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Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 08/06/09 02:36:50 AM
Address: 1043 Fail st
Bronx, ny    10459

Phone: 718-381-6136

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Short Ice  | Open: 08/22/09 Close: 08/22/09
 Domestic violance takes center stage and Women on Rikers Island. CarMen Rivera played by Ana Reynoso is Short Ice, She killed an abusive boy friend who abused her and daughter, the out come of this play will make you stand up and cheer for this woman. Free to the public, presented by Bronx Council of the Arts and 52 Park Inc. on August 22 at 6: 30 pm  take 2/5 to Jackson Avenue in the Bronx, walk 152 to the park on St John Street