Dorothy Fields built a 50 year career at a time when music was dominated by men. I hope this show will inspire people to do what Miss Fields suggested: to “listen to your own voice, and say what you want to say.”

Vice Girl Confidential  | Open: 05/10/13 Close: 05/18/13
Grayce Productions presents a revival of Vice Girl Confidential, the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival Award winner. Todd Michael’s wild parody of 1930s bad girl dramas will be directed by Lawrence Lesher, who starred in the play’s premiere seven years ago.

An expose not for the faint of heart, Vice Girl Confidential uncovers the grime and grit plaguing the streets of 1950s Gotham. Only one man, D.A. Walter Slade, can stand up to the vice-racket kingpin Duke Craigie –that is, if he can shake off his yen for Stella Fontaine, the madam of New York’s most infamous brothel.

The production stars Sam Benedict, Thom Brown III, Courtney Cook, Greg Etling, Matt Harris, Brian Hopson, Todd Michael, Chandler Reeves, and David L. Zwiers.

Vice Girl Confidential first played at the Cherry Lane Theatre as part of FringeNYC, and sold out its run. raved about the play, “Go see this. Now. Go twice. Bring everyone you know.”

About the Company: Grayce Productions

Founded in 2001, Grayce Productions exclusively presents parodies and satires of 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s film, theater, and television. Other past productions include Psycho Sorority Girl, The Poverty Row Double Horror Show, Bad Dames Go To Hell, Damaged Dames, The Greatest B-Movie Ever Told and The Adventures of Jock Jupiter.

The Last Yankee  | Open: 08/23/12 Close: 09/08/12
Leroy and Frick are separated by age, temperament and means. Although descended from Alexander Hamilton, Leroy is a young father of four, who is content to make a leaving as a carpenter. Frick, a couple decades Leroy’s senior, is an austere man and a firm believer in capitalism and propriety. They meet in the waiting room of a state-run mental institution as they prepare to visit their respective wives, Patricia and Karen, who are both battling depression. As the day unfolds, both couples must confront their unfulfilled dreams and bittersweet prospects for the future.

Starring Nina Covalesky, Vincent Ingrisano, John Austin Wiggins, Kendra Webb. Produced by Ingrisano Productions.

The Asphalt Christmas  | Open: 12/08/11 Close: 12/18/11
It’s The Bells of St. Mary’s meets The Exorcist in this insane parody of Hollywood Christmas films. This is the story of St. Celestine’s annual holiday pageant, a ‘’possessed’’ fifteen-year-old girl, her long lost burlesque queen mother with a heart of gold, a singing priest with a past and a couple of nuns, who must deal with the devil within their convent school walls. Betrayal, lust and eggnog all come together in The Asphalt Christmas. ‘’The power of Christmas compels you!’’


Performance Schedule:

Thursday, December 8th @ 8pm
Friday, December 9th @ 8pm
Saturday, December 10th @ 2pm & 8pm
Sunday, December 11th @ 3pm
Wednesday, December 14th @ 8pm
Thursday, December 15th @ 8pm
Friday, December 16th @ 8pm
Saturday, December 17th @ 2pm & 8pm 
Sunday, December 18th @ 3pm


Cast: Courtney Cook (Torchy Farrell/Bubbles Flamour/Heloise Fralick), *Timothy J. Cox (Moose Kowalski/ Ziggy/Eddie Knight),Nancy Kellogg Gray (Sister Mary Joseph), Matt Harris (Mickey Loomis) Brian Hopson (Warden/Willard/Father McLaughlin/Joe Loomis), Chris Kateff (Father Patrick O’Day), Jessica Luck (Veda Munson), Todd Michael (Dixie La Hiff) and David L. Zwiers (Sister Mary Bernadette)

*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Navy Pier  | Open: 05/05/11 Close: 05/22/11

NAVY PIER focuses on four characters and interweaves their stories, told in intersecting monologues and flashbacks.  It tells the story of Martin and Kurt, college friends and aspiring writers; and Liv and Iris, the women in their lives.  All must navigate rocky waters when the mens' personal and professional lives collide.   This one-act play, running around 90-minutes, takes audiences along on their painful and poignant journey to find their own voice.

A Home Across The Ocean  | Open: 09/16/10 Close: 10/02/10
Connor and his boyfriend think they're ready to start a family; Connor's recently widowed mother thinks she needs to re-start a family herself. When a thirteen-year-old foster child and a poet from London arrive into their lives, they'll find out exactly how ready they are.

A selection at The 2010 National NewBorn Festival.

Featuring Alex Bond* (Off-B'way: Flamingo Court; MTWorks: Barrier Island), Mark Emerson* (MTWorks: Barrier Island), Lavita Shaurice (GLAAD Winner: She Like Girls), David Stallings (MTWorks: Folie A Deux) and Dathan B. Williams* (B'way: Show Boat, dir. Hal Prince).

Martha Goode (Associate Producer Miracle Worker, Circle In The Square) is the producing director. Set design by Blair Mielnik (NY IT Award Nominee, To Barcelona!), costume design by Rachel Dozier Ezell, lighting design by Dan Gallagher, and sound design by Kim Fuhr. The production stage manager is Carolynn Richer, and Nichol C. Rosas Ullman is the assistant stage manager. Dramaturgy by Cristina Alicea.
A HOME ACROSS THE OCEAN plays the following schedule through Saturday, October 2nd :

Tuesdays at 7pm (followed by a talk-back)
Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8pm
Tickets are $18 and are now available online at or by calling 212-239-6200. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at the Theatre Row Box Office, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

**Running time: 2 hours including one intermission**

For more information visit

Letters to the End of the World  | Open: 04/29/10 Close: 05/16/10
LETTERS TO THE END OF THE WORLD revolves around Todd, a twenty-something gay man in New York City. After reading an article in a fashion magazine, Todd begins writing letters to a woman in Zambia at the forefront of the African AIDS crisis. What starts as a pen pal relationship turns into an unexpected friendship that takes him halfway around the world. He soon discovers that Africa is much closer to his heart than he thinks.

The production stars Shannon Burkett (Dead City), Francesca Choy-Kee. Tyrone Mitchell Henderson (The America Play, The Tempest with Patrick Stewart), and Charles Socarides (2006 Tony-winning Awake & Sing!), with set by Eli Kaplan-Wildmann, lighting by Ryan Bauer and costumes by Nicole Wee. The Production Stage Manager is Donald Butchko.