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Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 11/22/08 02:51:53 PM
Address: 41 Park Row at William Street
New York,   

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Circles  | Open: 12/12/08 Close: 12/13/08
CIRCLES is a show about self-destructive women and how humankind's so-called "progress" has screwed so many people over. It is about The Man and all the ugly that he brings into civilization. It's about powerful, hot, sexy women too.

It is a truly lovely piece that Alexandra O'Halloran, Jessika Mathurin, Meggan Herod, and Dana Marcolina tell the story of in the most beautiful and heart-wrenching way.

CIRCLES is definitely a show of power and strength thats words could change anyone.

JOHNNY LAW- Courtroom Crusader  | Open: 08/09/08 Close: 08/22/08
JOHNNY BOY PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce the world premiere production of JOHNNY LAW, Courtroom Crusader, the newest solo show from Tim Ryan Meinelschmidt whose last solo show ALL THE HELP YOU NEED, The Adventures of a Hollywood Handyman was honored with the Overall Excellence Award in the 2004 NY Fringe Festival. JOHNNY LAW, directed by Christopher Fessenden, will play a limited engagement as part of the 11th annual New York International Fringe Festival-FringeNYC at The Schaeberle Studio Theatre (Venue #2, 41 Park Row at William Street). Performances begin August 9th and continue through August 22nd.

JOHNNY LAW is a streetwise, savvy and somewhat cynical criminal defense attorney. Having seen it all, from corporate clients dripping in smug privilege to the urban gang-bangers thrown under the wheels of the legal system Johnny nonetheless remains, a tireless advocate for social justice and the rights of the individual. In this "election year FringeNYC," with so many issues of personal freedom and social justice hanging in the balance and before the public eye, JOHNNY LAW is the right-show for right-now.

JOHNNY LAW is loosely based on the Johnny Law Stories by attorney Thomas L. Fox, whose colorful career has lead him from the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington DC, to the L.A. County Public Defenders office and everywhere in between. A longtime supporter of the arts as producer and legal advisor, Fox, is the rare criminal defense attorney who effortlessly segues in and out of the entertainment world.