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Fighter  | Open: 10/13/11 Close: 10/23/11
The story of two boys who delve into the past to try and find the perfect tale of heroism, only to discover they don't have to go as far back as they think - and along the way, deliver all the ass-kicking and massive stage fights you have been asking us for: live, gritty humans, fighting onstage.
FIGHTER is a multidisciplinary fight experience that has audiences coming for the abs and staying for the journey. 

“Some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in a live performance, hands down” The Orange Hats (audience response video),

About the Company: Organs of State

A downtown Manhattan-based non-profit theater company, formed three years ago to create a home for experimenting artists and audiences. By bringing together artists of different disciplines, and creating whole, performative events, we seek to take the important ideas in the world around us and make them tangible.

Wonder of the World  | Open: 06/10/10 Close: 06/26/10
The shocking discovery of her husband’s dirty little secret prompts Cass to flee her marriage and set out on a frantic journey of self-discovery to experience the life she feels she’s missed out on. Armed with a 237 item to-do list, Cass heads to Niagara Falls where her encounters with a lonely tour-boat captain, a pair of bickering private investigators, a clown therapist, and a barrel-toting alcoholic take her on a wild comedic ride dangerously close to the edge of the falls.  From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire.

 With Kate Benson*, Aaron Blakely, Bryn Boice*, Evangeline Johns*, Tom Ligon*, Katharine McLeod* and Michael Poignand*.

Stage Manager: Maegen Sacco, Asst. Stage Manager: Jasmin Sanchez, Scenic Designer: Emily Lippolis, Costume Designer: Jessica Lustig, Lighting Designer: Susan Nicholson, Sound Designer: Andy Leviss.

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

All My Sons  | Open: 05/13/10 Close: 05/23/10
Love Creek Productions continues its 25th Anniversary Season by presenting the play that established Arthur Miller as one of America’s foremost playwrights.  Based on a true story and set shortly after World War II, All My Sons is about love, honor, integrity, and the consequences of a clash between morality and war.  All My Sons looks at how far one will go to achieve material comfort and an improved social status through hard work and determination.  The play in essence presents the darker path of the drive to achieve the American Dream and the greed of wartime profiteering. With today’s national headlines of the wars in Iraqand Afghanistan, executives and financial officers of major corporations behind bars, and the financial collapse, All My Sons has a contemporary relevance for American audiences of today.  All My Sons shows us how an everyday “Joe” sacrifices his integrity for materialism, and how he confronts his morality in the face of desperation and parental responsibility.

8x10 Glossy Shorts: Plays from the Left Hip  | Open: 02/10/10 Close: 02/14/10
 "8x10 Glossy Shorts: Plays from the Left Hip" is an evening of eight short plays about Life, Love, Death and Carnality.

"The Crossing" by Ann Gillespie
Directed by Cindy Kawasaki
featuring Luciana Faulhaber and Diamando Stratakos

"Last Encounters" by Jennifer Marvel
Directed by Diamando Stratakos
featuring Joshua Paul Johnson, Coleen Sciacca, Michael Schoenfeld, and Allison Ungar

"For Your Amusement" by Katharine Henner
Directed by Bob Teague
featuring Colleen B. McGloin, Ava Mihaljevich, Suzanne Mooney, and Kevin Russo

"Dirty Darlings" by Corey Williams
Directed by Jason Lord-Surratt
featuring Katherine Gordon, Leo Mendoza, and Sarah Jacobs

"Very Very" by Rebecca Jane Stokes
Directed by David Platt
featuring Bobby Brower, Jamie Rosler, and Nancy Upton

"Caroline Too" by David Potashnik
Directed by C. Abeydeera
featuring Chas Bruns, Tim Dowd, Avra Friedman, Amanda Holland, Nicolene Katsilometes, and Heather Refvem

"Willoughby" by Megan Lohne
Directed by David Platt
featuring Frank Cruz and Elisa Pupko

"The Elephant in the Room is Feeding the Ducks" by Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko
Directed by Bob Teague
featuring Laura Baron, Seneca Black, Michael Chenevert, Kazim Qutab, Evangeline Reilly, and Allison Ungar

The Assistant  | Open: 04/24/09 Close: 05/01/09
the story of Morris Bober, a modest grocery store owner in 1940s Brooklyn, whose effort to live a virtuous life according to Jewish law is threatened by Frank Alpine, a drifter from the West, whose outsized ambitions and lust for Helen, Morris' daughter, challenge and change the Bober family in ways they could have never imagined.

Zuckerman’s focus in this adaptation is on “the relationship between Morris, a failed grocer, and Frank, an outsider who had done Morris harm. Frank sees the gentle humanity in Morris, who becomes the father he never had.” Veteran stage director Vogel was attracted to this project because “one does not often come across a play as complex and filled with moral ambiguities as The Assistant. It addresses issues that are as relevant today as they were when Malamud wrote the novel in the late 50’s.”

Malamud’s concerns in The Assistant are evident throughout all his work, most especially in his short stories. Though told in a spare, compressed prose that reflects the terse speech of their immigrant characters, the stories often burst into emotional, metaphorical language. Grim city neighborhoods are visited by magical events, and their hardworking residents are given glimpses of love and self-sacrifice. Malamud’s short-story collections are The Magic Barrel (1958), Idiots First (1963), Pictures of Fidelman (1969), and Rembrandt’s Hat (1973). The Stories of Bernard Malamud appeared in 1983, and The People and Uncollected Stories were published posthumously in 1989. The People, an unfinished novel, tells the story of a Jewish immigrant adopted by a 19th-century American Indian tribe. One critic spoke of “its moral sinew and its delicacy of tone.”

Martin M. Zuckerman was a mathematics professor at City College. He has adapted nine works of Henry James, Edith Wharton, Katherine Mansfield, and John Dos Passos. His play, The Aspern Papers, was produced by Turtle Shell Productions. Other plays have been produced at the Samuel French Festival, the Strawberry Festival, the Fifteen-Minute Festival (Belfast, ME), the Women of Color Festival, and the American Theatre of Harlem.

John W. Cooper (producer/artistic director) was awarded Best Actor in the European Tournament of Plays. He is the producer, artistic director and founder of Turtle Shell Productions, which has produced over one hundred plays, including Five by Tenn, Blues for Mister Charlie, PUCK’d, Ourselves Alone and The 8-Minute Madness Playwright Festival.

THE ASSISTANT is produced by John W. Cooper, Set Design by Kyle Dixon, Lighting by Rocco D'Santi, Costumes by A. Christina Giannini, Sound Design by Jason T. Hurley, the Stage Manager is Lindsay Vrab, and Dramaturg Michael Bettencourt.

Miss Ever's Boys  | Open: 03/19/09 Close: 04/05/09
Set during the 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Study, one of the most notorious medical secrets in American history, a nurse wrestles with her loyalty to the institute’s doctors while her band of patients finds the will to live through the power of music.

Raised In Captivity  | Open: 01/29/09 Close: 02/15/09
Raised in Captivity is a dark comedy about twin siblings who deal with guilt, redemption, self punishment, and revealed secrets following their mother’s untimely death. Amidst the seemingly unending economic crisis, this production acts as a satiric mirror for the dysfunction, alienation and depths of depravity possible in a sometimes cold society.

The Red Fern Theatre will partner with Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow as part of its ongoing mission to produce socially conscious plays while partnering with philanthropies whose missions assist those affected by the issues addressed in the play. Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow helps disadvantaged youth and adults recognize their own self-worth, and advance towards self-sufficiency and financial security through job training, academic reinforcement, improved life skills, job placement, and support services. More information about the organization can be found at

Featuring Josh Lefkowitz*, Bryant Mason*, Emilie Elizabeth Miller, José Joaquín Pérez, Jennifer Dorr White*
*Actors Appear Courtesy of Actors Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.

The production team includes direction by Dominic D’Andrea, scenic design by Eliza Brown, costume design by Emily DeAngelis, lighting design by Jessica Greenberg, sound design by Daniel Kluger, fight direction by Qui Nguyen, properties by Ashton Glaume, assistant direction by TJ Clark, and stage management by Erienne Wredt.