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VISIONARY VOICES: 2 WOMEN WRITERS, 3 BIG STORIES  | Open: 02/15/17 Close: 03/05/17
Three poignant, tantalizing plays by two pioneering women playwrights, exploring gender roles, race, and death in America’s early twentieth century.


Trifles by Susan Glaspell, directed by Aimee Todoroff
A "ripped from the headlines" murder-mystery is the inspiration for Glaspell's iconic play about a seemingly diabolical crime without a motive. While the investigators look to the usual clues, only their wives, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, are able to clearly see course of events that lead to a woman's desperate act.  Director Aimee Todoroff states, “The discussion around the inclusion of women's perspectives in our public discourse, especially in politics and media, has been a hot topic in 2016. In 1916, Susan Glaspell brilliantly created a taught, heart-wrenching mystery that can only be fully understood when the audience shares the women's perspective, illuminating in a visceral way that inclusion is imperative to the human experience. Without women, we're only telling half the story!”

Cast:  Cheri Wicks*, Mel House*, Michael Birch*, Arthur Aulisi*, Chris Harcum*


Exit: An Illusion by Marita Bonner directed by Tonya Pinkins
A lovers quarrel? A nightmare? A dream? The only thing that is certain is that tomorrow is not promised. So Live, Love Now.

Cast: Morgan McGuire, T. Thompson, Carl Fisk


The People by Susan Glaspell, directed by Aimee Todoroff
The radical newspaper "The People," run by the world-weary Edward Willis and his cynical assistant editor Oscar Tripp, is on the verge of shutting down. As the staff and loyal readers each take comic swipes at why the paper is failing, a mysterious woman from out of town arrives with some much needed inspiration, just in time to save "The People."  The Charlie Hebdo shootings. Breitbart media. Fake news. A ‘post-fact society.’ These issues can feel overwhelming. It's enough to make a person want to give up. Susan Glaspell's humor, wit and experience as a journalist send us a poignant message from exactly 100 years ago…Hope.

Cast: Arthur Aulisi*, Erin Gilbreth*, Chris Harcum*, Carl Fisk, Nihara Nichelle, Sidiki Fofana, Cheri Wicks*, Michael Birch*, Mel House*, Morgan McGuire, T. Thompson, and Madeline Lovegrove

*Member, Actors’ Equity Association. AEA Showcase.

About the Company: American Bard Theater Company
The American Bard Theater Company is a not-for-profit organization serving the Greater New York community. ABTC is dedicated to the exploration of the First Folio "Shakespeare wrote his plays to engage the 'ear' of his audience's imagination. He intended his plays to be heard and not seen, rather than read silently while sitting on the living room couch. To help his performers make the language of his plays spring to life on stage, he embedded linguistic and rhetorical clues within the scripts he provided for them. These were combined by two of his colleagues after his death after his death to form the First Folio edition of 1623." -John Basil founder of American Globe Theatre technique (a method that uses the author's linguistic clues to envision how the work was meant to be interpreted) as it applies to classical and contemporary theater. We seek to educate the public about First Folio technique through performances of plays and educational presentations.
THE HOT L BALTIMORE  | Open: 10/21/15 Close: 11/21/15
After 46 years of producing affordable live theatre, T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre opens their 2015-2016 season with The Hot L Baltimore, a powerful and poignant comedy by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson (Fifth of July, Tally’s Folly, Burn This). Co-Artistic Director Peter Jensen, director of the NYIT 2010 Best Production of a Play Balm in Gilead also by Lanford Wilson, directs a cast of 15, including Bill Barry, Jill Bianachini*, Cameron Croker, Alexandra Hellquist, James S. Hogan, Anna Holbrook*, Peter Judd*, Shane Rodney Lacoss, Philip Rosen, Joan D. Saunders, Stephanie Seward, Wendy Mae Shelton, Lisa Sobin, Jerry Topitzer, and Matthew Dean Wood.

Lanford Wilson’s hilarious and beautifully written play The Hot L Baltimore, winner of the Drama Desk and Obie awards for best play in 1973, tells the compelling tale of misfits living in a once elegant hotel (the hookers are hot, the waters not), now so derelict that the “e” in “Hotel” is missing on the hotel’s sign. When they learn the hotel is scheduled for demolition, the residents and employees must contemplate the loss of their home, the family they have become, and consider their future. This powerful and poignant comedy asks us to recover our loss of culture, spirit, and imagination, and thereby recover ourselves.
About the Company: T. Schreiber Theatre
The mission of T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is to advance the art of acting by creating an environment in which rigorous professional training, tested by the demands of performance, achieves fulfillment in an Off-Off Broadway venue that nourishes artists through lifelong membership and engages a diverse audience.

In Support of this mission our goals are:
•Intimate, challenging productions that burnish artistic progress and reward the audience,
•Nurture new plays and emerging playwrights
•Illuminate timely revivals
•Innovative industry partnerships.
•Training that challenges artists at every career stage
•Highly qualified faculty respectful of our mission.

Remember all donations are tax deductible. T. Schreiber Studio is a not-for-profit tax exempt organization under Section 501 ( c ) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Fallen  | Open: 06/19/13 Close: 07/28/13
Sarajevo. Turin. London. No matter where they go, six survivors of the Bosnian War feel its lingering repercussions. The Fallen offers a powerful look at lives reeling from the war’s atrocities nearly 20 years later as well as their valiant attempts to recover from the horrors they experienced. raved about last year’s workshop production of the play: The Fallen “is a theatrical work that’s as explosive as a piece of investigative journalism but told as a story about individuals.” Rana wrote the play after working in Bosnian refugee camps as a way to pay homage to the enduring human spirit.

The cast includes Ananda Bena-Weber, Joshua Sienkiewicz, Kelly Swartz, Molly Gyllenhaal, George Mouriadis, and Cyrus Salvia. The production team includes Hal Tiné (scenic design), Sherry Martinez (costume design), Eric Cope (lighting design), Andy Evan Cohen (sound design), Schuyler Burks (assistant scenic design), Nate Frieswyk (technical director), and Janet Bentley (assistant director/producing director).

Doubt -- Pulitzer Prize-winning Play  | Open: 10/10/12 Close: 11/18/12
T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre, winner of the 2011 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Production of a Play (Balm in Gilead), presents John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize-winning play DOUBT.

At a Bronx Catholic school in the 1960s, principal Sister Aloysius is suspicious of young Father Flynn’s relationship with one of his male students. She enlists the help of another teacher, Sister James, to prove Father Flynn’s suspected impropriety. Is it possible to do so beyond a shadow of a doubt? Find out in T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre’s revival of John Patrick Shanley’s powerful drama, winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award.

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
Director: Peter Jensen

Cast: Mike Roche (Father Brendan Flynn), Alice Barrett Mitchell (Sister Aloysius Beauvier), Nora Jane Williams (Sister James) and Brenda Crawley (Mrs. Muller).

Production team: Barb Kielhofer (Producing Director), D Schuyler Burks (scenic design), Sherry Martinez (costume design), Eric Cope (lighting design), Andy Cohen (sound design), Janet Bentley (dramaturg), Taylor Larsen (Assistant Director), Aurora Hicks Beach (Stage Manager) and Nate Frieswyk (Technical Director).

“A beautifully balanced drama. Shanley is a writer working at the top of his craft, making the most of a muted but evocative palette in the pursuit of truth’s shadows. Here, for the first time in a long time, is a play that is about something.” —Chicago Tribune.

“An eloquent and provocative investigation of truth and consequences. A gripping mystery, tightly written.” —Time Out NY.

The Beautiful Beautiful Sea Next Door  | Open: 07/19/12 Close: 07/29/12
Unrequited love, desperate impossibilities, and humor as dark as the bottom of the sea populate this bombastic riff on the myth of Medusa. Exploring the way in which we create and destroy our own mythologies, the play spans fifteen years of timelessness in the life of a family that can not figure out where they fit on the spectrum between reality and myth.

Barbara Harrison directs a cast of four including Michel Altieri*, Aaron Berk*, Yasha Jackson*, and Nick Lehane*.

Stage Management: Julia Borowski; Associate Director: Jay Stull;

Scenic Design by Adam Kaynan; Costume Design by Amanda Jenks; Lighting Design by Tsubasa Kamei; Sound Design by Joshua B. Jenks; Props Design by Lauren Genutis; Fight Direction by Turner Smith; Casting by Rachel Maran; Publicist: Paul Siebold/Off Off PR.

*denotes member of Actor's Equity Association. An AEA approved showcase.

About the Company: EBE Ensemble

EBE Ensemble is dedicated to developing and presenting new and unique works of theatre. They believe that making theater accessible enhances a community and that, through an ensemble-based approach, they can better present quality theatre that strives for an emotional truth. They believe that a positive and energetic work environment is paramount in developing interesting and entertaining works of art. At the end of their sixth season, EBE Ensemble has produced more than 30 new plays and adaptations, has created the NYIT Award winning one-act festival, Elephants on Parade, and engaged the community through annual productions of updated classic works at no cost in Prospect Park with their Shakespeare in the Pagoda series.

Lobby Hero  | Open: 10/13/11 Close: 11/20/11
From T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre and director Peter Jensen, whose production of Balm in Gilead won the prestigious the 2011 Outstanding Production Award from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards nominations, comes a revival of Kenneth Lonergan's beloved play LOBBY HERO.

See the play Time Out New York hailed “a masterpiece.”  Drama, comedy and romance collide in the lobby of a Manhattan high-rise apartment building when hapless security guard Jeff gets caught in a power struggle between his boss and two police officers investigating a murder. Lonergan, the award-winning author of This Is Our Youth, Analyze This, and You Can Count on Me, is at his piercing best in Lobby Hero, a play about ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

“Soon after making the year’s best movie, You Can Count on Me, Kenneth Lonergan delights us with his irrepressible LOBBY HERO.” -NY Magazine

“A masterpiece. The best drama, the best comedy and the best romance of the year, all rolled into one.” -Time Out New York

Starring Nasay Ano, Michael Black, Olivia Rorick & Joshua Sienkiewicz

Director: Peter Jensen
Producing Director: Barb Kielhofer
Stage Manager: Victoria Loye
Assistant Director/Props Mistress: Kerry Miller
Scenic Design: Matt Brogan
Costume Design: Anne Wingate
Lighting Design: Lois Catanzaro
Sound Design: Andy Cohen
Assistant Costume Design: Marie Fahlgren
Technical Director: Anthony Long

You Never Can Tell  | Open: 05/12/11 Close: 06/19/11
George Bernard Shaw’s side splitting comedy You Never Can Tell was born out of a bet: that Shaw could not write a seaside comedy, an extremely popular genre in 1890s England.  Shaw, the only person to win an Oscar and the Nobel Prize for Literature, succeeds on his own terms, offering a hilarious and insightful look at marriage, family and the modern woman. Mrs. Clandon, a celebrated writer and independent New Woman, returns to seaside England with her three adult children – Gloria and twins Phillip and Dolly –  after an 18-year self-imposed exile in Madeira.  The Clandons’ chance meeting with a dashing dentist, Valentine, and his landlord, Mr. Crampton, sets up an unexpected family reunion.  It just goes to show that you never can tell.

CAST: Helen Abell, Townsend Ambrecht, Lucy Avery Brooke*, Lowell Byers, Laurence Cantor*, Seth James, Peter Judd*, Randy Miles*, Marilyn Mineo, Jessica Osborne*, Edwin Sean Patterson*, Kyle Storey & Noelle P. Wilson*

Producing Director: Barb Kielhofer
Stage Manager: Victoria Loye
Assistant Director: Michael W. Murray
Dialect Coach: Page Clements
Set Design: Chris Minard
Costume Design: Steven Daniels
Sound Design: Andy Cohen
Lighting Design: Eric Cope
Choreographer: Jessica Osborne
Technical Director: Josh Sienkiewicz
Asst. Technical Director: Anthony Long
Assistant Costume Designer: Phoebe Kamijo

Balm In Gilead  | Open: 10/14/10 Close: 12/12/10
Balm in Gilead extends performances to December 12, 2010.  Due to critical praise and sold out houses, T. Schreiber Studio added performances December 2 - 12, 2010.


Balm in Gilead, Lanford Wilson’s first full-length play, captures the lives of the disenfranchised, the lost, and the derelicts who hang out at an all-night diner on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Joe and Darlene, two young people who desire better lives, are at the center of the maelstrom, caught in the crosshairs of the turbulent 1960s. Poetic and haunting, Balm in Gilead resonates as strongly today as it did at its 1965 premiere at Ellen Stewart’s Café La MaMa.



Cast: Seth Allen, Ian Bell, Esteban Benito, Jill Bianchini, Dennis Brito, Tommy Buck, Lowell Byers, Belle Caplis, Amanda Catrini, Lawrence Crimlis, Ian Campbell Dunn, Jordan Feltner, Jevon McFerrin, Erica Lauren McLaughlin, Mariel Matero, Brad Martocello, Alona Metcalf, Sebastian Montoya, Michael W. Murray, Jason Pumarada, Orlando J. Rivera, Olivia Rorick, Stephanie Seward, Lisa Sobin, Eric Spear, Christine Vega, Stewart Villilo, Jonathan Wilde,  & Richard Zekaria.


Director: Peter Jensen
Producing Director: Barbara Kielhofer

Assistant Director: Julia Kelly
Set Design: Matt Brogan

Costume Design: Anne Wingate

Lighting Design: Eric Cope

Stage Manager: Liz Elise Richards

Sound Design: Andy Cohen

Composer: Mickey Theis

Choreographer: Jessica Osborne

Joking Apart  | Open: 05/20/10 Close: 06/27/10
T. Schreiber Studio, recipient of five New York Innovative Theatre Awards, presents JOKING APART, Alan Ayckbourn’s 1979 play.

Richard and Anthea seem to have it all: a lovely country house, two wonderful children, and a natural social charm that captivates the friends surrounding them. Or do they? Cleverly crafted with vintage Ayckbourn wit, JOKING APART simmers with triumphs on and off the tennis court, ongoing rivalries, petty jealousies, unrequited love and lust, and the tantalizing question, "What is happiness?"

JOKING APART stars Michael W. Murray (Richard), Aleksandra Stattin (Anthea), Michael J. Connolly (Hugh), Alison Blair (Louise), James Liebman (Sven), Stephanie Seward (Olive), Sebastian Montoya (Brian) and Anisa Dema (Melody/Mandy/Mo and Debbie).

 Directed by Peter Jensen, whose production of FIFTH OF JULY was hailed “a sparkling revival” by Back Stage last summer, the JOKING APART production team includes Matt Brogan (Set Design), Anne Wingate (Costume Design), Eric Cope (Lighting Design), Andy Cohen (Sound Design), Page Clements (Dialect Coach), Liz Elise Richards* (Stage Manager), Barbara Kielhofer (Producing Coordinator) and Julia Kelly (Assistant Director). 

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead  | Open: 10/15/09 Close: 11/22/09
By Tom Stoppard
Directed by Cat Parker

T. Schreiber Studio, recipient of 5 2009 Back Stage Readers Poll Awards, including Best Off-Off Broadway Theatre, and nominated for 5 NY Innovative Theatre Awards, presents the Tony Award-winning play ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD.

In his thoughtful and witty play, Tom Stoppard riffs on the greatest mystery of all time – Death. And along the way he dabbles with such trifles as destiny and free will. Does life consist of a series of random events, or is it controlled by fate? In the end does the journey matter when the destination is the same? ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD follows Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlet’s bewildered friends, as the tragedy in Elsinore unfolds. Performed in the round atop a directionless compass, T. Schreiber Studio’s production of this modern classic offers an especially intimate look at Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as they observe the crumbling world around them and march toward the Bard’s inescapable conclusion.

OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 22, 2009
Thursday – Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 3pm

Rosencrantz – Eric Percival
Guildenstern – Julian Elfer
The Player – Erik Jonsun
Hamlet – Tim Weinert
Claudius – Doug Williford
Gertrude – Tootie Larios
Ophelia – Marguerite Forrest
Polonius: - Tom Lawson, Jr.
The Tragedians -- Esteban Benito, Meghan Brown, Horacio F. Lazo, James O’Brien, Janine L. Pangburn, Diane Terrusa, Aki Tsuchimoto, Therese Tucker, and Rodney Allen Umble.

Set Design: George Allison
Costume Design: Karen Ann Ledger
Lighting Design: Eric Cope
Sound Design: Andy Cohen
Dramaturge: Page Clements
Assistant Director: Cristina Lundy
Stage Manager: Michael Denis
Producing Coordinator: Barb Kielhofer
Production Assistant: Oliver Sterlacci
Publicist: Lanie Zipoy

The Real Thing  | Open: 02/19/09 Close: 03/29/09
A 2-time Tony Award winning play written by 4-time Tony Award winning playwright Tom Stoppard.  The Real Thing provides a multi-layered look into the veracity of love.  Is true love a commitment, exclusive rights or a bargain struck between two people?

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will  | Open: 10/09/08 Close: 11/23/08

T. SCHREIBER STUDIO is pleased to announce their production of TWELFTH NIGHT, OR WHAT YOU WILL, directed by Cat Parker. TWELFTH NIGHT plays a seven-week limited engagement at the Gloria Maddox Theater at T. Schreiber Studio (151 West 26th Street, 7th Floor). Performances begin Thursday, October 9th and continue through Sunday, November, 23rd.

T. Schreiber Studio's Gloria Maddox Theatre will be transformed into the mythological world of Illyria using the visual style of "steampunk," an aesthetic characterized by a feeling of Victorian era romance, coupled with a modern twist, meant to enhance the magical world of Shakespeare's timeless play, Twelfth Night, or What You Will.

This gender-bending classic of a woman in a man's world runs the gamut from laughter to tears. Enhancing the emotional rollercoaster will be the music of the whimsical indie rock band, Cloud Cult.

The production features scenic design by George Allison (IT Award Recipient for his work on T. Schreiber's Picasso at the Lapin Agile), costume design by Karen Ann Ledger, sound design by Chris Rummel and lighting design by Paul Hackenmueller. Page Clements is the dramaturge, Matt McKennon is the technical director and Liz Richards is the stage manager. Ben Paganelli will be providing video content and Arela Rivas is assistant directing.

The Actor's Nightmare & The Real Inspector Hound  | Open: 05/08/08 Close: 06/15/08
One man's dream is another man's Nightmare....and in The Actor's Nightmare, George Spelvin certainly gets the wrong end of that bargain. Playwright Christopher Durang thrusts his anxious accountant on the stage to replace an ailing actor, but George has no knowledge of the lines or even the name of the play – is it a Noel Coward comedy? Shakespeare's Hamlet? As Sir Thomas More's all-too-real executioner approaches, George hopes against hope that it's only a dream!
The Night of the Iguana  | Open: 02/21/08 Close: 03/30/08
The Night of the Iguana, directed by Terry Schreiber, is a compassionately told romance of the lost who are fighting the uphill battle to find dignity and redemption out of their trampled lives. The play celebrates the survival instinct in mankind and the "need to go on."

Arthur Miller said about this Williams work: "His theme is, perhaps, the most pervasive in American literature, where people lose greatly in the very shadow of the mountain from whose peak they might have had a clear view of God. It is the romance of the lost, yet sacred misfits who exist in order to remind us of our own trampled instincts, our forsaken tenderness, the holiness of the spirit of man."

Tennessee Williams stated: "I am a heretic. I am a believer in God, but I am a hysterical believer in God. I don't believe any of our formal religions have given us the true image of God. I don't go to a church. God is the size of the universe and in the nature of the universe, we don't know the nature of the universe. We don't know God. There are certain elements and they exist in God. He is superior to us in magnitude and mystery, but He is not superior to us in cases of good and evil. There is good and evil, but they are not people."

You Can't Take It With You  | Open: 05/24/07 Close: 06/24/07
In YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, a heartwarming tale from the 1930's, Alice of the eccentric, artistic Sycamores and Tony, of the wealthy, uptight Kirbys, have fallen in love. The Sycamore family is a collection of passionate individuals each pursuing happiness in his own unique way. Firework production, playwriting, ballet dancing, xylophone playing, and snake hunting fill the house with life. Alice anxiously anticipates introducing Tony to her unconventional family. After a romantic evening Tony proposes. Alice worries about their family's different values, but she accepts his proposal. The families meet, and it is worse than Alice could ever have imagined - explosions both literal and metaphorical rock the household, and everyone ends up in jail! The families must resolve their tensions, and this occurs when Grandpa confronts Mr. Kirby about the true value of life.