Theatre Three

Todays Date: 12/03/22
Last Update: 10/20/11 01:48:16 PM
Address: 311 West 43rd Street
New York, NY    10036

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Closest subways to Theater Three, 311 West 43rd St., 3rd floor: 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, R to 42nd St., walk North one block and West to theatre. By bus: #10 bus up 8th avenue or #'s 104 or 42 cross-town from the east side. Plenty of available parking in several lots located between 8th and 9th Avenues on 43rd St. Entrances also available off 42nd St. and 44th St.

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Ghost Dancer  | Open: 11/19/11 Close: 12/10/11
How much blood is enough?  In a community recovering from a bloody revolution, one woman emerges still fighting for freedom.  Torn between her passion for justice and love of her family, Lakota Romero's actions could forever alter their history.  Will her desperation lead to the liberation of a people, or leave them dancing on the edge of destruction?  

The Show Goes On Productions presents Ghost Dancer, a world premiere political drama written by Robert L. Hecker.  Joshua A. Kashinsky directs a cast of seven including Reza Salazar (TV: Law & Order: CI, Film:See Girl Run - 2012),Leajato Amara Robinson*, Jorge Acosta* (TV: 30 Rock),Luis Salgado* (In The Heights, Women on the Verge…), Lilia Vassileva*, Rosie Lani Fiedelman* (In The Heights), andArturo Castro (TV: We Are New York). 

Ghost Dancer is presented by The Show Goes On Productions.  Director: Joshua A. Kashinsky; ­­­­Set Designer: Duane Pagano; Costume Designer: Candice Knox; Lighting Designer: Peter Hoerburger; Sound Designer:Ien DeNio; Choreographer: Amy Klewitz; Props Designer: Charlotte Volage; Production Manager: Evan Storey; Production Stage Manager: Caitlin Lyons*; Casting Director: Jamibeth Margolis; Marketing Director: Sarah-Kate O’Haver; Publicist: Paul Siebold/Off Off PR.

The Show Goes On Productions is a new production company founded by Emileena Pedigo and dedicated to developing new works and enriching the theatrical experience through the exploration of technical enhancements for the stage.  The Show Goes On Productions seeks to put a twist on tradition with developmental works.  It emerges as a company committed to the production side of story-telling as a way to build audiences.  The company begins its season of productions with Ghost Dancer.  Additionally, a new Musical Reading Series introduces several original Rock musicals to the industry, culminating with Apathy, The Gen X Musical by Mickey Zetts, which Emileena has been developing for four years.

AEA Approved Showcase. *Member, Actors’ Equity Association.

Bird Machine  | Open: 06/18/09 Close: 07/05/09
Through workshops and support from The Jerome Foundation, The Jim Henson Foundation, St. Ann’s Puppet Lab, Workspace for Choreographers, Ensemble Studio Theatre/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project Commission, DCA, NYSCA, and chashama, Concrete Temple Theatre proudly presents its multimedia, multi-disciplinary allegory: Bird Machine.

Using a visceral mixture of object art and puppets -- from the creation of the play's environment/landscape, to flapping birds as rod puppets, to shadow and projection work -- Bird Machine is a play about technology, a contemporary fable that explores the desire to live beyond human limitations. Part one reveals: Leo, the dreamer, obsessed with flying; Vince, the realist, trying to control his world through miniaturization; and the Emperor, destroying Leo and his flying machine, out of fear that others will use the technology to destroy the city walls. In part two, Vince vindicates Leo’s murder by turning his miniature garden into a larger-than-life garden, to lure and trap the Emperor.

Audiences of Bird Machine will experience two worlds and two technologies. The beginning of piece depicts a world that is pastoral, the mechanics simple: a bird flaps across stage then soars overhead. As Vince dreams, his desk transforms into the city of the Emperor and the People. Part two, still a puppet- driven environment, uses projections to introduce contemporary technology.

Bird Machine is a co-creation of Renee Philippi and Carlo Adinolfi. Carlo Adinolfi designs sets and puppets; Renee Philippi directs. David Pinkard is composer and sound designer for the through-composed piece.
Renée Molina designs lights. Cast includes: Carlo Adinolfi, Ayako Dean, Jo Jo Hristova, Leat Klingman, Zdenko Slobodnik, Michael Tomlinson, and Stacey Weingarten.