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Greasemonkey  | Open: 02/13/13 Close: 02/24/13
Get your hands dirty.

Mara has just taken over her very-recently-deceased dad's position at a vintage car restoration shop in Berkeley, CA, run by his best friend of 30 years. She meets, and is pursued by, Patrick, a younger man who is a professor of anthropology at the local university. Hesitantly, she allows herself to fall in love with him. But life gets complicated when Mara runs into the love her life Daniel while visiting Boston.

A play inspired by the modern day love poetry of Alice Walker, Noel Coward and James Tipton.

Playwright: Miranda Jonte
Director: Stephen Brotebeck
Cast: Miranda Jonte (Malfi, Inc.,Milk Can theatre Company), A.J. Heekin (), Josh Bywater (The Aliens, Goodman Theatre), Cathy L. Simpson (), Morgan McCann (National Tour: Oklahoma!), Kerry Flanagan (Tammy Faye: A Musical), Leajato Amara Robinson (The Old Man and the Sea, Long Wharf Theater) and Elliott Mayer (Stuyvesant Town: This Is Your Story).
Scenic Designer: Andrew Mannion
Costume Designer: Abby Steere
Lighting Designer: Libby Jensen
Graphic Design: Rob Dario
Produced by Hey Jonte Productions, LLC

Doubles Crossed  | Open: 06/01/12 Close: 06/13/12
Dimwitted yet determined police detectives Ramsey and Flapjack have been hunting wisecracking hoodlum Freddie (aka Freddie the Finisher) and the notorious Dead Street mob with nothing to show for it.  Now, Freddie's identical twin brother, hometown hero and newly appointed FBI Chief Irving Tower, is coming to town.  With a retiring police chief and a crackerjack reporter breathing down their necks, the boys have only days to stop Dead Street's dastardly quest for the heist of the century and solve a femme fatale’s bizarre missing person case.  Gumshoes, guns and gams galore!

Crew: Catherine Siracusa & Sidney Levitt (Costume Designers), Joshua Levin (Stage Manager), Ryan Metzler (Lighting Designer), Giovanni Villari (Set Designer), Keith Chandler (Video Director), Jaq Sarah French (Assistant Director/Props Assistant), Nick Dransfield (Postcard/Image Designer), Sharon Fogarty (Musical Arrangement), Peter Dizozza (Instrumentation).

Minq Vaadkaê¼s Narcischism - Un Cabaret Dê¼adieu  | Open: 08/26/11 Close: 09/03/11


Patrick Terry presents A Te Ilum Theatre +Arts Production


NARCISCHISM -Un Cabaret dʼAdieu Patrick Terry presents A Te Ilum Theatre +Arts Production


NARCISCHISM -Un Cabaret dʼAdieu  

NY, NY - Aug 2011. Neo-Burlesque Cabaret-Rockstar, MINQ VAADKA, returns to the stage with a new mind-bending live show from director

Chantel Pascente. Equal parts concert spectacle and musical narrative,        MINQ VAADKAʼS NARCISCHISM- Un Cabaret dʼAdieuis a hyper-stylized journey deep into the psyche of a tortured performance artist.  

Premiering exclusively at The Robert Moss Theatre, the production will explore our twisted protagonist’s struggle with a crippling bipolar personality as he performs an epic farewell concert. We will observe him as he fights his work, craves success and becomes his own worst enemy in an attempt to find a sort of glory and fame. There will also be free beer.

On stage, MINQ VAADKA will be joined by his hardass girlfriend Horseradish (Barrie McLain) and his sidekick and one man electronic band (Ryan Maeker), as well as featured guests including DoctorPrincess Lady Scoutington, Peter Aguero of the legendary BTK Band and Dane Johanson of the renowned Escher String Quartet.



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Te Ilum’s Mission: Te Ilum develops provocatively experiential theatre using technologic spectacle, seamless design, and compelling dramaturgy. We pour the theatrical into alternative artistic frameworks, disrupting the accepted formulae of performance. Te Ilum cultivates new worlds that can be found only in imagination, endeavoring to expose and to explore the natural humanity within the unnatural landscapes the mind itself creates.


For more info please visit &





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About the Company: Te Ilum

 Te Ilum develops provocatively experiential theatre using technologic spectacle, seamless design, and compelling dramaturgy.

We pour the theatrical into alternative artistic frameworks, disrupting the accepted formulae of performance: a concert as theatre, a painting as choreography, a play as installation art.

Te Ilum cultivates new worlds that can be found only in imagination, endeavoring to expose and to explore the natural humanity within the unnatural landscapes the mind itself creates.

The Declaration  | Open: 06/01/11 Close: 06/26/11
Spurred by the anti-marriage vote, a gay teacher decides to run for the New York Senate.  As this unlikely candidate campaigns to change a broken system and champion the lives of others, his own life comes under fire and he finds himself fighting to protect his career, friendships, and family.

The Declaration is an open critique of the American political system and status quo, its secretive inner-workings, the current state of homosexuality in culture and politics, and the great personal sacrifices that the common man must endure in order to assimilate into the great, political machine.  It is also a hopeful depiction of one man’s potential to affect change and better the world, even when adrift in an unforgiving sea of lies and broken promises- both personal and political.

This production is part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, New York's premiere eco-friendly and socially conscious theatre festival, and will be partnering with MENY (Marriage Equality New York). 10% of all proceeds will go directly to funding their fight for equality in New York and around the country. There will also be a speaker from MENY at every performance, as well as the opportunity for audience members to donate to the organization. (more info at

About the Company: Off Sides Entertainment, Inc.

The name "Off Sides" was inspired by our first production, Hockey: The Musical!  "Off Sides" is a sports term used to define when players go outside the boundaries set down by the rules of play.  As a production company, we work to create and develop pieces that challenge today's social and idealogical boundaries, as well as the theatrical medium itself.

Based on La Matra India, a short story by Augusto Patricio González Novoa. 

As part of An Evening of One-Acts at the 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, June 1st-26th 2011.

An ancient matra* made of loom warp wool incites a perceptive discovery of self.  Roi Escudero, with her distinctive vérité touch, adapted "The Matra India" by Augusto Patricio González Novoa into a new-media non-structured theatre piece with the mystique of the fantastic.  The theatrical concept merges the live performance and the virtual action through an authentic indigenous blanket that the artist found on a Hopi reservation.  Its geometric designs are interwoven with recycled western matinee clips, Kachina dolls, and the short story of literatura fantástica.  All at once its audio-visual design aspects are "telling a story" that unifies the Americas' land and its original inhabitants.

*The  matra's textile arouse from thousand-year-old indigenous cultures.  In Argentina, this small blanket has been a component of the vestments of the gaucho for centuries.  It's been used on top of the horse as part of the apero (mount).  At night it gives shelter to the gauchos arrieros (riders).

Roi Escudero has created and designed every aspect of the mise-en-scéne on camera and onstage (costumes, masks, life sized puppet character, art-props, lighting, sound, multimedia, videography/photo/video editing) and directed the performers with her lab's techniques and unique style.

The Matra India will be performed by the artists in residence at ETdC Projects, featuring Andy Chmelko in the dual role of the Professor and Lutnanpak, Mika Oyaizu as Moon and the Kachina Doll, and Roi Escudero as Mother Earth and Mrs. Mind (in the role of the General).  The artist also includes some "accents" in collaboration with other artists: music by La Banda Argentina and others, set atmospheric virtual painting by James Ewan, and an infrared image by Bob Trongone.  The technical director is James Holland and the stage manager is Beret Kirkeby.

About the Company: ETdC Projects' Lab

  Roi “Bubi” Escudero created and founded Environmental Theatre de Camera (ETdC) Projects in 1990 in Los Angeles, CA.  She is the originator of performance-cinema™, a virtual installation of multimedia video and live performance that is ETdC Projects’ trademark.  In 1999 ETdC Projects moved to New York City and has expanded to an experimental creative lab of self expression. and new media-arts: ETdC Projects’ Lab.

The lab is led by Roi Escudero and supports a collaborative, production-based learning environment focused on creating inventive, cutting edge, experimental and multicultural narrative projects through non-structured musical-visual-theatre, and site specific virtual installations of multimedia video and performance art.

Its objective is to promote cultural and creative integration through the evolution of new media, performance-art, musical and physical theatre, and dynamic entertainment. Its projects address cultural, environmental, historical and social issues and expose the consequences of our behavior and actions in society.  The lab’s projects are considered works-in-progress and are continually evolving with different guest artists and apprenticeship until the projects are presented as a comprehensive production.  The projects developed at ETdC Projects’ lab are designed to be "portable" and take place in different festivals, creative environments, theaters, educational and cultural settings, and non-traditional sites.

 ETdC Projects reaches a multigenerational audience and creates intelligent and engaging multimedia video installations, staged readings, workshops, showcases and full media-art theatre productions for children, teens and adults. ETdC Projects also produces creative educational events and workshops for students and teachers in collaboration with other artistic organizations and educational institutions that have partnering residencies with teaching artists. The projects could be bilingual and could be developed, instructed and presented in English /Spanish, English /French, and English /Italian.

 Roi Escudero is the artistic director and lead designer behind ETdC Projects.  She is particularly flexible and resourceful in adapting her creative concept, method and techniques to the needs of the partnering organizations and institutions. However, Escudero’s primary focus is always to develop the talent and interest of the partaker and to support the community’s involvement in that effort.

Out Of Askja  | Open: 06/04/11 Close: 06/23/11

Broadway performers appear in the world premiere of OUT OF ASKJA, a magical, comedic love story written by Drew Larimore, as part of the 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  

What happens when Caroline Miller falls off a cliff of one of Iceland's most treacherous volcanoes and into the arms of a nearby cowboy?  With an imminent eruption and a troll at every turn, getting out of Askja proves a mystical challenge of superhuman proportions. Welcome to Iceland! Leave your inhibitions at the door - and your secrets.

"I wrote OUT OF ASKJA in an attempt to bring the mystical world of Iceland to the American stage,” explained playwright Drew Larimore. “In doing so, I've crafted not only a complicated love story, but a magical one in a place where trucks disappear out of thin air, trolls are the ultimate puppet masters and the chance to rewrite your own story, no matter how far along you are in your journey, is still possible."

Director Jesse Edward Rosbrow stated, "I love fairy tales – the old, dark ones - and Iceland's a great setting for a play with supernatural tricksters and mountains with agendas.  It's a place where people really do still believe in superstitions like elves and trolls, and that they'll trick you and seriously screw you up if you let them. In OUT OF ASKJA, Drew has transcended the traditional girl-meets-guy story with clashing cultures, transforming trolls, and a sentient volcano. It's wonderfully theatrical, while keeping its truthful emotional grounding."

The Other Day  | Open: 06/02/11 Close: 06/22/11
After a chance meeting, opposites attract when Santo, an out-going late 20’s hottie, and Mark, a 30-something conservative neurotic, fall in love. Six months later, they are living together in a small one-bedroom in Jersey City until Mark’s friend Dina rips away the shiny veneer covering the men’s fragile relationship. With the hope of moving on, Mark takes Santo and Dina on a vacation to Amsterdam, where each faces an emotional journey that redefines their relationships in surprising ways. The Other Day is an honest, heartwarming and humorous look at friendship, love, and hope, which dares to ask the question: When is it time to stop grieving for what’s lost and start living for what’s found?

Valentina Fratti will direct a cast of four including Lars Drew, Amadeo Fusca, Zach Wegner*, and Elena Zazanis*.  AEA Showcase. *Member, Actors’ Equity Association.

Director Valentina Fratti's interest in directing The Other Day stems from her belief that “Williams is able to capture the challenge faced by a complex character with humor and sensitivity.  What happens when you need to say goodbye to the person closest to you?  He places his characters in situations in which we wonder, what would I do? How would I react?”

The Other Day benefits the Hetrick- Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School, which believes all young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.  Founded in 1979, The Hetrick-Martin Institute creates this environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth between the ages of 12 and 24 and their families.  Through a comprehensive package of direct services and referrals, Hetrick-Martin seeks to foster healthy youth development. Hetrick-Martin’s staff promotes excellence in the delivery of youth services and uses its expertise to create innovative programs that other organizations may use as models.  For more information visit, follow along on or become a fan on Facebook.

The run time is 75 minutes with no intermission. 

Tulpa, Or Anne&me  | Open: 06/02/11 Close: 06/19/11
Crossroads Theatre Project will present the world premiere of Tulpa, or Anne&Me at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity this June. The production will raise awareness about the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, a grassroots organization committed to undoing racism.

Part whimsical fantasy, part realist drama, part gothic horror, Tulpa, or Anne&Me tells the story of a lonely artist whose world gets turned upside down when Anne Hathaway crawls out of her TV. As their friendship blossoms, they examine how race impacts their lives as women, as friends, and as human beings. What unfolds is an intimate portrait of a most unusual relationship that explores Blackness, Whiteness, queerness, and womanhood.

With the help of two outspoken guardian angels of Blackness, our heroine strives to give her truth a voice as she uncovers feelings, dreams, and memories she's kept hidden - even from herself - that impact her ability to create real intimacy with her strange companion. At the same time, Anne struggles to navigate her role in that process so she can be a true friend and confidant. Together they seek to connect across racial barriers in order to find out who they can really be to one another.

About the Company: Crossroads Theatre Project

Crossroads Theatre Project empowers new African diaspora playwrights tell innovative stories from multiple axes of identity - including race, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc. - by providing developmental support at all stages of the creative process.

The crossroads are rooted in African folklore, Vodou and Delta blues as a place where the strange and unexpected happen. You can speak with the dead, meet the spirits of your ancestors - even sell your soul to the Devil! There is no telling what can happen when you come to the crossroads. In a similar vein, Crossroads Theatre Project challenges assumptions about what African diaspora theatre is and what it can be.

Crossroads Theatre Project takes inspiration from Eshu, one of the most venerated spirits of Yoruba and Vodou. As a guide and protector of travelers and the deity of roads (particularly the crossroads), Eshu is fluid and transgressive, embodying ambiguity and paradox. The writers we work with and the pieces they develop emulate the spirit of Eshu by pushing the boundaries of theatrical form, content, and style.

Girlpower: Survival Of The Fittest  | Open: 08/15/10 Close: 08/26/10
GirlPower: Survival of the Fittest is an empowering, ensemble-driven collection of words written and performed by teenagers, struggling with issues they face growing up in today's world. In deeply personal material based on real interviews and experiences, the young women explore topics such as peer pressure, body image, being an outcast, different, flawed, and full of dreams for the future. They share their perspectives on love, relationships, current events, the future and creating change. Audiences can expect to walk away with a renewed sense of their own empowerment, regardless of age and gender.

created and performed by the Project Girl Performance Collective
directed by Ashley Marinaccio and Jessica Greer Morris
edited by Elizabeth Koke and Lara Gold
assistant directed/stage managed by Katherine Sommer and Alexa Winston

About the Company: The Project Girl Performance Collective

The Project Girl Performance Collecitve empowers young women by creating a safe space to address contemporary social, political and cultural issues through the performing arts and written word. The Project Girl Performance Collective is committed to the idea of theatre and performance as a medium for awareness, action and social change. Visit them online at

About the Company: Co-Op Theatre East

Founded in April of 2008, Co-Op Theatre East (COTE) believes in the power of art to foster a dialogue for social change. COTE provides an entertaining performance forum in which to ask evocative, challenging questions of artists and audiences on our way to creating collaborative answers. For more information, please visit


The Riverside Symphony  | Open: 06/06/10 Close: 06/26/10
It takes 3 movements to save a life.

THE RIVERSIDE SYMPHONY features an interlocking collage of urban dramas that take place in the same magical playground on the Upper West Side. 

Premiering at the Planet Connections Theater Festivity

Saturday, June 5th, at 7 pm
Monday, June 7th, at 8:30 pm
Wednesday, June 9th at 6:45 pm
Saturday, June 12th at 1:45 pm
Thursday, June 17 at 4 pm
Sunday, June 20th at 11 am
Wednesday, June 26th, at 2:30 pm

All tickets 18 dollars, general admission.

Featuring y Arlene Chico-Lugo, Liz Douglas*, Ellie Foumbi, Allyson Morgan*, Michael Gnat*, John Phillips* and Eric Rice*

Stage Managed by Conor Clancy
Set Design by Stephen Dobay
Costume Design by Sarah Gosnell 
Lighting Design by Jake DeGroot
Sound Design by Kim Fuhr

*appears courtesy Actor's Equity.

To Buy tickets, go to:

For more show and festival information, go to:

The Riverside Symphony is an Equity approved showcase.


Love Me  | Open: 06/10/10 Close: 06/25/10
Protagonist Charlie Styptic's inner monologue is personified in LOVE ME, a new play presented by Funny… Sheesh Productions and directed by Daryl Boling, as part of the 2nd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. 

Underachieving writer/motivational speaker Charlie Styptic is mired in a lifelong love life slump.  Forever lovesick yet chronically self-effacing, he's haplessly counseled by a simpleminded sidekick and a newly befriended womanizer.  Will he ever find love or be eternally controlled by the incessantly critical voice in his head?

Over a decade in the making and inspired by the original Funny… Sheesh troupe, LOVE ME is an extreme comedy about the never-ending search for love and artistic fulfillment in an unforgiving world.  It’s forty-four furiously fast scenes of belly slaps, belly laughs and extreme cognitive dissonance.

The cast is comprised of James Cichewicz*, Kaira Klueber, Ridley Parson, Aaron Rossini*, Daina Stefanie Schatz*, Laura Schwenninger*, Victoria Watson*,  Jeff Wills*.  (* denotes members of AEA).  

The crew consists of Phillip Chavira (Assistant Director), Laura Schlachtmeyer (Stage Manager), Lauren Parrish (Lighting Designer), Isabelle Fields (Costume Designer) and Sheila Phalon (Set Designer).

Funny… Sheesh Productions is pleased to present LOVE ME as part of the 2nd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  The Festivity will take place June 3rd through the 27th at Gene Frankel Theatre, The Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios and The Bleecker Street Theatre in New York City.  The production benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.

Decadent Acts  | Open: 06/15/10 Close: 06/24/10
Set in late 1980s New York City, Decadent Acts chronicles the story of a lesbian couple struggling against legislated discrimination. When television personality Farah White falls fatally ill, her partner, professor Jolene Shatila, along with their daughter Nicole, are faced with unexpected challenges that will change their lives forever. From child custody laws, to hospital visitation rights, Decadent Acts spotlights the harsh reality of discriminatory regulations against same-sex partners, plunging emotional and political depths with grace and searing honesty. At a time when the push for full equality is finally building real momentum across the country, this play couldn’t be timelier.

Proceeds of Decadent Acts will go to Democracy Now!  a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez which provides audiences with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the United States general corporate media.

Wait of the World  | Open: 06/13/09 Close: 06/27/09
 Scientists underestimate the pull an individual can have on the planet.  Their estimations don't take into account factors like heartbreak, loneliness and longing.  By my calculations, the Earth is far off it's predicted path, and will collide with the sun on precisely October 3, 2013.