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New York, NY   

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Bubby's Shadow  | Open: 06/03/12 Close: 06/23/12
An unexpected knock on the door, and Jonny’s home again…to his sister, his niece, and the past he left behind.  Join the Cohens on their mystical journey, traversing darkness, finding light -- and ultimately themselves.  For when it comes to family bonds, not even death can stand in the way. 

From the Playwright

Writing Bubby’s Shadow was my opportunity to research my heritage -- the laws and customs of Judaism as well as the traditions of my own family, drinking in never-before-shared details of my mother’s childhood, my grandparents’ home of long ago, and intertwining some of these familial gems into the story I had to tell.  From the initial reading, the workshop production, and pre-production for the upcoming showcase, much has changed personally, and I now hold the bonds of my family as more sacred than ever.  I “understand” (if such a thing is possible) life, death and the hereafter in much fuller, more profound terms.


Jewish Social Services Hospice - www.jssa.org &

Visiting Nurse Service of New York - www.vnsny.org

About the Company: White Rabbit Theatre

White Rabbit Theatrebegan in 1997 in conjunction with Artistic Director Andrew Rothkin’s first NYC directing engagement, Tennessee Williams’ Hello from Bertha and The Lady of Larkspur Lotion.  The company has since produced many new works and contemporary classics…as readings, workshops and fully staged productions.  White Rabbit Theatre has garnered multiple awards and nominations, most notably The 2008 Midtown International Theatre Festival’s “Outstanding Overall Production of a New Drama Play” Award for Bubby’s Shadow and The 2009 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity’s “Outstanding Overall Production of One-Act Play” Award for Meredith’s Ring.  Other highlights include productions of tryin' t' touch the sun, CHiLLS, An Evening of Psychos, Voice and Danny, as well as staged readings of Alice on The Edge andStrangers on Hollow Hill.

Smacker And The Highway  | Open: 06/01/12 Close: 06/23/12
Decades of tyrannical intolerance and perfection have left 99% of Americans homeless. The one time clarion voice of and by the people has been strangled and burned. Set in the world of the Occupy Movement, the piece explores the collective journey we the people and we the displaced experience as we each brutally struggle in our current context  to live a  peaceful life.

About the Company: Planet Connections Theatre Festivity
The Planet Connections Festivity Inc. is New York’s premiere eco-friendly/socially conscious not-for-profit arts festival. Fostering a diverse cross-section of performances, the festivity seeks to inspire artists and audiences both creatively and fundamentally, in a festive atmosphere forming a community of like-minded artists. At the heart of the festivity are individuals striving to create professional, meaningful theatre, film, music and art, while supporting organizations, which give back to the community at large.
Ye Elizabeths  | Open: 06/02/12 Close: 06/19/12
Easter Punny Productions is pleased to present Ye Elizabeths, a new comedy with music by Alicia Barnatchez and Erin Leigh Schmoyer, directed by Leah Bonvissuto (winner - Outstanding Direction, 2009 Planet Connections Festivity), as part of the 4th Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at The Theatres at 45 Bleecker in New York City.

The production stars Alicia Barnatchez and Erin Leigh Schmoyer as Elizabeth and Elizabeth, two historical re-enactors, on a low-rent version of Massachusetts’s famed Plimoth Plantation.  When their living history museum goes the way of the buffalo, they must learn how to marry their Pilgrim lives to modern times.  Their answer? Reality TV, of course.  So, update your smallpox vaccine and hop aboard this multi-media Mayflower for a voyage of original songs, videos and kooky antics. Prepare to get colonized…again!

The production features Musical Arrangements by Evan & Sarah Gregory and Videography by Jeremy Mather.  Lighting Design is by Jessie Vacchiano; Stage Management is by Chris Petrinovic, with live accompaniment by Evan Gregory

Baby Plays The Banjo  | Open: 05/30/12 Close: 06/18/12
Marie is in love with the pop star Justin Bieber.  Her mother is too large to get off the sofa, and her Dad spends most of his time with his best friend Rob both racing bicyclists who are always in uniform.  Too busy IMing Justin to become the famous dancer her mom wants her to be, Marie confesses to her mom that Justin Bieber has impregnated her.  Mom attempts to confront Justin by watching and responding to an interview with him on YouTube, while Marie is spontaneously able to play the banjo. Baby Plays the Banjo explores our love of the mainstream media and how it comforts us.

From the Playwright

I recently heard Adam Curtis lecture and he said something that really moved me and summed up what I’m going for thematically with Banjo, “because all we think about is ourselves we are imprisoned by our own feelings.” So, to be more specific, I hope the audience is influenced by the show’s depiction of our dependence on the American media and also on celebrities to provide an emotional and social construct for our collective behavior and the consequences of finding comfort there.

Colin Quinn Long Story Short  | Open: 06/19/10 Close: 09/04/10
Comically channeling the demise of every great world empire, Colin Quinn takes the audience through an uproarious history of the world in 75 minutes.  From his personification of Caesar as the original Italian mobster to his depiction of the pizza-ordering styles of imperialists and colonialists, Quinn is at his satirical best, taking on the attitudes, appetites and habits that toppled the world’s most powerful nations.  Colin Quinn Long Story Short proves that throughout human history, the joke has always been on us.

Cake  | Open: 06/05/10 Close: 06/27/10
It’s 1999 and pundit Dana Dunnigan is on every leftist’s most-hated list. But she never expected to be taken down by a poisoned shoulder pad and a crossbow-wielding queer. And to add insult to massive injury, she’s kidnapped. Are her captors deluded revolutionaries or market-manipulating geniuses? Either way, Dana’s in for a showdown with her politics — and her past.

Isabelle And The Pretty-ugly Spell  | Open: 05/09/10 Close: 05/30/10
ISABELLE AND THE PRETTY-UGLY SPELL is the tale of Isabelle, a lovable, but scatterbrained fairy godmother who goofs while casting a spell to help the Princess find true love and now has only three days to make things right. Izzy’s clock-ticking, cliff-hanging, nail-biting journey leads the audience through hilarious high jinx to heart-warming moments. Hummable songs, quirky characters, and an endearing story will delight “children of all ages” and make this musical ideal family entertainment.

The New York Times raved: “A nearly perfect pastry of a show…"


Little Is Big & Sing Out For Peace  | Open: 04/11/10 Close: 05/09/10
In LITTLE IS BIG & SING OUT FOR PEACE, book, music, lyrics as well as original songs in "Sing" written by SANDRA ROBBINS and puppet show concept originally co-created with HAZEL FROUD, the vitality of diversity comes to life in this inspiring show. In an enchanted landscape deep beneath the sea, the little fish Spinny and his friends face up to a big bully of a fish and find courage, tolerance and the true meaning of friendship. At the conclusion they - and the children - learn to envision a more peaceful world. Following the puppet show, the audience joins in a stirring "Sing." There are wonderful original songs like "Many Colors" and "Same Inside" as well as international songs that speak to the hearts and minds of the audience about how, when we work together "Hand in Hand,! " we can create a peaceful world. 

The production is 55 minutes and is appropriate for children through 2nd grade.