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Living Arrangements  | Open: 02/12/13 Close: 02/17/13
When their apartment lease conflicts with their marriage contract, Charlie and Lois have to get creative.

Starring Harry Summers, Lynn Bowman, Skyler Pinkerton, Meghann Garmany, Elizabeth Bove, and Tony Naumovski

Additional information about Living Arrangements and Laura Pedersen can be found at:

Roy Arias Theatres
300 West 43rd Street, 4th Floor
New York City, NY 10036





Tru Voices New Plays Reading Series  | Open: 06/04/12 Close: 06/18/12



Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) announces the 2012 TRU Voices New Plays Reading Series. The three plays that will be presented are Foreclosure by Vincent Delaney, produced by Mondays Dark Theatre Company and Kenny Howard of The Broadway Consortium; Appendage by Derek Murphy, produced by Tweiss Productions (Sharon Weiss & Eileen B. Weiss); and The Sin Eater by Michael Bettencourt, produced by Block & Tackle Productions, Inc. and Elfin Frederick Vogel. The selected plays will be read on Mondays, June 4, 11, and 18 respectively, at 7pm at The Roy Arias Theatre, 300 W. 43rd Street, 5th Floor, Studio 500, NYC.  Admission is FREE but reservations are required: email or call 212-714-7628. 

Each reading will be followed by a reception and a "Dollars and Sense" panel with top industry professionals – commercial producers, general managers and artistic directors - who will discuss the further development of the show that is read. “Not only do we introduce audiences to new works, we also offer them an insider’s look at the producing process,” says TRU president Bob Ost. Scheduled speakers include producers Pat Addiss (Promises, Promises, Little Women, The Fantasticks), Van Dean (Catch Me If You Can, The Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, Evita), Tom Polum (The Toxic Avenger, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) and Ric Wanetik (Marlene, Jolson & Company, Twilight: Los Angeles 1992). 

About the Company: Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU)

Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is a twenty-year-old 501c3 nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and navigate the business of theater. Membership includes self-producing artists as well as career producers and theater companies.

TRU publishes an email community newsletter of services, goods and productions; presents the TRU VOICES Annual New Play Reading Series and the TRU VOICES Annual New Musicals Reading Series, new works series in which TRU underwrites developmental readings to nurture new works as well as new producers for theater; ; offers a Producer Development & Mentorship Program whose mentors are among the most prominent producers and general managers in New York Theater; and also presents Producer Boot Camp workshops to help aspirants develop the business skills they need. In addition to new works development, TRU serves writers through a Writer-Producer Speed Date, a Practical Playwriting Workshop and a new Director-Writer Communications Lab. TRU programs for actors include an Annual Audition and TRU partners with Weist-Barron Studios to offer quarterly Resource Nights and “Speed Dating” as well as free monthly actor workshops.

For more information about TRU membership and programs, visit or call 212-714-7628.

The Brink  | Open: 02/24/12 Close: 03/04/12
The Brink follows two recent college graduates as they try to piece together their memories of a tragic event that left two of their friends dead. As they do so, they also retrace the history of their own changing relationship.

Meredith's Ring  | Open: 02/27/12 Close: 03/03/12

His 26-year romance lasted only a few months. Andrew Rothkin’s bittersweet play about two outcasts coming of age will have its first revival as part of MITF’s Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival at Roy Arias Theatres in Times Square.


The play centers on Alex, a nearing-40 office worker whose bad luck in love prompts him to vividly relive what he considers his happiest moments: a brief affair he had in 1986 with a reckless teen named Meredith. Along the way, we learn that her personal daring comes from her attempt to escape an abusive home riddled with drug addiction and abuse. Meredith’s dangerous ways transform Alex – not necessarily for the better.


Stage and screen actor, Andrew Rothkin, the play’s author, appears as Alex and his teen self, A.J., with Amanda Szymczak asMeredith. Ms. Szymczak, recognized for classical and musical theater, makes a dramatic turn in this two-character work. The play is directed by Jay Michaels, whose film “Slings & Arrows” premieres February 9.


Horizon Of Hope  | Open: 10/13/11 Close: 10/16/11

Thespian Production LLC is a theater production company with bases in New York and South West Florida.  Thespian is a springboard/platform for aspiring local directors and actors, the company’s success has been built on personal public relations and support from local communities.  Thespian’s current agenda is to provide opportunities for teenagers and young adults in community based homes, and bring affordable quality theater to these local communities.  Future ambition or goal is to build on the current platform on a national basis; providing an alternative avenue for tomorrow’s aspiring entertainment industry hopefuls.


Domestic Violence is an issue that affects families and communities throughout the United States. It occurs among all ages, socioeconomic levels, professions, ethnicities and religions. Domestic violence may include, among other things, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Victims can be of any age, sex, race, culture, religion, education, employment or marital status.

Thespian Production’s mission for this production is to raise awareness and education by showcasing plays involving domestic violence and Human Trafficking.

A Different Kind of Love

Written by Charlotte Cox

Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley

This story depicts Angela’s struggle to become free from the cycle of domestic abuse.  It shows her courage leaving an abusive husband, to venture across the country to start a new life, and her determination to shed the lasting, haunting effects domestic violence can have. Through it all, Angela deals with the highs and lows, learns to regain her self-worth and believe in those around her. This play shows, with strength, it is possible to escape the cycle of abuse and that love and friends is still a real, enduring truth.

Drawn from Water
Written by Rosebud Ben-Oni
Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley
A woman has spent her entire life running across the U.S.-Mexican border-- as a decoy, so others can cross. After the death of her smuggler, she finds herself in an impossible situation in which she must finally cross or pay the ultimate price: her life, which she has not yet lived.

Raging Love

Written by Charlotte Cox

Directed by Bob Teague & Co-Directed by Flor Bromley

Kristen has suffered 7 years of abuse from her husband.  This is her story of abuse – from feeling the lowest of lows and learning to celebrate the highest of highs.  Kristen tells of escaping her abuse and learning to love herself and life again.



Performed by Adriana Devers

Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU), The Players Theatre and Back Stage heads into the twentieth year of TRU’s industry panels with Asking for Money: What the Arts Need to Learn About Fundraising on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 7:30pm at The Roy Arias Payan Theater, 300 W. 43rd Street, 5th floor, NYC


Panelists will include Ben Cameron, arts program director for the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, former executive director of Theatre Communications Group (TCG); Laura Fredricks, International Philanthropic Advisor, and Best-Selling Author of “The ASK”; and Bruce Payne, executive director of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation.


Do social service organizations and educational institutions know things that those in the arts don’t know about raising money? From the funders’ point of view, do requests look noticeably different, and are there smart practices outside the arts that those in theater might benefit from adopting? This panel of experts will look at these differences as well as the most effective ways of asking for money in general, including techniques that have proven successful for others over the years, both in grant writing and donor cultivation. Insights will also be offered into the mission and thinking of the foundations who are represented, and what requests have stood out for them over the years.


Doors open at 7:00pm for networking and refreshments, panel starts promptly at 7:30pm. FREE for TRU members; $12 for non-members. Please call at least a day in advance (preferably sooner) for reservations: 212-714-7628; or e-mail Christopher Massimine, Programming Director at

About the Company: Old Kent Road Theater

The Old Kent Road Theater situates idiosyncratic ensemble pieces against the chaos and concrete of New York City, seeking authentic, evocative performance committed to the comedy of desire, the physicality of loss, and the possibility of new open spaces. Founded in 2005 by Eric Bland and Scott Eckert, the Old Kent Road Theater has been invited to perform at various downtown theaters including The Ontological-Hysteric Theater, The Brick, Dixon Place, and The Bushwick Starr.   OKRT plays have been noted for their ‘vibrant characters…heartfelt passion, and spirited volleys of non sequiturs’ (Village Voice) and described as ‘downtown theatre at its best’ (New York  Martin Denton of recently noted, ‘Eric Bland is turning into the Woody Allen of his generation, possibly.’

The Unmitigated Consequence  | Open: 07/15/11 Close: 08/21/11
K.R. Boxberger's The Unmitigated Consequence is a new drama engaging in a dark and realistic examination of all those affected by domestic violence; the abused, the abuser and the people who stand by and watch, but do nothing about it.  In it, an abusive ex-husband breaks into his old home soon after escaping from prison to avenge his ex-wife.  To him, she has been holding a secret that he is certain will prove his innocence for the murder of their son and will stop at nothing to get her to admit it.  Inspired by true events from women who were abused by their husbands and survived to tell their stories. 

Scared Skinny: A One (hundred Pound Lighter) Woman Show  | Open: 07/03/11 Close: 07/03/11
As a chubby Italian American child growing up in Queens, Mary Dimino was warned by her mother that playing in a sandbox could lead to venereal disease and cautioned by her “perverted” knife wielding grandmother to stay away from all boys and dogs. Eating sausage and pepper sandwiches for lunch (with a cannoli for dessert), she suffered acute humiliation from her peers. Yet when she was only 8 years old, the realization of Mary’s dream, to one day be skinny, was foretold on a Ouiga board. Still an obese virgin at age 26, Mary had an epiphany when she overheard two “Guidos” from Brooklyn making merciless fun of her. Angry and determined, she faced her fears and after a number of false starts, finally fulfilled the destiny of her Ouiga board. One hundred and fifteeen pounds later, Mary Dimino tells the amazing and hilarious journey behind her remarkable achievement. 


The Wizard Of Oz  | Open: 06/25/11 Close: 07/03/11
 A cast of 26 talented kids and teens bring to life the classic children's story, The Wizard of Oz. 

Reefer Madness  | Open: 06/22/11 Close: 07/01/11
 Bill, Mary, Gwen, and Jimmy are all swell kids. They listen to their parents, do well in school, and help out around the community -- that is, until they get caught up in the marijuana subculture. With "Mary Jane" filling their lungs, these kids resort to theft, prostitution, and murder to satisfy their cravings, which leads to suicide and death sentences. Is one puff really too much? A hilarious send-up of the 1936 exploitation film, now a cult classic. 

Nothing Serious  | Open: 06/25/11 Close: 06/26/11
 Nothing Serious is a collection of Rich Orloff's 10 most popular and acclaimed 10-minute comedies, including two affectionate dissections of Theatre Itself (Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson and Oh My God, It's Another Play). From Antarctica and Disneyland to the Garden of Eden and inside the womb, Orloff creates theatrical worlds that are both imaginative and hilarious. 

Remember Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter? Turn back the clock about 50 years and meet the young Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of the most fascinating personalities in European history. Find out what happened before she married King Henry II who imprisoned her in a tower. As a teenager, Eleanor became Queen of the Aquitaine and France; she defied her husband King Louis VII by taking 300 women on the Crusades, then she got the Church to annul her marriage. And she was just getting started.

Musical Director and Conductor: Thomas Carlo Bo
Assistant Musical Director and Instrumentations: Carmela Sinco
Set Designer: LouAnne Gilleland
Costume Designer: Juan Jose Ibarra
Lighting Designer: David M. Shepherd
Production Stage Manager: Jim Poyerd

Ian Abadilla
Samantha Britt
Charles Coleman
Marcus Allen Cooper
Juan Jose Ibarra
Karen Jolicoeur
Duane McDevitt
John Nelson
Perryn Pomatto
Sam Schrader
Tadzio Smith

Spring's Awakening  | Open: 04/12/11 Close: 04/17/11
 Spring's Awakening is a tragi-comedy of teenage sex. Its fourteen-year-old heroine, Wendla, is killed by abortion pills. The young Moritz, terrorized by the world around him, and especially by his teachers, shoots himself. The ending seems likely to be the suicide of Moritz's friend, Melchior, but in a confrontation with a mysterious stranger (the famous Masked Man) he finally manages to shed his illusions and face the consequences.  Told in simple yet compelling language this play tells the story of adolescents attempting to grow up and understand the adult world with all its mysteries, especially sexuality. The parents and teachers they encounter however are too obsessed with being "respectable" citizens to be able to honestly deal with the thoughts and feelings of their own children. The result is tragedy for all involved.

To Protect The Poets  | Open: 03/31/11 Close: 04/09/11

Brown Bear Productions presents the world premiere Actors’ Equity Showcase production of To Protect the Poets, an “elegant, humorous and inspirational” new play by John Doble. Olivia Harris directs a cast of nine including Elizabeth Alice Murray*, John Isgro*, Laura Butler*, Keet Davis, Elizabeth Dilley, Jillie Simon*, Kiat-Sing Teo, Craig Anthony Grant, and Stewart Villilo.  Performances will be held at Stage IV Theater at Roy Arias Theatre Center, 300 West 43rd Street, in New York City from Thursday, March 31 through Saturday, April 9.  *Member, Actors’ Equity Association

Two detectives stand over the dead body of a young woman who has been raped and murdered.  Their investigation leads them to a lonely poetry teacher and her sisters to learn if they saw anything that might shed light on the nearby crime. What happens when a detective and his potential witness fall deeply in love, and she learns that to protect women like herself, the man she loves commits an act that violates her deepest principles? When violence, revenge, justice, and passion collide, our need for love challenges the strength of our principles.

Playwright John Doble states, “To Protect the Poetsportrays both timeless and contemporary emotional and social conflicts, paralleled with motifs in classic literature and runs that gamut from comedy to pathos.  I'd to think that John Patrick Shanley, and the late August Wilson, and Wendy Wasserstein, just some of the playwrights I admire most, would enjoy it.

Deceit Of Truth: A Chronicle In Two Parts  | Open: 03/22/11 Close: 03/27/11
Deceit of Truth: A Chronicle in Two Parts is about a group of longtime friends who find their relationships tested when a heated debate stirs up questions about sex, duplicity, race, and guilt.  The conflict between Bernadette and her fiancé Christian is peeled back layer by layer as half truths and deceptions within this circle of friends test their boundaries.  Is Danielle’s jealousy of Barry founded?  Is Malik’s innocent flirtation truly innocent?

In Part One, "Mating Dance of the Scarlet Honeyeater", the characters find themselves in a heated discussion around gender, sex, attraction and privilege, while the undercurrent hints at secrets that arise as conflict.  The possibility of hidden passions threatens the stability of certain relationships and “Mating Dance” ends with a choice unanswered.  Part Two, "It's In His Kiss” continues the story several hours later.  As more of the drama unfolds, the evening twisting into a rollercoaster of emotions, testing these relationships.  Revelations of secrets and hidden passions, half truths and deceptions lead to an explosive climax that will leave the audience questioning what is Truth.   Ultimately Deceit of Truth allows the audience to confront how one processes information as it relates to a person's history, thus coloring perception and how this informs truth as we know it.

What masks do you wear?  What games do you play?  What is your truth?

About the Company: Nia Theatrical Production Company

NIA Theatrical Production Company is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating young Artists and bringing arts programs to under-served communities in NYC. We began operations in 1998 in part to address the paucity of career opportunities for artists of color.
We facilitate our mission through our Play Development and Music Production programs for Emerging Artists, and our Art-in Education programs for school systems. We conduct most of our program activities in under-served areas of Brooklyn, NY including Brownsville, East New York, and Bedford-Stuyvesant. We also recruit/develop playwrights and musical artists from these communities as well as from school systems in these areas.
Since 1998, more than 14 playwrights, 10 musicians, and many actors, directors and technical personnel have honed their skills through our programs. We are proud to note that over 30 school systems have used our arts programs to enhance their students educational quality.


Last One Out  | Open: 02/23/11 Close: 02/27/11
Ever wonder what happens backstage of a comedy club? Three comedians vie for an opportunity of a lifetime and prepare for the performance that might just change their life. Who will make it?

2010 Tru Voices New Musical Series: Ocean In A Teacup  | Open: 12/20/10 Close: 12/20/10
Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2010 TRU Voices New Musicals Series. In a series that is unique because it develops new producers as well as new musicals, two works were chosen from submissions by emerging or established producers, as well as writers. The works will be read on Monday, December 13 and Monday, December 20 at 7pm at The Roy Arias OB Theatre, 300 W. 43rd Street, 5th floor, NYC. Admission is FREE but reservations are required at 212-714-7628. For more information, visit

The musicals chosen as finalists for the TRU Voices New Musicals Reading Series are The Cure by Mark Weiser, produced by Samantha Saltzman; and Ocean in a Teacup by Joel Krantz, produced by Sherry Eaker, featuring Quentin Darrington, who starred as Coalhouse Walker in the revival of Ragtime.

"Ocean in a Teacup" will be read on Tuesday, December 20, 2010 at 7pm. The war may be over, but Ray Hauserman remains in India and can’t bring himself to return home to the woman he loves. His betrayal of his vow, "Never to kill," has left him a broken man. Wasting away in the dive bars of Calcutta, Ray meets a fascinating Hindu doctor and teacher who offers him a path to redemption through service to the poor and homeless. When his fiancée arrives from America to try to bring him back to the States, both are challenged to learn the ultimate lessons of love and sacrifice.


No Exit  | Open: 12/08/10 Close: 12/18/10
When three strangers find themselves condemned to eternity in a shared room in Hell, tensions flare and painful truths rise the the surface. The acclaimed Invisible City Theater Company brings their signature combination of raw emotion and elegant staging to Sartre's classic play.


Starring Alexander Cape, Tobin Ludwig, Cecelia Frontero, and Jenna Doolittle


Lighting Design by Joe W. Novak

Set Design by Ira Haskell

Stage Managed by Charles C. Casano

Produced by Rebecca L. Miller

2010 Tru Voices New Musical Series: The Cure  | Open: 12/13/10 Close: 12/13/10
Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is pleased to announce the finalists in the 2010 TRU Voices New Musicals Series. In a series that is unique because it develops new producers as well as new musicals, two works were chosen from submissions by emerging or established producers, as well as writers. The works will be read on Monday, December 13 and Monday, December 20 at 7pm at The Roy Arias OB Theatre, 300 W. 43rd Street, 5th floor, NYC. Admission is FREE but reservations are required at 212-714-7628. For more information, visit

The musicals chosen as finalists for the TRU Voices New Musicals Reading Series are The Cure by Mark Weiser, produced by Samantha Saltzman; and Ocean in a Teacup by Joel Krantz, produced by Sherry Eaker, featuring Quentin Darrington, who starred as Coalhouse Walker in the revival of Ragtime.

"The Cure" will be read on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 7pm. In "The Cure", two longtime friends, Gray and Alex, reunite for one last night of revelry; Gray’s childhood illness has returned, threatening his survival, and Alex has been cast out by his family because of his sexuality. As the night progresses, they find themselves invited to a secret party where they stumble upon the sanctuary of the world’s last surviving vampires, including a mysterious girl named Unique. With their identity in jeopardy, the vampires must protect their secret and invite the two friends to join them. While Alex embraces their offer, Gray rejects them and escapes, pitting the entire coven of vampires against him, and risking everything he has for the love of a girl he may never see again. At the crossroads of humanity and immortality lies…"The Cure".

Snapshot  | Open: 09/28/10 Close: 10/03/10
            A photograph captures and documents a single moment in time and space - a snapshot of history, of a reality bounded by the photo's frame.  But what lies outside, beyond, behind the photograph?  And what stories, memories, associations does and image of place inspire?  In this multi-writer  project from Actors Theatre of louisville, a diverse assortment of talented playwrights encounter and transform Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, 1969, a compelling image of the monument by renowned photographer Lee Friedlander. Their thought provoking scenes and monologues range from delightful comedy to utterly serious tragedy, each approaching the photo's themes through a new lens.




Guide - Mark J. Parker
Operator One - Kati Schwartz
Operator Two - Jackie Sneyers
Bobby - Linn Davis
Did - Ralph Mullen
Loyal - Michael Galante
Girl - Meghan Sara Karre
Dave - Scott Andrews
Karen - Reyna Bailey
Man #1 - Matthew McShane
Girl #2 - Hannah Barudin
Trey - Spencer Young
Trina - Lacy Jeka
Man #2 - Benjamin Curley
Woman # 1 - Meg Arielle Grujon
Man #3 - Matt Wray
Man #4 - Yaron M. Urbas
Woman #2 - Susan Rolfe
Woman #3 - Lindsay Bartlette Allen
Instructor - Shray Richardson
Maggie - Ariela Rossberg
Man #5 - Sean Miller
Ranger - Michael Queleal
Babe - Phylicia Freeman
Annette - Shanna Riker










Love's Gonna Get Ya!  | Open: 07/28/10 Close: 08/01/10
Diversity Players of Harlem aka DPOH Entertainment and J’Nointed Entertainment join forces to bring you the inspirational stage play Love’s Gonna Get Ya! by James and Michele Woodson, with Music by Germono Toussaint and directed by Dwight Ali Williams. Performances will be at the Roy Arias Theatres for one week only, July 28 – August 1, 2010.

Love's Gonna Get Ya! is based on the true story of eight singles and their passionate search for true love. So focused on pursuing his career goal, Nate is too busy to stop and smell the roses. Heart broken from past relationships, Jasmine comes to realize that her search for true love will only happen when she learns to let go. With their timely meeting and subsequent love story as the backdrop, the crux of the play lies in the trials and tribulations of their six friends, each of whom have their own difficulties with relationships and love.

Cast: Iman Richardson, Robbie Darby, Claudia McLain, Michele Woodson, Steve Strickland, Gabriel Hamilton, Temesgen Tocruray, Armani Williams, Zuhairah McGill, Arissa Dorsey, Jasmine Taylor, James Hunter, Carl Payne and Shawn Luckey.

For more information, visit

Yearbook: The High School Musical  | Open: 06/22/10 Close: 06/27/10
Before there was Glee and High School Musical there was Yearbook: A High School Musical.  1st produced commercially in the 90's, Yearbook is now being presented in Midtown at the Roy Arias Theater Center's Off Broadway Theater on Tuesday, June 22nd through the 27th.  The show takes the audience on fun yet poignant ride through a class of high school student's senior year.  The cast of 24 performs 25 songs in this 2 hour show, suitable for all ages.

Cinderella  | Open: 06/26/10 Close: 06/27/10
A talented cast of 24 tri-state teens and youngsters bring to the life the classic Cinderella story with a summer Hawaiian twist.  The show is being presented in Midtown at the Roy Arias Theater Center's Off Broadway Theater on Saturday, June 26th & Sunday 27th @ both 11:15, 12:30, and 1:45 both days.  Tickets are $15 online $15 at the door if available.  The show is 45 minutes long and suitable for all ages.


The Xyz Files  | Open: 06/26/10 Close: 06/27/10
 A talented cast of 20 presents the XYZ Files, a 45 minute 1 act spoof on the X-Files tv and film franchise.  The show is being presented in Midtown at the Roy Arias Theater Center's Off Broadway Theater on Saturday, June 26th & Sunday 27th @ both 3:15, 4:30, and 5:15 both days.  Tickets are $15 online $15 at the door if available.  The show is 45 minutes long and suitable for all ages. 

Sexual Perversity In Chicago  | Open: 05/20/10 Close: 05/23/10
The summer of 1976 brings love, lust and fun times to 4 people in the Windy City in David Mamet’s take on relationships in Sexual Perversity in Chicago.  Mark Levy and Jennifer Shorstein star as Danny and Deborah, two single people who get together in the hot bicentennial summer of ’76 during the sexual revolution, which comes into play when Danny’s womanizing best friend Bernie (Christopher Fahmie) and Deb’s bitter roommate Joan (Melody Goddell) have their own say about the roles of men and women, which serve as obstacles to the young couple’s budding relationship.  The play contains extremely coarse language and sexual innuendo, so reservations will fill up fast!

The Maids  | Open: 04/24/10 Close: 05/08/10

Genet based his play on the infamous Papin sisters, Lea and Christine, who brutally murdered their employer and her daughter in Le Mans, France, in 1933. Solange and Claire are two housemaids who construct elaborate sadomasochistic rituals when their mistress (Madame) is away. The focus of their theatrical playing is the murder of Madame and they take turns portraying either side of the power divide. The deliberate pace and devotion to detail guarantees that they always fail to actualize their fantasies by ceremoniously "killing" Madame at the ritual's denouement. The play was first produced by Louis Jouvet in 1947. The story can be read as an absurdist exposition on the intricate power dynamic that exists between unequals.

The production features scenic design by Laura Taber Bacon, costume design by Emily Lippolis, and lighting design by Michael Megliolia. Julian Mesri is the sound designer, Chelsea Chorpenning is the properties designer, Gae Song is the assistant stage manager, Gargi Shinde is the dramaturg, Nic Musolino is the technical director and Laura Gomezx is the stage manager. Renee Reneé Rodriguez is the producer and Tara Clark is the associate producer.

Briar Rose, The Tale Of Sleeping Beauty  | Open: 01/19/10 Close: 01/23/10
On the surface, Briar Rose appears to be a musical of soaring melodies, romance, and some comedic moments; nothing else. It’s seems to be a show that celebrates spectacle, dancing, and excitement. Entertaining, but not holding much substance. But after the show when the lights come back up, after you hear the songs in your head again as you walk out of the theater, you realize that you’ve been tricked. There was more substance than just entertainment!

While not deviating too far off the path the Brothers Grimm created, Briar Rose is able to delve into questions and feelings that all of us have at one point in our lives; feelings from not belonging, sexual frustration, and even suicide. But none of these points are pounded into your mind, and none of them tackled with the weight one might expect from such serious subjects. Everything is handled discretely and with a gentle hand… and then you realize you’re humming the music again!

Briar Rose is entertainment for everyone, without talking down to anyone. It’s filled with rich characters – evil, good, and just plain silly. Sometimes the stage is filled with movement that feels as though it might spill out into the audience; and sometimes it’s still with a calm simplicity for a poignant moment. And the music and lyrics, from exceeding happiness to relentless action; all formed together to make the experience of Briar Rose a musical like none you’ve ever experienced before.

Nights Before  | Open: 12/02/09 Close: 12/06/09


NIGHTS BEFORE, an evening of three World Premiere short plays written by Kirby Mitchell.

  • Queens Halloween
  • The Night Before Thanksgiving
  • Goodnight and Merry Christmas

Set during the holiday season, each story presents an opening for a new beginning filled with reunion, hope, and forgiveness.



Are You There, Zeus? It's Me, Electra.  | Open: 10/29/09 Close: 11/22/09
Electra is angry, ruthless, and hell-bent on revenge. Too bad she’s only 16…

Electra is determined to avenge her father Agamemnon’s death. Unfortunately, she’s powerless - a teenager stuck at home with nothing but a Greek chorus that just won’t go away. She will need to band together with her long-lost brother Orestes, their dim-witted sister Chrysothemis, their trusted friend Pylades and a torrent of raging hormones to set her plot for revenge in motion. But will vengeance lead to happiness? And why does puberty have to be so tragic?

This Greek play’s original title is somewhat deceiving. Electra appears to be about a central female character affecting all action of the play. However, she spends the entire time waiting for a man to show up on his proverbial white horse and make things happen. This story has always been about the one true heir Orestes; the conquering hero, returning home to save the day. All Electra can do is wait and lament… and then lament some more. But what if the story really belonged to Electra? What if she grew to believe in her own power and gained the strength to fight back on her own terms? This over the top, hilarious production answers those questions for you and throws in the grungy sounds of Nirvana, Bush and Greenday for good measure. Come and see Electra exact her own revenge for yourself!

Irene Ryan Award nominee Dani Cervone (Electra) leads the standout ensemble, which also features Elizabeth Bove, Carley Colbert, Jan Di Pietro (Far Out! at Minetta Lane Theatre), Marci Koltonuk (Dance Dance Revolution at The Ohio Theatre), Meg Lanzarone, Kevin Mitchell, Michael Alan Read, Matt Rini and Tom Slot (Jesus Freaks at Manhattan Repertory).

Creative team includes: Laura Hirschberg (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Rachel Wohlander (Assistant Director/Stage Manager), Zane Enloe (Scenic Designer), David Monroy (Lighting Designer) and David Moyer (Costume Designer).

A Christmas Wizard of Oz  | Open: 11/21/09 Close: 11/22/09
 Adam Roebuck Productions presents
Christmas Wizard of Oz by Kathryn Schultz Miller

Roy Arias Theater Complex
Times Square Arts Center
300 West 43rd Street
Between 8th & 9th Avenues
5th Floor Off Broadway Theater

A cast of 22 talented tri-state middle school students bring to life the classic children's story, Wizard of Oz to life with a Christmas twist. This 35 minute long production is suitable for all ages and seating is general admission. Large orders should arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime to ensure the group can sit together.

 Adam Roebuck Productions presents
7 Santas
The Eight: Reindeer Monologues
By Jeff Goode

The Roy Arias Theater Complex
Times Square Arts Center
300 West 43rd Street
Between 8th & 9th Avenues
5th Floor Off Broadway Theater

Tired of seeing A Christmas Carol or the Gift of the Magi? A cast of 24 twenty-somethings bring both of Jeff Goode's holiday plays to life in Midtown. Christmas is not necessarily nice this year but definitely naughty! Running time is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes including a 15 minute intermission. This play is not suitable for children and younger teens. General admission and pickups may be picked up 30 minutes prior to curtain or less. To guarantee seating together for large ticket orders, please arrive 30 minutes prior to curtain.

Author's Notes

"You've heard the rumors about Santa and the elves? About Rudolph's little secret? About Vixen's story that was leaked to the press? All true. Yes, the reindeer finally speak up and--believe use--they do not hold back."

"Christmas will never be the same this year. Scandal erupts at the North Pole when the most powerful man on Earth is sentenced to rehab for minor traffic violation. But when he finds himself in detox program run my the estranged Mrs. Claus, Santa's desperate struggle to conceal the truth about his arrest, uncovers yet another sordid secret that could mean the end of Christmas-as-we-know-it."

Ripe For The Picking - The Play  | Open: 10/01/09 Close: 11/01/09
Ripe for the Picking tells the story of a languishing journalist named Gzifa Moyoyo who is called upon from her past to rise and become her own hero. 
After receiving a letter from a distant cousin in Ghana, Gzifa embarks on a journey that brings her to some of the most careworn countries in the world. Fueled by the need to help her tse, Gzifa creates a television series to reach out to the subjugated; and crosses the globe to meet a young girl for sale on Falkland Road in Bombay, a prisoner in a Laogai labor camp in China, and Apedomessi – a young spirit sold to a Trokosi priest in Kome, Ghana at 11 years old. As the interviewed divulge their horrific narratives, using a blend of poetic monologues and dialogue, and music, Gzifa becomes increasingly drawn to them and learns that if we can experience together we cannot fail apart. Consequently, she joins the fight for international equality, renews her vow to rescue her cousin and ends the trokosi (child sex slavery) system in Ghana. 
Nevertheless, the question remains, how far will she go on her quest to explore the depths of human conflict, suffering and the fear of losing her own humanity?

Introducing Folami Williams as Gzifa Moyoyo , and with,
John Wu, Aizzah Fatima, Tina Jetter, Jennifer Presno, Nicholas Wilder, Andrew Lee Morris and Chester Poon

Featuring Original Works of Art
Playwright Nadrae Grashin
Composition by Andrzej Danek
Logo Design by Lawrence Hosannah
Choreography by Alessandro Pellicani
Fight Direction by Chester Poon
Videography by Pal58

Big Apple Song-a-gram  | Open: 10/02/09 Close: 10/04/09
marsha greenberg, impersonator, singer, dancer and owner of, "big apple song- a-gram", has been waiting for her big break in show business. the moment in time arrives when she is contacted to perform at a birthday party for mo lipschitz, an embezzler and degenerate gambler. at the party, she meets al, from the "mayors office", which ultimately leads to her destiny, the proverbial "fifteen minutes of fame". from carolina, her mexican girlfriend who is tired of serving tacos and tamales to vincent zipp, the old- time gangster and shylock always looking to making a fast buck, the audience is drawn into a musical comedy filled with jewish humor, a little vaudeville schtick and "it wouldn"t hurt", some song and dance.

Spring's Awakening  | Open: 08/26/09 Close: 08/30/09
 A cast of 22 twenty-somethings brings Wedekind's classic play to midtown. Spring's Awakening is a tragi-comedy of teenage sex. It's fourteen-year-old heroine is killed by abortion pills. The young Moritz, terrorized by the world around him, and especially by his teachers, shoots himself. The ending seems likely to be the suicide of Moritz's friend, Melchior, but in a confrontation with a mysterious stranger (the famous Masked Man) he finally manages to shed his illusions and face the consequences. Jerry Cherry makes his theaterical debut creating a rock score for the show's incidental music.



  • Melchior - James Doheny
  • Moritz - Michael Reddin
  • Wendla - Michelle Vanegas
  • Man in the Mask/Bonebreaker - Aaron Sholomenko
  • Hanschen - Robbie Simpson
  • Ernst/Reinhold - Bobby Gamez
  • Robert Gaston - Adam Hadas
  • Otto/Ruprecht - Dan Gershaw
  • George/Diethelm - Dominick LaRuffa
  • Lammermier/Helmuth - Vincent Eaton
  • Mrs. Gabor - Kate Eisenhower
  • Mrs. Bergman - Whitney Egbert
  • Martha - Maryellen Brito
  • Thea - Michelle Halterman
  • Suntroke - Nathan Bovos
  • Stickytongue/Goatmilker - Stephanie DiPilla
  • Cathmequick/Rentier/Dr. Procrustes - Chris Toro
  • Starveling/Pastor Skinnytum - Stephen Hadeed
  • Flykiller/Uncle Probst/Locksmith - Bryan Essing
  • Thickstick/Dr. Fizzpowder - John Herron
  • Ina Muller/Calfvlove - Jessica Hanson
  • Mr. Gabor - Daniel Hynds
  • Ilse - Shaina Stigler


He Said, She Said: A Romantic Comedy  | Open: 08/28/09 Close: 08/29/09
After several years of being together, most couples begin to figure out what type of person they have by their sides. Or have they always known? This one-act is a comedic look inside this puzzling question. After all, what is the truth when it’s based on what he said and what she said?

Dirty Secrets  | Open: 06/04/09 Close: 06/21/09
DIRTY SECRETS is a smart, gender-bent thriller that pokes fun at brainless gay stereotypes while addressing the controversial subject of monogamy in gay relationships. Right from the opening scene you know you're watching a play about homosexuals. Instead of boring us with platitudes about the evils of pigeonholing people, the characters skewer stereotypes by spouting earnest lines like, "You don't act gay -- you're masculine!" It's all about Tom, who shows up at the home of Nick and Shane, a gay couple who live in Manhattan. Tom is depressed because he's just discovered that his lover of eight years has had sex with another man. It turns out that the distraught Tom has come to torture Shane, and it's the ways in which he carries out his revenge -- first demanding sex with Shane, later seducing Nick -- that move the play along. He has a worthy opponent in the snaky Shane, who trumps Tom's attempts at blackmail, but can't keep up with his nasty houseguest's vile temper. 

Warning: Contains brief male nudity. 

- Matt Weaver as Shane
- Jason Romas as Nick
- Bernard Burlew as Tom 
- Brian Pelaccio as Mormon Boy