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Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 312 W. 36th Street
New York, NY    10018

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Jamie McCluskey is turning 12 and you're invited to celebrate THE BIG DAY! There will be games, goodie bags, live music, a birthday cake and plenty of mayhem. Jamie may be just a "stupid kid," but it's the adults who are out of control in this improvised and interactive birthday party. You'll get to join in the fun while witnessing the over-the-top antics of Jamie's family. 

Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble (IRTE) Presents: 

Happy Birthday, Stupid Kid!

SATURDAY, July 29, 2017, 10:00-11:00pm
Waterfire Arts Center, L Studio
475 Valley St., Providence, RI 02908
Tickets: $10 (available at the door)

Starring: William Berg, Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Mike Hauschild, Jamie Maloney, Connie Perry and Sam Katz
Featuring live music performed by David Alves

SATURDAY, August 5, 2017 @ 9:30-10:15pm
The Workshop Theater, Jewel Box Theater
312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Tickets: $20

Starring: Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Mike Hauschild, Jamie Maloney, Connie Perry and Sam Katz
Featuring live music performed by John Munnelly
Technical Director: Anne Carlton

"The newest production from IRTE rehashes all of the awkward, hilarious, unforgettable shenanigans that occur whenever families get together to celebrate... an unforgettably entertaining evening." Catherine Santino, Spoiled NYC, Laugh-Your-A$$-Off-Funny: Check Out These 2 Can’t-Miss Comedy Shows in NYC

"...a Sense-ational Experience will have a phenomenal time." Amy Carothers, NYC Travels.

"...the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble has become one of the leading improv troupes in merry old Manhattan and a welcome and uproarious asset to festivals and other engagements across the country. ...wildly unique and wildly funny shows." Natasha Dawsen, Drama Queens

"... a very exciting–and very different–kind of improv show... Hats off to The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble as well as the wonderful cast for creating something I loved. " 
Conor D. Mullen, Outerstage

Winner: "Artists Whose Work Made Me Laugh The Most" 
Award at the 2017 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

Winner: 2014 SHITFA (Supreme Honorary Improvised Theater & Film Award) from Unscripted New York Improvised 
Theatre and Film Festival


Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment, 646-338-5472 or

About the Company: IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble

IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, an ensemble of theatrical actors and writers who will develop, produce, and perform a season of original themed improvisational shows and video sketches following the basic model of traditional repertory theatre. 

A look inside the strange and wonderful life of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.  World-renowned acting guru, author (Truth), and producer (“A Raisin in the Sun”), Susan Batson directs rising star Franziska Huber in this unique biographical drama.

Leading a life that most of us could only dream of, the charismatic but troubled Duchess of York is lonely. Chocolates and late night phone calls are her only companions at heart. More like a post-modern fable than the stuff of tabloids, The Royal Weight Watcher is an anti fairy tale about how the need for approval can weigh one down and make body image a compulsive obsession.

“While developing my show I immediately fell in love with Sarah’s character,” stated Franziska Huber. “I learned about her complicated family issues, eating disorder and financial problems, and Sarah Ferguson became my passion and my inspiration; a candid, hard working and resistant leader who speaks from her heart and through personal experience rather than lecturing...”

Moon Orphans: Orphans On The Moon By Mitch Edmund  | Open: 07/13/11 Close: 07/18/11

In Moon Orphans, a wannabe writer from Kansas (Mitch Edmund) presents his sci-fi masterpiece: a 30 minute TV show about three teenage orphans living on the moon, in this comedy inspired by the 70’s TV show Land of the Lost. 

About the Company: Silly Jazz Company

We produce silly and fun musicals and plays.

The Midtown International Theatre Festival (MITF) announces selected plays for SHORT SUBJECTS, a division for plays that run under 60 minutes.  23 plays were selected.


The Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th Street, 4th floor, NYC

A Sweet Word of Advice, by Sophia Romma, directed by Leslie Lee
Thursday, July 22 at 9pm; Saturday, July 24 at 4pm; Sunday, July 25 at 2:30pm
She'll reel you in, she'll get under you skin, and she'll never relinquish the bet, that's that!

All Folked Up, written and directed by Joshua R. Pangborn
Tuesday, July 13 at 7:30pm; Saturday, July 17 at 1pm; Sunday, July 18 at 7pm
The classic tales as they weren't meant to be told...

An Ode to the Washermen, by Andre Richardson Hogan II, directed by Charles Weldon
Wednesday, July 21 at 9pm; Saturday, July 24 at 5:30pm; Sunday, July 25 at 4pm
Two men are hired, rather forcibly, as janitors, and are trying their best to drift from these responsibilities.

Blow by Blow, by Jean Bergantini Grillo, directed by Jen Forcino
Wednesday, July 21 at 6pm; Saturday, July 24 at 7pm; Sunday, July 25 at 1pm
Blow by Blow is based on the life and wit of Isabella Blow, style icon and confirmed bitch who captivated the international fashion world before her suicide in London at 48 in 2007.

The Burning, by Lori Fischer, directed by Carlos Armesto
Friday, July 16 at 7:30pm; Saturday, July 17 at 5:30pm; Sunday, July 18 at 5:30pm
Two sisters test the meaning of "family" as they guard their house against a neighborhood arsonist.

Fete, by Raquel Cion, directed by Cynthia Cahill
Wednesday, July 28 at 6pm; Friday, July 30 at 6pm; Saturday, July 31 at 1:30pm
Instructing us on how to throw a flawless party our hostess, Minday, rummages through stories of childhood and how frightening living among other people can be.

Hey Mary!, by Bella Poynton
Monday, July 26 at 6pm; Saturday, July 31 at 3pm; Sunday, August 1 at 5:30pm
What really happened in Mary's room that night?

Hot Mama Mahatma, by Karen Fitzgerald, directed by Matt Hoverman
Tuesday, July 20 at 6pm; Saturday, July 24 at 2:30pm; Sunday, July 25 at 7pm
I went to India to get Enlightened, but got Turned On Instead!

How I Became an Astronaut, by Fara Greenbaum, directed by Matt Hoverman
Wednesday, July 14 at 6pm; Thursday, July 15 at 9pm; Sunday, July 18 at 1pm
It ain't easy becoming the world's premiere metaphorical astronaut.

How Many Goodbyes Must I Say?, by Raymond Jones
Thursday, July 15 at 6pm; Friday, July 16 at 9pm; Saturday, July 17 at 2:30pm
A story of love and hope in which two people struggle to recapture the common ground they once shared.

The Hyenas Got It Down, by Daniel Damiano, directed by Aaron Gonzalez
Wednesday, July 21 at 7:30pm; Friday, July 23 at 6pm; Sunday, July 25 at 5:30pm
A solo depiction of 4 disparate (and desperate) individuals who outrageously convey their triumphs and breakdowns in a jungle of a world.

Inside Voices at the Girl Aquarium, written and directed by Gina Inzunza
Wednesday, July 14 at 7:30pm; Saturday, July 17 at 8:30pm; Sunday, July 18 at 4pm
Hear what teen magazines don't want you to know - the real voices of teenage girls.

Julia & Buddy, written and directed by N.G. McClernan
Tuesday, July 13 at 6pm; Saturday, July 17 at 7pm; Sunday, July 18 at 2:30pm
Can a frustrated maintenance man and a stressed-out philosophy professor find common ground - and mutual desire?

Love Stinks, by Kate Rader, directed by Harry Shiffman
Monday, July 26 at 7:30pm; Thursday, July 29 at 7:30pm; Sunday, August 1 at 4pm
When love can drive you mad, literally.

Magdelena's Crossing, by Carolyn Nur Wistrand, directed by Elena Araoz
Wednesday, July 28 at 7:30pm; Thursday, July 29 at 6pm; Saturday, July 31 at 9pm
The guarded secret of a Mexican prostitute leads to murder in a seedy American lounge on the Southwest border.

Once Upon a Mama, by Monifa Brown and Annie Guetti, directed by Dean Nolen
Monday, July 19 at 7:30pm; Thursday, July 22 at 7:30pm; Saturday, July 24 at 8:30pm
Two comic and heartfelt shows:  First, an alcoholic mother must choose between her two greatest loves.  Then four young women pee on a stick and pray.

The Reunion Plays, by J. Boyett
Monday, July 19 at 6pm; Tuesday, July 20 at 7:30pm; Friday, July 23 at 9pm
The one thing that stays the same about people: they're always different from what you remembered...

Searching for Soula, by Marisa Petsakos, directed by Drew DeCorleto
Thursday, July 22 at 6pm; Friday, July 23 at 7:30pm; Saturday, July 24 at 1pm
Two Astoria, Queens, childhood friends learn love ain't easy but friendship trumps it all.

StoneWall, by Jase Egan, directed by Brett Miro
Tuesday, July 27 at 7:30pm; Wednesday, July 28 at 9pm; Saturday, July 31 at 6pm
What happens when an unstoppable force runs into an unmovable object?

That Color Blind Kind of Love, by Rebekah L. Pie, directed by Gene Hughes
Thursday, July 29 at 9pm; Saturday, July 31 at 7:30pm; Sunday, August 1 at 2:30pm
When Love transcends Time and Race, things are bound to get explosive!

Til Death Do Us Part?, by Daniel Jean, directed by Fulton C. Hodges
Friday, July 30 at 9pm; Saturday, July 31 at 4:30pm; Sunday, August 1 at 7pm
Til Death Do Us Part? is a two-character play that chronicles the tumultuous post-wedding relationship of a young African-American couple.

Visionaries, by Vivian Vertes, directed by Dina Epshteyn
Tuesday, July 27 at 6pm; Friday, July 30 at 7:30pm; Sunday, August 1 at 1pm
An elementary teacher gets an education in the NYC public schools!

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Blow By Blow  | Open: 07/21/10 Close: 07/25/10

BLOW by BLOW, a new play based on the spirited life and tragic death of British style icon Isabella Blow, premieres at the 11th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival.

Born into an aristocratic family, Isabella Blow reinvented herself into a demanding muse, artistic force -- and confirmed bitch. As editor of British Vogue, she discovered Treacy, Alexander McQueen and other designers, became renowned for her wild attire and unique hats, but couldn’t conquer the demons overtaking her soul. She took her own life at age 48 in 2007, three years before McQueen met a similar fate. 

BLOW by BLOW not only showcases Blow’s dashing wardrobe, but also brings out the wit, humor and humanity of this woman who was ultimately destroyed by her desperate need to feel beautiful.

All Folked Up  | Open: 07/13/10 Close: 07/18/10
The 11th Annual Midtown Theatre Festival Presents, as part of its annual Short Subjects Division, All Folked Up.


Before Cinderella can meet and marry her prince, she has to learn important life lessons all little girls should from Hansel & Gretel, Little Red, and the Frog King. However, fairy tale lessons really aren't all that progressive…

About the Company: Sidekick Productions

A company focused on producing new works while making use of size-blind casting whenever possible. 

A Little Potato And Hard To Peel  | Open: 09/17/09 Close: 10/11/09
In "A LITTLE POTATO AND HARD TO PEEL," actor/writer David Harrell explores what it’s like to grow up with only one hand. Using baseball, Shakespeare, and even some spiritual guidance from Mr. T., Harrell takes his audience on a quest to answer the question of whether a person is more than just the sum of their parts, and traces his own somewhat bumpy journey to acceptance. Starting from birth (when Harrell's father deals with the news of his son’s disability by insisting that he can still play baseball) to adolescence (and some hilariously disastrous experimentation with prosthetic hands) to adulthood (where various acting teachers keep insisting that he perform pieces from "Richard III"), Harrell’s lifetime quest to feel "normal" will appeal to anyone who's ever felt like they were missing a piece of themselves.

Harrell stated that the original concept for "A Little Potato and Hard To Peel" came from Phoenix Theatre Circle’s Artistic Director Steven Anderson. "I would tell these stories about me growing up and playing sports or trying to get a girlfriend. Steven would tell me that I should put these anecdotes together into a performance piece. His words inspired me to write 'The Quest,' an earlier version of the show. I’m excited to remount this work for New York audiences. I think they’ll find that the stories transcend someone just talking about their disability. This show is universal." said Harrell.

DAVID HARRELL is originally from Georgia and has worked as an actor throughout the Southeast for the last decade. He worked as an intern with The Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA and as a company member with The Phoenix Theatre Circle in Columbus, OH. He then spent four years in Atlanta, GA working with theatres such as The New American Shakespeare Company, Push Push Theatre, The Jewish Theatre of the South, The Aurora Theatre, Theatre Gael and The Georgia Shakespeare Festival. In 2002, David moved to Raleigh, NC to serve as the Accessibility and Outreach Director for the Raleigh Ensemble Players Theatre Company. David recently earned his MFA in Acting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Eve And Lilith  | Open: 07/15/09 Close: 08/02/09
When Adam's wife and mistress meet up, they discover more about each other--and their man--than they ever expected.

Modern man Adam has two great loves. Eve is the self-sacrificing wife; Lilith is the sultry and beguiling mistress. When the two women finally confront one another, they uncover surprising truths about themselves as women and as lovers. A quirky and unexpected riff on the ageless tale of biblical mythology, as the First Man's women meet under explosive circumstances.

Southern Man  | Open: 07/14/09 Close: 08/02/09
SOUTHERN MAN is a heartwarming tale full of laughter and tears that follows the adventures of World War II veteran, Jackson Elijah Taylor.
With homespun charm, Jackson regales us with humorous anecdotes as he describes his humble upbringing on a rustic North Carolina farm. One day while working the fields, Jackson gets an epiphany and realizes that farming is not for him. He puts his hoe down and hitchhikes forty three miles to the local army recruiting center to enlist. After being inducted into military life, Jackson meets his future wife Lilly at a memorable USO Dance. Before the ink is dry on their wedding certificate, Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japanese forces.
War is declared. Jackson and his battalion are immediately shipped off to England for training. They are then sent to the North African desert as part of Operation Torch. Facing Rommel’s elite Afrika Corps and insurmountable odds, Jackson and only twenty-nine other American soldiers manage to survive this horrific battle. They are captured and informed how fortunate they are to be POWs. On this particular day, Rommel needed prisoners for barter which was contrary to his usual custom of executing all enemy combatants.
Jackson endures a series of nightmarish journeys to and throughout Germany where he is imprisoned in various POW camps. Making friends with several engaging POWs, he learns how to survive the grueling conditions. Together they find diverse ways to fight the boredom and terror of captivity. For instance, they form a theatre company and a tumbling team. Despite Nazi oppression, they even manage to stage a talent night. One of their most unique diversions involves a mouse and a trial.
While in captivity, Jackson and the men in his barracks make daring forays to help save the starving Russians in the adjacent compound. Despite the inevitable loss of a beloved fellow soldier, Jackson perseveres.
His adventures after being liberated by the Russian army are no less astounding. He and two fellow American POWs literally bicycle to freedom through the devastated German countryside. After reuniting and recuperating with the American troops, Jackson takes an emotional train ride full of self-doubt, exploration and discovery back to North Carolina.
After a three year absence, Jackson poignantly reunites with his wife Lilly. His journey is a triumphant testament to the enduring human spirit.

How To Make An American Family  | Open: 08/02/09 Close: 08/02/09
Ever feel like you didn't belong—in your own family? How to Make an American Family follows one gay man as he grapples with that very question—while caring for his terminally ill mother, inheriting his developmentally disabled aunt, and finally forming a family of his own through adoption. How to Make an American Family is an outsider's story of finding family against all odds.

Jeff Seabaugh plays over 15 colorful characters—from the Deep South to Manhattan—as he weaves a tale both heartwarming and humorous about the making of another kind of American family.

Told through flashbacks and flashes forward, How to Make an American Family leads Seabaugh back to his childhood home in Arkansas to confront the ghosts of family past while caring for his dying mother. From her he inherits his developmentally disabled aunt, suddenly making him a de-facto parent to a woman 20 years his senior. That experience readies him for the challenge and adventure of adopting three children from the foster care system and finally forming a family of his own.

Love Humiliation & Karaoke  | Open: 07/30/09 Close: 08/01/09
"Don't Miss" - SF Chronicle "constant laughter" SF Bay Times "better sharper writing than Terrence McNally" - BeyondChron Enzo Lombard plays more than ten characters, many at the same time in 6 fast-paced episodes, each set in a different city.  Enzo really does not want to end up cut into little pieces and deposited on the side of the highway. Yet he’s risking just that by driving 600 miles to meet SanDiegoDavid, a complete stranger he met online. Enzo’s not looking for love, he’s just way behind on an assignment for his Berkeley psychic class. Even though “David” could very well be a serial murderer, to Enzo he’s still safe. Safe because David is a non-contender for dating, having three out of five of Enzo's rigid non-negotiables. To be safer still, Enzo’s meeting him at a Del Taco parking lot. But when he arrives at their meeting place, the guy’s car is left parked across the entryway making it impossible for anyone to get in or out. David’s psycho potential has just gone through the roof. Who does that? What has Enzo gotten himself into? This is humiliating, and even worse, TOTALLY UN-PSYCHIC.

Self Portrait  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 08/01/09
As presented as part of the MITF, Self Portrait is your standard biography, cut up and hurled into a tornado of creative processes. On his 33rd birthday, Tom Murphy's intention to kill himself after completing a self-portrait is interrupted by his ex-lover.  Forced to confront his demons, he must overcome a lifetime of failed relationships that threaten to define him.