Don Hills

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 10/01/08 03:05:33 PM
Address: 511 Greenwich Street
New York, NY    10013

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Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue  | Open: 10/16/08 Close: 10/16/08
Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue October 16 , 9PM @ Don Hills

"Like a Fine Wine, MargOH! only gets better with age" – Next

Much loved gay icon MargOH! Channing returns this October with another all-soul burlesque revue! After a sell-out show at Lucky Chengs, MargOH! is back with a brand new show, "Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue" October 16 at Don Hills( 511 Greenwich St. @ Spring St) 9PM. This time around, MargOH! will be fusing her raucous onstage persona and famously bombastic voice with a full live band. As part of the celebration she will be joined by a dream team of burlesque beauties including Sugar Shack producer RunAround Sue, Della Dare "The Queen of the Double D's", the multi-pageant winning Incredible Edible Akynos and boylesque beauty MAN-ee Champagne MargOH!'s gay fiancé! They will all be dancing (and stripping) up a storm to the sexy and sultry sounds of The Dirty Boogaloo band, led by Daddy Snuggs himself, Jarad Astin. As An added bonus a full set of live music by The Dirty Boogaloo will immediately follow burlesque show.

MargOH! Channing is the most decorated extra in the history of motion pictures and television having appeared in over 1,700 films and won 7 Exies. Her hilarious stage shows have become something of an event on the downtown scene and are always must-sees for her ardent fans. MargOH!'s last show, What Makes a Legend Drink Most?, was received with such excitement that she was forced to add a date at The Duplex with Raw: A Command Performance, her sell-out special which featured a surprise appearance from good friend Nellie McKay.

Ms. Channing, who recently turned 60 attempted to get naked, but after some thought, decided to leave that up to the kids...This revue is a celebration of the good, the bad and the drunk, presented through song, dance, poetry, comedy and down and dirty music for the soul. Come join MargOH! and her wonderful cast of characters for an evening of pure excitement and most of all love. Says MargOH! herself; "I'm so thrilled to be doing burlesque at this point in my life, at my age I'm lucky to be doing anything. I'm so proud to be part of a burlesque community which is at the forefront of promoting a positive body image for everyone, really we are. It doesn't matter if you're thin as a rake or as big as a house. If you can shake that thing, and honey my kids can, you'll be accepted and loved. What is more gorgeous than that? Nothing"

Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue takes place on October 16 at Don Hills, 511 Greenwich St. @ Spring St. $10 Pre-sale/ $12 at the door