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Acquainted With The Night  | Open: 12/01/10 Close: 12/05/10
When the sun sets on the city that never sleeps, a new world emerges in the shadows.  When an entire community of nocturnal denizens get transported to the South Pole, where the sun doesn't rise for months on end, an even newer world of intrigue, frustration, discovery, and despair emerges.  An edgy, idiosyncratic thriller.

Presented by the Graduate Acting Program in association with the Department of Design for Stage & Film.  A 3rd Year Production.

Rift  | Open: 12/02/09 Close: 12/06/09
RIFT is an epic story about lives torn by war and its aftermath, by abuse and damage, profit and trade, and the intimate search for beauty and grace. Gender, border, and culturally crossed, RIFT explores the fate of the human animal in a dislocated world and asks the question: how can a body that is torn find a way to heal itself and transform, and thus resist the tyranny of power? A violent, dream-like erotic fable by award-winning US Latina playwright Caridad Svich. [Original NYU Graduate Acting commission]

Creditors  | Open: 07/18/09 Close: 07/21/09
"And you see, that's why a man never can know his wife..."

While on holiday at a seaside resort, Adolf, an established young artist, is recovering from an illness made worse by the absence of his wife, Tekla, off traveling on her own for the past eight days. As luck would have it, he befriends a stranger, Gustav, who has been kind enough to keep him company and help him regain his strength until his wife returns from her excursion. But as he and the stranger continue to talk, questions are raised as to the true nature of his illness, his marriage, and his wife. When she finally returns, will the men's suspicions about her be confirmed?

With: Arthur Lazalde (Gustav), Lauren Elise McCord (Tekla), and Jeremy Rishe (Adolf)

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An Irish Brew  | Open: 07/07/08 Close: 07/12/08
Inspired by "Irish Fairy and Folk Tales" Collected and Edited by W.B. Yeats.
During the ravages of the mid-19th century potato famine, three starving Dubliners, Molly, Donald, and Padraig, find shelter from a storm in an abandoned pub. Desperately hungry, lonesome and on the verge of death, the three find temporary sanity and hope in the folk stories of their people. With stories handed down word-for-word, with such clarity and magic for hundreds of years, one can't help but believe that they just might be true.