Collapsable Hole

Todays Date: 11/16/19
Last Update: 10/17/19 01:28:14 PM
Address: 146 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY   

Phone: NC

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Radiohole, the company praised as "masters of design-forward experimental mayhem" by the American Theater Magazine, presents the world premiere of Now Serving: A Guide to Aesthetic Etiquette in Four Courses, an immersive performance dinner party. The food (cocktails, wine, hors d'oeuvres for all audience members; a four-course meal at the table) is served and consumed in a ritualistic, performative manner that begins to undermine the formality and civility of the evening, revealing a very different, darker ritual than those prescribed by Emily Post, and unleashing a surreal bacchanalian feast which sets its revenge on the patriarchy.
Created and performed by the company members Amanda Bender, Erin Douglass, Eric Dyer, and Maggie Hoffman, with Catherine McRae on violin and Kristin Worrall as pastry chef.

About the Company: Radiohole
Radiohole is an ensemble founded by Erin Douglass, Eric Dyer, Maggie Hoffman and Scott Halvorsen Gillette that makes loud, brash and often soggy collaborative shows in the liminal space between theater, performance art, literature, sound and visual art, where conventional rules and categories shift unpredictably. Described by The Drama Review as "the quintessential American performance group," Radiohole's fifteen original productions and numerous short performance works have earned them a reputation as one of NYC's most uncompromising experimental theater companies. After performing in bars and basements around Brooklyn and the East Village in the late 1990s, Radiohole, (in partnership with The Collapsable Giraffe) founded the Collapsable Hole in 2000 where most of their work was performed until the venue's closing in 2013. Additionally Radiohole has performed at PS122, The Kitchen, The Performing Garage, LaMaMa, The Knitting Factory, and WFMU's Monty Hall. Nationally, their work has toured to Seattle, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Troy, NY and internationally, it was presented in Austria, Denmark, Holland, Ireland and Norway.