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Address: 236 West 78th Street
New York, NY   

Location: Between Broadway and Amsterdam

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Mario the Magician  | Open: 02/15/14 Close: 02/15/14
at The Drilling CompaNY

Saturday, February 15, 2014
12:30PM show time (doors 12:20PM)

at The Drilling CompaNY
236 West 78th Street, 3rd floor
(between Broadway + Amsterdam)
New York NY

Join Mario the Magician for an uplifting, inventive, and highly interactive magical performance for the young and young-at-heart! Part retro, part rock and roll, Mario is an artist and inventor who creates his own props. Mario's old world looks and physical comedy style are reminiscent of his heroes, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, but he puts a thoroughly modern spin on everything he does.

recommended for ages 3-10 (+ their families!)
length of performance: approx. 50 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: The theatre is a third floor walk-up, so while there is some (very limited) storage for strollers, we recommend only bringing what you can comfortably carry up two flights of stairs!

For more information about Mario the Magician, please visit

(photos by Dennis Kleiman)


The Pavilion  | Open: 08/08/13 Close: 08/18/13
“Time heals all wounds” is being put to the test. Leaving Kari was Peter’s biggest mistake, and 20 years later, he is finally ready to win her back. A Minnesota high school reunion provides the charmed backdrop for Craig Wright’s story of first loves, lost loves, and the past we can’t erase. Sanguine Theatre Company celebrates its 4th season with this poignant, funny play -- the perfect show for a summer evening.

About the Company: Sanguine Theatre Company

 Sanguine Theatre Company is a theatre company committed to the production of uncompromising works that allow a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Sanguine will inspire our community to confront isolation and explore the shared human experience. Our mission is to advance the art of American theatre through the spirit of collaboration, making art accessible to everyone. We believe that the continuation of theatre depends on our ability to enable a greater connection of the world to each other. We pledge to make theatre more accessible, help build relationships, demonstrate our integrity through our work, and provide high quality theatre.

Provincetown 2012  | Open: 03/27/12 Close: 04/03/12
PROVINCETOWN 2012, four one-act plays by the prolific writing team of Eugene O’Neill, Louise Bryant, Floyd Dell and Pendelton King, all writers of one-acts originally produced by the historic PROVINCETOWN PLAYERS performs on Tuesdays, March 27 and April 3 under the auspices of New York’s Group Theatre Too (GTT). PROVINCETOWN 2012 is under the Artistic Direction of Michael Blevins who has adapted, edited and restored this near-century old collection of critically-historic plays hoping to make them more 2012-friendly and accessible to a new, youthful American generation of theater goers.

PROVINCETOWN 2012 is comprised of four one-act plays from the premier New York productions of the Provincetown Players, an early 20th Century theatre group of American writers and artists that changed the course of American drama and launched the careers of Eugene O’Neill and Susan Glaspell while helping to expand the Little Theatre movement across the nation. The eclectic group of plays features a small ensemble of Group Theatre Too actors under the direction of four different GTT directors.

Victor Avila directs THE GAME, in which Marxist poet and playwright, Louise Bryant presents Life (Cristina Marie*) and Death (Steven Bidwell) as characters who roll the dice for control over the souls and fates of two young people, a poet/musician (Alex Maxwell) and dancer (Dylan Paige).

Jeff Brelvi directs KING ARTHUR’S SOCKS, in which Socialist poet and playwright, Floyd Dell, uncovers a couple of lovers (Justin Boccitto & Christine De Frece) who wrestle with their sexual urges because they are both married to other people in this comedy that also features, Crystal Chapman* and Brittany Jeffrey.

Stephanie Sine directs BEFORE BREAKFAST in which, Eugene O’Neill, the only American playwright ever to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature and four Pulitzer Prizes for drama, depicts the last stages of a domestic struggle in a unique way by presenting only one onstage character and one offstage that never appears or speaks except for a quick appearance of his arm. Once everything is said and done in this dramalogue the wife (Lexie Spiers) subsides into silence and a moment later we realize that the desperate husband (Michael Hoyt) in the bedroom has slit his throat.

Justin Boccitto directs COCAINE in which, poet, Oxford graduate, and recipient of the French Governments’ bravery award the Croix de Guerre, Pendelton King, presents an ironic-tragedy of a washed-up prizefighter (Nicky Romaniello*) and prostitute (Jennifer Avila) who survive in the dreariest of back rooms in New York City.

Also, included in the full-evening’s presentation is a two-minute “bonus” or “easter egg” play that occurs as the audience is leaving the theater!

The creative team for PROVINCETOWN 2012 will feature sparse scenic designs and lighting by Vivien Hacketts, and Allison Schneider, serves as Production Stage Manager. PROVINCETOWN 2012 is produced by Justin Boccitto, Executive Producer of The Group Theatre Too and performs at the Drilling Company Theatre, 236 West 78th St, NYC.   Tickets are  $18  and  can be  purchased at  the door or beforehand online at:

 *Appearing courtesy of AEA ~ An AEA Code Production

About the Company: The Group Theatre Too, LLC

The Group Theatre Too was founded in 2003 by Artistic Director, Michael Blevins and Executive Producer, Justin Boccitto. Some of GTT's past productions have included: the New York revival of Seesaw, Count To Ten, an official selection of the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival and winner of the 2008 National Youth Theatre Award for Best New Musical, Stephen Belber's Tape, Jack Heifner's Vanities, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Love Letters, The Boyfriend, The Subject Was Roses, David Rimmer’s Album and the annual Choreographer’s Canvas. GTT also produced MAC Award Winner, Alisa Schiff, in Mama Said...The Songs of Cass Elliott.

Generation Tap, GTT’s tap company, has appeared at Tap City, Tap Extravaganza, The United Nations, Circle in the Square and was featured in Dancer Magazine. Seen by over 5,000 school students, GTT’s social awareness play, Aftermath is now available for performance through Heuer Publishing. GTT also runs after-school arts programming at P.S. 75 Elementary School and retains a fiscal sponsorship through The Field, a 501 (c)(3) organization in Manhattan. GTT's Artistic Advisory Board includes Mercedes Ellington, Nicole Fosse, Mallory Graham, Maurice Hines, John Kander, Bernard Kaplan, Theodore Mann, Bettye Morrow, David Rimmer, Chita Rivera and Sue Samuels. The company is represented by entertainment lawyer, Donald Farber.

The Group Theatre Too hopes to encourage diversity and the exploration of the human experience through theatre-dance-music performances and arts education programs that will require youths and adults to be active participants and advocates for others; aware of their surroundings and their ability to mediate and effect change. Through the celebration of artists and the art of entertainment, GTT hopes to communicate the fact that as many ways as we humans are different we share common bonds and can connect with everyone on some level bringing new understanding and compassion to our lives.

Dog Park,a Comedy For Dog Lovers  | Open: 01/25/12 Close: 02/12/12
Do you love dogs? Love comedy? Theater? Are you an advocate for green space? Then Dog Park is just for you!

Dog Park takes place in an Upper West Side dog park that is being closed due to an evil real estate tycoon’s commercialization project.  This colorful array of dog owners that span from an out-of-work opera singing, Maltese owner to a gay Frenchie owning couple,  They all not only fight back to ensure their dogs have a place to run and play but also are advocates for green space. This play spoofs iconic figures and is filled with madcap physical comedy. It also demonstrates useful tactics that communities use to fight for their cause: petitions, “poop” protests, dog kidnappings and as well as an all night stakeout along the vein of “Occupy Dog Park”.

Honor & Fidelity: The Ballad Of A Borinqueneer  | Open: 01/07/12 Close: 01/21/12
Honor & Fidelity is a multi-character solo show with music about a woman’s journey to find her cultural identity and “heal her broken heart” by unraveling the history of her family’s past. This Puerto Rican tale is filled with humor and pathos, all set at the San Juan boarding gate in JFK and mixed with both live music played on classical guitar and recorded original boleros by Perez’ grandfather, Gelin Colon featuring Cuatrista Nieves Quintero.

The Frog Singer  | Open: 05/15/10 Close: 06/06/10
"The Frog Singer," conceived and written by Laura Strausfeld, is probably the first theatrical puppetry work with self-illuminating puppets made from electroluminescent wire.  It is the story of a frog who is a champion jumper but aspires to be a singer instead.  The production has a cast of three actor/puppeteers and live drawing projections.  It is intended for children of all ages.

The puppets are constructed from electroluminescent (EL) wire and attached to battery packs. To Strausfeld's knowledge, these are the first puppets of this kind. Designers have previously used EL wire in theatrical shows, but not to make wholly constructed self-illuminating puppet characters. The Frog Singer's sets are projected drawings that are created real-time throughout the show. The aesthetic is deceptively do-it-yourself, raw and child-like, using simple drawing shapes but executed by a lot of ultra cool and new technology. Throughout the production, there is an underscore of Tango/Latin music.

The script is adapted from a story that Strausfeld wrote for her son Otto when he was five.  She relates that she loved the magic of that moment in the theater when the lights go down.  She also loved glow-sticks.  So she imagined, what if the lights never come up and the entire show is created from glow-sticks?  The concept started there.  She recruited Eric Nightengale to direct.  Carin Berger (, an extraordinary illustrator and children's book author (who teaches theater at Hunter and is also a performer) drew the characters.  She became the narrator.

In the play, there's nothing more important to a young frog's parents than how high their frog child jumps. After all, the higher frogs can jump, the more successful they are in life. Lester is a phenomenal jumper and a great success, but he's had a dream since he was a child of doing something radically different. What should Lester do? Keep jumping...or that other thing he truly loves?  The play is a lighthearted but profound allegory of how one must deal with parental and societal pressures while remaining true to one's own soul.

The show is intended for "children of all ages," but Strausfeld advises that the perfect age is probably five to eleven because the play's themes are intended for older children.  But it is visually mesmerizing and will entertain a three-year-old.

The actor/puppeteers are John Heath, Joann Sacco and Claudia Orenstein.  Puppet Design  and live-drawing projections are by Laura Strausfeld.  Character illustration is by Carin Berger.  Projection Design is by Laura Strausfeld. Sound Design is by  Eric Nightengale.  Puppet Advisor is Claudia Orenstein.

A biting collage of couples and quips adapted from selected Dorothy Parker poems and short stories, Against Her Better Judgment lays bare a shameless self-portrait of the modern woman in love.

Parker’s celebrated acid wit and melancholy bring to the stage a series of sharp-tongued heroines—and the devastating men they call their own—who both create and confront their neuroses, navigating the tricky territories of romance with vicious humor, regret and more than the occasional cocktail.

Effects Of Suburbia On An Otherwise Normal Brain  | Open: 12/08/09 Close: 12/13/09
NativeAliens Theatre Collective, one of New York City’s most cleverly provocative off-off-Broadway theatre groups, is thrilled to announce the first play of the their 14th season, Effects of Suburbia on an Otherwise Normal Brain by Tyler Fereira.

Directed by Jodi Smith, who has previously directed The Girl Most Likely To… and Merry Wives of Windsor (set in a women’s correctional Facility), Effects of Suburbia on an Otherwise Normal Brain explores the traps of suburban life: where one not only struggles to summon the courage to express their emotions, but must also develop a vernacular to do so; where external obligations clash with free will; where the obligatory mask of superficial perfection creates isolation and threatens empathy. The comical, albeit honest exploration of suburban life also includes a musical group of Up With People style singers.

Playwright Tyler Fereira, holding an MFA in playwriting from Actors Studio Drama School, has had much success on the New York Stage. In addition to his numerous produced plays, he has also won the Award for Best Play at New School and was a finalist, for his screenplay The Rebound Guy on HBO’s Project Greenlight.

The cast for this show is as follows: Tom Bateman, Erica Courtney, Robert A.K. Gonyo, Robert Gonzales, Jr., Alison Kendrick, Sarah Kraynik, Sara Packin, Vickie Plummer, Eric Rhem, Robb Russ, Cynthia Russell, Lisa McLogan Shaheen, Scott Smith, and Stewart Urist.

Effects of Suburbia on an Otherwise Normal Brain will run December 8th-13th with 8pm shows through December 12th, plus a #:30pm matinee on December the 13th. The play will be held at The Drilling Company Theater. The address is: 236 West 78th Street, 3rd floor, New York City.

Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 if bought ahead of time, available through the NativeAliens website at or .