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Warehouse Of Horrors: Gowanus '73  | Open: 10/11/12 Close: 11/02/12
This Halloween, UglyRhino turns The Brooklyn Lyceum into a brand new spooky, boozy warehouse of tragedies and terrors. Following the success of Halloween 2011′s Warehouse of Horrors, UglyRhino will return with six brand new stories and curated cocktails. With a similar format as the sold-out run of March’s Centralia, the UglyRhino creative team has developed a new interactive warehouse experience, based on the true events from in and around the Brooklyn Lyceum, which will expand to include a haunted house element.

Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus '73 explores the seedy underbelly of 1970’s Brooklyn. After a string of mysterious and grotesque murders at an underground rave party, a complex web of mafia relations, crooked cops, and dangerous drug dealers is revealed. A peek into the twisted and true history of the area, the show combines non-traditional storytelling with a social atmosphere, enveloping audiences deep into the world of the play as they encounter characters, hear their stories and sip on cocktails.  Each audience member of Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus '73 will have a distinctly unique experience as they travel around the warehouse and try to ensure they are not the next one to go. 

About the Company: UglyRhino Productions

UglyRhino is a new way to experience theater. Expanding on our high quality productions, we integrate dynamic arts programming ranging from emerging musicians to warehouse parties. UglyRhino curates affordable evenings with a social atmosphere that capture the inimitable spirit of Brooklyn.

Uglyrhino's 2012 Micro-season  | Open: 08/15/12 Close: 08/31/12
UglyRhino's 2012 micro-season of new musical plays, live bands and parties will take place this August at The Brooklyn Lyceum. Our micro-seasons place two plays at the heart of a larger artistic celebration, providing a variety of events on any given evening. What results is a social experience you can’t find in your traditional theater setting. The third annual micro-season will focus on music, featuring two entirely new musical plays developed by the UglyRhino team, as well as a variety of live bands and DJs. These mainstage plays explore the unifying themes of personal, sexual and creative awakenings through unique musical compositions. 

The Awakening 

Adapted from the novella by Kate Chopin

Conceived and written by Bryce Norbitz and Nicole Rosner

Directed by Nicole Rosner

An original play with songs adapted from Kate Chopin’s classic novella of the same name, The Awakening tells the story of Edna Pontellier’s struggle to reconcile her newfound sexual awakening with the prevailing attitudes and conservative social conventions of late nineteenth-century Louisiana. “Edna began to feel like one who awakens gradually out of a dream, a delicious, grotesque, impossible dream, to feel again the realities pressing into her soul.”


Directed by Danny Sharron

Book by Bryce Norbitz

Music by Ben Bonnema

Lyrics by Zayre Ferrer

One part rock concert, one part theatrical experience, GLAMDROMEDA explores the relationship between glam rock music, sexual desire, and visual hedonism. Using the backdrop of the glam rock movement, we follow our protagonist and his newly formed rock star alter ego through an epic journey of self-discovery in the wake of a life-altering glam concert. 


Wednesday, August 15thThe Awakening, followed by Brooklyn Lyceum’s Jazz on the Ave

Thursday, August 16thThe Awakening, followed by Anya Skidan and LOVE INN with FREE food from Baluchis Park Slope

Friday, August 17thThe Awakening, followed by the Grand Isle cocktail party, featuring I Love Suzie

Wednesday, August 22ndThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA

Thursday, August 23rdThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA with FREE food from Baluchis Park Slope

Friday, August 24thThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA, followed by 
UglyRhino’s Summer Fete: Part 2, featuring Frankenpine and the DJ’s of You Don’t Have to Settle

Saturday, August 25thThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA

Wednesday, August 29thThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA

Thursday, August 30thThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA with FREE food from Baluchis Park Slope

Friday, August 31stThe Awakening and GLAMDROMEDA

About the Company: UglyRhino Productions

UglyRhino is a new way to experience theater. Expanding on our high quality productions, we integrate dynamic arts programming ranging from emerging musicians to warehouse parties. UglyRhino curates affordable evenings with a social atmosphere that capture the inimitable spirit of Brooklyn.

Leaving Ikea: A Play In Two Cantos  | Open: 06/07/12 Close: 06/24/12
A coming out gone wrong, an angry gnome, and two hundred pounds of Swedish meatballs: welcome to IKEA, friends. As two couples venture through their local Swedish superstore, they become trapped in a blue and yellow purgatory, unable to escape until they solve the problems in their ailing relationships

Will they be able to put all of the parts together without any instructions? Will they ever get home? Join two ordinary couples as they take an extraordinary journey to find the arrows that will lead them out of the relationship inferno that is IKEA.


Jason Carden (Awesome 80’s Prom), Mark Hattan* (Our Town, Barrow Street Theatre), Caroline Ryburn* (Largely/NY with Bill Irwin) and Marshall York (Radioplay, PS 122) will be joining Artful Conspirators John Gardner, Molly Lloyd, Miranda Shields, Lauren Singerman*, and Ryan Stinnett. 

The cast also includes Shane Taylor*, Paul Kite*, Katie Koster, and Melanie Rose Wilson*.

The creative team includes; scenic designer Jen Varbalow, sound designer Alex Hawthorn, lighting designer Kate Ashton, costume designer Erin Murphy, puppetry design by Leontine Greenberg, and original music by Richard Aufrichtig of The Lost Shores

The production stage manager is Barbara Dente*. 

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association      

About the Company: The Artful Conspirators


The Artful Conspirators are a Brooklyn-based collective of theater artists dedicated to new theatrical work that includes the audience as a participant in the theatre-making process.

The Productions

The Artful Conspirators were born fully formed from the thigh of Zeus during a workshop production of A Lesson in Art as part of Puppet Blok! at Dixon Place in the winter of 2007.  Since that first production, the Conspirators have created and performed The Oral Tradition: Reclaiming and Rebirthing the Hero’s JourneyWhitman’s BrooklynThe Second Pipe of DesireSurvival, and Brooklyn Underground: Theatrical Stories from the Green-Wood Cemetery.  

Insectinside  | Open: 04/26/11 Close: 04/29/11

Grounded Aerial Dance presents:



–A play, a dance, an aerial performance experience


Artistic Director- Karen A. Fuhrman





Cast of fourteen.  Silk artists, dancers, a stilt artist, actors, bungee aerial, original musical score with a piece created by the jazz-fusion musician, John Medeski.  Performers from companies such as: Pilobolus, Cirque Du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera, and De La Guarda. Grounded Aerial has shown Insectinside in San Franscico, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn. 



Insectinside catapults the audience in a whirlwind of flying wasps, glowing fireflies, and a towering praying mantis.  Ravenous insects tackle the themes of love, grace, madness, and greed, revealing layers of human empathy.  Insectinside is a spectacle of stunning imagery, audience immersion, and jaw –dropping physical feats.  Within, a raw and volatile love story provokes the question: Is strife necessary to achieve enlightenment and love?



April 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th, 8:00pm



Brooklyn Lyceum

227 4th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11215

(R train to Union Street)



For tickets, please go to:


Bauhaus The Bauhaus  | Open: 10/09/09 Close: 11/22/09
Modernism! Utopia! Architecture! Sit-upons! The Nerve Tank explores the Bauhaus, the seminal German school of design that operated from 1919 until 1933, when the Nazi regime shut it down. bauhaus the bauhaus is a fully immersive research and performance experience, where collective action meets mass production to form a stylized dream of progress. Are the ideals of the Bauhaus alive and well today? Or have they been concealed, co-opted, and Ikea-d to death? This project is a multimedia assembly of music, video, movement, and language. Henry Ford, Tom Wolfe, Walter Gropius and Andy Warhol all make appearances. The company is collaborating on its creation with German dramaturge and director Lutz Kessler.

A Gathering  | Open: 03/05/09 Close: 06/18/09
The Nerve Tank is proud to announce the opening of their dark, metaphysical thriller, A Gathering. The piece fuses movement theatre, spoken word, and immersive design to take the audience on a unique and layered journey. Three people hide from an unseen threat; along the way, identities are questioned and narratives spiral out of control. The show features a rotating cast of Nerve Tank company members. It's been developed in residence at The Brooklyn Lyceum in their Downstairs Theatre, a 4,000 square-foot performance venue and former public bath. Drinks will be served at a cash bar after each performance.

Text: Chance D. Muehleck
Direction: Melanie S. Armer
Stage Design: Solomon Weisbard
Sound Design: Stephan Moore
Costume Design: David Withrow
Featuring: Brian Barefoot, Stacia French, Jason Howard, Irene Hsi, Kevin Lapin
Stage Management: Jennifer Caster

Brooklyn at Eye Level  | Open: 12/04/08 Close: 12/07/08
Acclaimed NYC Theater company performs new work investigating development in Brooklyn.
Directed by Civilians Artistic Director, Steve Cosson, Brooklyn at Eye Level was developed in collaboration with Urban Bush Women, composer Michael Friedman, Michael Hill's Blues Mob, neo-soul singer Grace Kalambay, local youth from the Atlantic Terminal Community Center, Brooklyn Tech High School and more.

Brooklyn at Eye Level is created from material gathered during a community investigation currently underway that focuses on the controversial Atlantic Yards development project. A team of professional actors are conducting interviews with residents, business owners, politicians and civic organizations and collecting information everywhere, from public events to beauty salons, developing insights into how buildings, services, public space and economic issues shape the ecology of the neighborhood around us. Also providing inspiration for the piece are a series of Community/Artist Labs connecting playwrights Lucy Thurber and Carl Hancock Rux to local groups of community youth.

The production features Marsha Stephanie Blake, Melanie Nicholls-King, Greg McFadden, Keith Randolph Smith, Joaquin Torres and Colleen Werthmann.