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Hinterland  | Open: 11/03/09 Close: 11/08/09
Hinterland tells the story of Pinch, a small time thief whose destiny is revealed to him after a bizarre encounter in the forest. Tricked into believing that his true love is a cursed maiden who has been turned to stone, Pinch is told that he must stage four tales to awaken her from slumber. With the help of a motley crew of friends, Pinch must produce a show in her honor full of wit, wisdom and morality. Steeped in magic and madness, Hinterland is a modern homage to the surreal humor found in the original tales of The Brothers Grimm.

Manhattan Fable- The Actress Who Cried Wolf!  | Open: 09/29/09 Close: 10/01/09
Another false pregnancy test, a fight with her lover, violation of trust, maybe multiple personalities,
dead people ... Something is wrong with Carla.

Manhattan Fable- The Actress Who Cried Wolf!  is a dark dramedy about two southern lovers fighting and loving in mid-town Manhattan.  Andrew, a very-handsome successful writer on the edge of obsessive-compulsive disorder, is unable to comprehend why his fiancée, Carla, is acting so strange and deceitful.  Carla, a beautiful very-intense actress, is falling apart, unable to deal with the heartbreak of her failures and the guilt of her unforgivable betrayal.  The relationship is weathered still more when Anna, Andrew's alcoholic tell-it-like-she-thinks-it-is mother, arrives to haunt Carla and coerce her into total insanity.  Even with the help of a fun, warm-hearted, kleptomaniac housekeeper named Acantha, this fable's lessons cannot elude tragedy.   

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women  | Open: 12/04/08 Close: 12/14/08
The Emma Goldman Theatre Brigade, a radical feminist theatre group, is at it again - implementing their innovative lottery system to insure theatrical equality. They each draw the role they will play out of a hat each night before the show, but tonight there's a critic in the audience and the sisterhood is put to the test when some of them don't draw the role they want. What follows is the trial of five women accused of denying Anastasia Romanov, the infamous daughter of Tsar Nicholas, of her identity where the audience becomes judge and jury. They rule on objections during the course of the play, creating a new show with every performance. A courtroom drama based on history wrapped in a backstage farce with a healthy dose of audience participation thrown in for good measure, The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women presents a profoundly engaging excursion into the interactions of women who are survivors and abusers.

Featuring Beth Adler, Molly Church, Ashley Diane Currie, Dianna Lora*, Emily Murray*, Brooklyn Scalzo*, Sara Towber*, Nora Vetter and Lexi Windsor*

The Importance of Being Earnest  | Open: 11/05/08 Close: 11/16/08
Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff are both busy leading double lives in the highest of style: creating false identities, avoiding family obligations, wooing well-bred young ladies, visiting imaginary invalids and (equally imaginary) wayward brothers. As their respective alternate lives collide, these two will have to decide whether being Ernest or earnest will land them their heart's desire. A contemporary telling retaining the play's classic language yet infused with a shot of sexuality, 'The Importance of Being Earnest' is a prime example of how Wilde's sharp wit and humor transcends the test of time.

Directed by Christine Vinh; Stage Manager: Bridget Halloran

Pants on Fire  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/16/08
This new comedy by Christopher Award Winner Bill Svanoe tells the comedic story of Lynne Weiss, a "middle-aged" single lady, who dips her toes into the zaniness that is internet dating for the very first time. Along the way she stumbles into a hodgepodge of men, from a Viagra induced diplomat to a mobster named Rudy that may or may not be the basis for The Godfather, but in the end she just might find love in the most unexpected of all places.

Directed by Blake Bradford and Brooklyn Scalzo

Wwss4: Four Your Shorts Only  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/08/08
Phare Play is at it again. Giving six writers a mere 12 hours to crank out a script. They don't get to pick their theme or even their actors. Heck, they're even forced to use a certain line. And then the directors and actors only get an afternoon to get fully blocked and offbook? Before they have to subject their work to audiences who not only are there to be amused but also to judge them in categories like "Hottest Cast" and "Best Use of Prop"?

Hell, yeah! And you know it's a ton of fun! One night only - two shows. You know you want to.