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Address: 312 W. 36th Street
New York, NY   

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The Actual Dance  | Open: 11/07/16 Close: 11/13/16
The Actual Dance is a graceful and inspiring love story. It is theater that opens a rare window into the mind and soul of a husband and caregiver. Audiences are transfixed as the actor weaves in and out of a mystical ballroom getting ready to do what he could not imagine.

When first noticing his wife at the age of sixteen, Sam could not predict the profound connection they would share—they are two halves of the same whole. In their 33rd year of marriage, that love was tested…and the ringing in Sam’s ear was not as one would expect, in fact it was an orchestra, playing the music of his life--The Actual Dance.

Performed by Chuk Obasi 
Part of the Midtown International Fall Theatre Festival

Black Ice  | Open: 07/21/13 Close: 08/04/13
Ivy Theatre Company and The Midtown International Theatre Festival present:
BLACK ICE by Lezlie Revelle
directed by Audrey Alford
with Katie Braden, Lauren Dortch Crozier, Mara Lileas, Gwenevere Sisco & Lindsey Zelli
Friendships hit the ice when a coming out sends Harmony skidding out of control.
at WorkShop Theater Jewel Box, 312 West 36th St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018  (cross street 8th Ave.)
Sunday, July 21, 1:00 PM
Wednesday, July 24, 8:00 PM
Wednesday, July 31, 8:45 PM
Saturday, August 3, 2:00 PM
Sunday, August 4, 8:30 PM
for more information and tickets ($18) go to:      
Witnessed By The World  | Open: 10/15/12 Close: 10/15/12

Media Advisory

Contact Jay Michaels

646-338-5472 /


Stage and screen writers, Ronnie Cohen and Jane Beale, unveil their latest work.

Witnessed by the World

This play will have a first reading for an invited audience on


Monday, October 15, 2012

6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Jewel Box @ The Workshop Theatre
312 W. 36th Street
New York City  

Synopsis: In 1963, a hand was dealt the world involving two “Jacks.” Now, 50 years later, a relentless reporter finds that deck still stacked against her. Reporter Joan Ross is haunted by that 1963 moment in Dallas that rocked the world and changed her life. A 50-year journey connects her with two young filmmakers working on a project about Jack Ruby – the executioner’s executioner. Will this collaboration shed light on arguably the greatest conspiracy of all time or plunge the world into deeper darkness.

Prolific writers and lovers of a good conspiracy, Ronnie Cohen and Jane Beale, have gathered a group of stage and screen professionals to read their latest work at an intimate gathering of  industry professionals on Monday, October 15, 2012. Cohen and Beale are recognized for works that shine a light on corruption around us. They wrote the screenplay for the award winning film, Dog’s Lie, about what dreams may come when secrets are revealed at a sleep clinic; and the play, Correction, about a woman messing with our heads by masquerading as Park Avenue Psychiatrist. 

This latest work sprinkles a heavy dose of fact within their usual witty banter and hairpin plot twists.

Cast includes: Ian Bell, Fiona Choi, Paula Ewin, Leo Farley, Todd Gearhart, Todd Licea, Arnie Mazer, Rebecca Smith, and Ryann Weir

Presentation directed by Renee Rodriguez; assisted by Raisa Kelly

Contact Jay Michaels at WrightGroupNY Communications for further info or to request an invitation.

646-338-5472 /

The Chekhov Dreams  | Open: 10/11/12 Close: 10/11/12
What do a melancholic writer, his deceased fiancee, his party animal brother, a young acting student, and Anton Chekhov have in common? You'd be surprised. In this new romance by John McKinney, true love never dies. And that's the problem.

About the Company: Workshop Theater Company

Now in its 13th season, the WorkShop Theater Company specializes in the development of new plays. The company also nurtures the talents of actors, playwrights and directors with the presentation of readings and workshops as well as fully staged plays, and musicals. The company’s two-theater complex on 36th Street includes the 65-seat main stage theater and the 35-seat Jewel Box theater. The award-winning film, FINDING NEVERLAND, began as the stage play “THE MAN WHO WAS PETER PAN” by ALLAN KNEE presented by the WorkShop Theater Company in 1998. The WorkShop has also presented premiere productions of the plays “Angel Wings” by Murray Schisgal (who is best known for “Luv” and the screenplay of Tootsie) and “1348” by Tom Dulack (author of the Off-Broadway hit “Breaking Legs”). For more information on the WorkShop Theater Company and their 2007 season lineup, please visit

Mind The Gap Theatre Company and fandango 4 productions present a multi-course evening of short plays by Award-Winning Playwright Daniel Damiano;  from from a man’s quest to find the cause of his ridiculously short attention span, to a stoic motivational speaker’s moment of vulnerability, to two men’s desperate need to deflect their loneliness, to a woman’s reaction to her long-time boyfriend’s profound question, to a most unusual tea gathering between two English women, to a senior couple’s trials in dealing with their newly diagnosed illnesses and, finally, to a couple’s culinary quest that ultimately becomes a reflection of their marriage.  

Starring Judy Alvarez, Sue Glausen, Emma Gordon, Richard Kent Green*, Kate Greer*, Justin Herfel*, Michael Janove*, DH Johnson*, Simon Pearl*, George Stavropoulos, Stuart Williams & Anna Emily Wood.

Mitf Short Subjects Script Submissions  | Open: 04/30/10 Close: 05/19/10
The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) seeks script submissions for SHORT SUBJECTS, a series of plays that run 45 - 55 minutes.  The deadline for submissions is May 19, 2010. 


Productions submitted to SHORT SUBJECTSwill receive three performance slots, presented at The WorkShop Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36thStreet, 4thfloor, NYC.  Performance dates are from July 12 – August 1, 2010.   


The Festival accepts submissions in all genres – any sort of stage play, musical or otherwise, new or classic, mainstream or specifically focused on an ethnic or cultural niche.  SHORT SUBJECTS allows for a production in an intimate venue, with lower participation fees and ticket prices than other plays in the MITF.   


“Short Subjects offers entry for almost nothing to people who otherwise might not be able to show off their work,” said John Chatterton, executive producer of the MITF.  The application fee is $25, with a participation fee of $75.  Tickets for SHORT SUBJECTS will cost $15.


Application forms for the SHORT SUBJECTS, Eleventh Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival, are available online at  Completed applications, scripts, and production materials must be submitted by email to  In addition to sending submissions by email, applicants mustmaila non-refundable fee of $25 to: Short Subjects, The Midtown International Theatre Festival, 1 Penn Plaza #6228, New York, NY  10119 or online through PayPal (to  You may also submit a program of related short plays totaling 45 – 55 minutes.  The deadline for submissions to SHORT SUBJECTS is May 19, 2010. 


The MITF plans to expand to The Beckett Theatre, Theatre Row, 410 W. 42nd Street, NYC, in addition to current theatres on 36th Street, for its eleventh season, to run from July 12 – August 1, 2010.  The 2010 Festival will also take place at the June Havoc Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor; the Main Stage Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor; and the Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor. 


Further information about MITF can be found in the “Festival Manual” at

Family Symmetry  | Open: 07/13/09 Close: 08/01/09
A new and exciting work, Family Symmetry is not a play about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a play about trust and empathy, and what occurs when these things are missing in a young relationship. Allen, a man clinically diagnosed with OCD, is shocked to learn that his wife had been hiding her pregnancy from him for months. With an already spotted past, the marriage of Suzanne and Allen is exposed, with all the deceit and suspicion it had been layered with for three years. Absorbing everyone around them into their misfortune, the couple self-destructs from its own inability to adjust.

Seal Songs  | Open: 07/13/09 Close: 07/31/09

A semi-finalist in the 33rd Annual Samuel French Short Play (2008) Festival, Jennifer Fell Hayes’s Seal Song was so well received by audiences that she created a equally charming companion play in collaboration with cast and director. Both plays, now under the heading Seal Songs explore the themes of transformation and the sea. In the first play, Deep Water a sheltered English spinster mourning the recent loss of her mother finds the promise of new love with a local handyman who has also suffered profound loss. In the second play, Overboard which takes place 30 years later, an abandoned husband now living in the house by the English seaside that once belonged to the spinster, learns to put his life back together when he rescues a mysterious woman from (what he believes to be) a shipwreck. Top flight Equity actors, Katie Atcheson and Richard Kent Green are featured in the production.

Dawn  | Open: 07/18/09 Close: 07/22/09
The Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City and Seashell Productions presents: DAWN the Play. A wealthy woman is dead -- Four delinquents, responsible for the tragedy, isolate themselves in a remote basement to determine who will take the fall. The means, a card game. The outcome, death. In this riveting drama, fraught with lies, deception and secrets, all will come crashing down in a shocking conclusion… at DAWN The play is written by Ralph Diaz, directed by Shelley Titus, casting by Shawn LaShay, and publicized by Ashley Blount. It will feature Tationna Bosier, Emily Brownell, Adam Harper, Karen Page, John Ramey and Max Rhyser. Also introducing additional cast members Patrick Marc and Emmanuel Kalaitjakis.