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The US PREMIERE of Tim Firth's "The Safari Party"  | Open: 09/19/08 Close: 10/11/08
Iconic writer of stage and screen, Tim Firth, has entrusted the US PREMIERE of his critically-acclaimed play, The Safari Party, in the very capable hands of Nicholas Cotz and Personal Space Theatrics. Due to the exciting nature of this honor, Personal Space Theatrics has announced a special ticket price offering of $12 for persons 21-30 years of age and $10 ticket Tuesdays!! Tickets will go fast, so take advantage of this great offer while it's available!!

Set inside three households of Cheshire, England, this black farce for the 21st century is not to be missed. Lies, blood, racism, suicide, shotguns, sheep shears and table golf are all employed in this well-crafted high-intensity rollercoaster that masterfully softens the bold darkness with effective comedic undertones. PST invites the audience to not only see and hear the show, but smell, taste and touch as well. The cast includes Rebecca Street (Esther), Ed Schiff (Lol), Erika Sheffer (Bridget ), Patrick Shibles Jones (Adam), Janet Prince (Inga), Stuart Williams (Daniel).

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