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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Address: 59-61 East 4th
New York, NY    10002

Phone: 631 523 5358
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Project Playwright: An Exploration of New Works  | Open: 01/06/13 Close: 01/06/13
Come watch excerpts of four BRAND new plays and pick Sanguine's next show. This festival showcases the finalists from our annual playwriting competition and the audience votes for their favorite.

Doors open at 5:30pm. Tickets $10
Dancing and drinks to follow.
Located at:
WOW Cafe Theatre
59-61 East 4th Street
New York, New York 10003
Finalists are:
Exit 27 by Alex Merilo
Like Poetry by Kristian O’Hare
Forced Perspective by Jeff Ronan
Part of the Show by Sarah M. Duncan
Stop Kiss  | Open: 09/20/12 Close: 09/30/12
Stop Kiss is a play that asks the difficult questions about self-identity, imposed identity, falling in love, and the hazards and joy of living in New York City - indeed, simply of living. Who can predict what will happen the moment after a first kiss? Those tender, uncertain seconds can reveal worlds about the heart you’ve just touched. But they can also reveal the secret heart of the world around you -an unnerving notion at the core of Diana Son’s gentle, drama. 


Bees And Lions  | Open: 04/19/12 Close: 04/29/12
Sanguine Theatre Company presents the world premiere of a new play by Sarah M. Duncan. When Sean, the famous son of a multi-millionaire, crashes an employee party at one of his father’s hotels, he meets Julie, a low income hotel employee. Shortly thereafter, she agrees to go home with him, but they don’t get very far—on the way down, the elevator stops. Stuck, Julie and Sean contemplate getting help, but neither follows through. Their flirtatious, digging questions and taunts, not to mention mounting sexual tension, culminate in two startling confessions, prompting Julie to make a bold, controversial decision.
Inspired by Strindberg’s Miss Julie, Bees and Lions is also about the fall of a woman—but this time when said woman falls, she takes everyone with her—some willingly–in the name of her cause. Who will be the first to get back up?

Dysfunction  | Open: 11/10/11 Close: 11/19/11

Dysfunction is an autobiographical two-woman show confronting the definitions of mental, emotional, and sexual normalcy.  Sara Banks and Martha Cargo of the Intimate Artistry Performance Troupe perform using Flute, Cello, Piano, and Monologue.

            When difference is equated with dysfunction, the shroud of normalcy smothers us in shame.  Sara Banks and Martha Cargo unravel that shame through stunningly brave autobiographical text in counterpoint with deeply personal musical improvisations.  Journeying through torrents of conflict and compassion, they arrive finally in a realm of healing and understanding.

 Sara Banksis the black sheep of a family of black sheep. She was kicked out of one the most progressive schools in the country for being too ... progressive. She learned that in order to find herself, she had to first let herself become irrevocably lost.

Once upon a time, Martha Cargo didn’t think before she spoke.  She then learned to shut herself up tight with delicately spun words and boxes stashed away on far-off shelves.  She now uses the steady hand of artistic process to dust off her cobwebs and find the acceptance that lies therein.



There will be a free artist talk facilitated by Lee Naught on November 9that 7pm at the same theatre in which performances are held.  Topics for discussion include: theater as safe space, audience as empathetic witness and the Intimate Artistry performance technique.

Refreshments and a cash bar will be available.



Black Girl Ugly  | Open: 06/10/10 Close: 06/26/10
It ain't easy comin' up Black not to mention female, in these so-called United States. Have you ever considered how difficult it is to cultivate a healthy self-image growing up surrounded by the superficial din of white media? In Black Girl Ugly Courtney Dowe, Li’l T. and Chiquita Brooks take you into the collective subconscious of Black Girls trying to hold fast to their love of self.
Through movement, poetry and song they juxtapose their immersion in the "truth" of white girl beauty with the reality of Black Girl Ugly. True to their legacies, these artists offer no tidy endings in this story of black girl victory. The contra-fictions persist – it’s the nature of the beast called Racism.


Love in the Time of Terror  | Open: 05/07/09 Close: 05/30/09
Enter the dark world in which love and terror form a symbiosis that is both disturbing and appealing. This play explores lies, deception and what it means to be stuck in the world without hope. There is enough sex and violence to give it a NC-17 rating, enough questions to make your head spin, and enough meta theatrical references to find humor in the darkness. Vestiges of humanity are exposed before us and we are asked to judge them while we judge ourselves through their frailty.

Inspired by Brecht, Beckett, Ionesco, and Lynch, Love in the Time of Terror is a new work by Jasmina Sinanovic, a Balkans-New York hybrid artist who brings the East to the West and defines diasporic writing for you in a fresh style that will challenge the norms. Patrons, you're not on Broadway anymore.