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The Glass Menagerie  | Open: 10/03/19 Close: 10/20/19
Ruth Stage is thrilled to present a chilling new take on Tennessee Williams' seminal play, THE GLASS MENAGERIE, directed by Austin Pendleton and Peter Bloch.

After two critically acclaimed runs in 2018 of Wars of the Roses, directors Austin Pendleton and Peter Bloch reunite with actor Matt de Rogatis to take on the American classic, The Glass Menagerie. In this disquieting production, the tormented Tom relives the story of his time in the Wingfields' St. Louis apartment, circa 1939, as if he were remembering it through the lens of a spooky dream.

The cast, led by Ginger Grace as the iconic Amanda Wingfield, consists of Matt de Rogatis as, her son, Tom Wingfield, Alexandra Rose as Laura Wingfield, and Spencer Scott as The Gentleman Caller.

Set designer Jessie Bonaventure, who was the assistant set designer on the Broadway musical Hadestown, which garnered four Tony Awards, including Best Scenic Design, collaborates with lighting designer Steven Wolf to create a version of this Tennessee Williams masterpiece that borders on horror.

Dimly lit and surrealistic, the set itself will consist of props made of glass and the actors will live in a chilling, dreamlike world. Taking inspiration from the The Exorcist soundtrack, Sean Hagerty writes the score for this Wes Craven meets Tennessee Williams production.

Visit www.theglassmenagerieplay.com for more information!


Four Dogs and A Bone  | Open: 04/04/12 Close: 04/29/12
"Four Dogs and A Bone" invites you into a dysfunctional, manipulative, and hilarious quartet of show business professionals at odds over the fate of a film in production.

A blonde starlet (Samantha Strelitz), a fading ingenue (Anastasia Morozova), a hungry writer (Chase Coleman) and a ruthless producer (Taso Mikroulis) face off in a classic backstage game of lies, sex, and power plays. 

With only 15 performances, this limited engagement will be exactly what theatergoers need for this coming spring. Four vicious dogs, one bone...who will come out on top?

Poetic Theater Productions Presents: Poetic License  | Open: 01/04/12 Close: 01/08/12
 15 shows in 5 days for $5-$15! Poetic Theater Productions presents Poetic License, a festival of new poetic theater addressing social justice through spoken word, hip hop and slam. The festival features performers who have been seen on and off Broadway, on HBO's Def Poetry Jam & Brave New Voices, members of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe slam team & Urban Word NYC, and three encore performances of Poetic Theater Productions' award-winning 2011 production, Goliath.

About the Company: Poetic Theater Productions

 Poetic Theater Productions' mission is to develop and explore the unique power of poetry within a theatrical context. Poetic Theater Productions seeks to produce new high quality works of poetry infused theater, theatrical poetry, and poetic media in order to effectively address important social justice causes within our society and communities. Additionally, Poetic Theater Productions works to  actively collaborate with the local community in order to identify and support local causes and needs that can be empowered through our art.  Poetic Theater Productions pursues this mission through a new poetic works development program, full production of new plays, media, showcases, and workshops designed for the community.

The Tragedy Of Maria Macabre  | Open: 10/20/11 Close: 10/30/11

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre is a theatrical dance piece inspired by 19th century European Circus imagery, silent horror films, and el Dia de los Muertos. The story begins at the end of the life of our twisted heroine, Miss Macabre. Upon dying, Maria Macabre is not granted eternal slumber, but instead a whirling, kaleidoscopic carnival of horrors: a morbid funhouse where humanity is stripped away and a permanent place in the gruesome chorus line is all but assured. Arriving in the land of the dead, Maria Macabre is greeted by the King and the Queen of the Dead, and many other ghoulish Hades-Dwellers including a maniacal Ringmistress, a Beauty Queen burnt to a crisp, a menacing French Clown, and three skeletal Mariachis.

The Tragedy of Maria Macabre was first developed through an Emerging Artists Grant from the Field in Association with the Tides Foundation. Excerpts of The Tragedy of Maria Macabre have been performed at the Kitchen, La MaMa, DUMBO DANCE Festival, the LES Festival at Theater for the New City, the premiere of Banzai! At the Red Lotus Room, the House of Yes, and the Bushwick Site Fest at 3rd Ward. The first full-length production debuted in March 2010 at Dixon Place to a sold out audience, and was encored at the Access Theater and at DCTV as part of the Lower Manhattan Art League’s Spring Downtown Gala. 

Dreams Of The Clockmaker  | Open: 10/17/11 Close: 10/30/11
The Lady on a Stage requests your company on a mystifying voyage to one of those old, out-of-the-way places; of Dust Bowl occultism and visions of a dystopian future; to a land of splinters and shadows and the darkest corners of the world...


SEAN GILL (Playwright/Director) is a playwright, filmmaker, and musician who has written over twenty plays including Aenigma, Go-Go Killers!, Laurie Deacon & the Night Caller, and Stage Blood is Never Enough. He has directed over thirty feature-length and short films including the Sleepy-Time Time cycle, Mustache Party, Thursday Night, and Laughter is the Music of the Gods. His work has been screened in dozens of film festivals from the Canadian Film Centre to the Anthology Film Archives to the Staten Island Ferry. He has studied with Werner Herzog and Juan Luis Buñuel, and is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. juntajuleil.blogspot.com 

JILLAINE Gill (The Lady On A Stage) is an actress, director, producer, and performance artist. Credits with Junta Juleil Theatricals (of which she is a founding member) include Holy Cuckoos What Has Happened to My Life, Laurie Deacon and the Night Caller, and Stage Blood Is Never Enough. Credits with Rachel Klein Productions include the Sean Gill works Go-Go Killers!, Aenigma, and Our Prison. She has directed and written pieces for Another Urban Riff and Sticky. Jillaine was featured as Urchin in Dan Eberle’s critically acclaimed film Prayer to a Vengeful God, and is in his upcoming film Cut to Black which is currently in production. She stars in the Sean Gill films Makin’ a Martini, Mustache Party, the Sleepy-Time Time cycle, Escape from Staten Island, He is Coerced to Look, Highly Confidential, Thursday Night, Crescendo, and Low Lives, most of which have appeared in a myriad of festivals. Jillaine has studied with Anthony Abeson and is currently studying with Josh Pais and Veronica Varlow. She is also a co-producer and curator of a monthly residency at Bowery Poetry Club, and appears in ad campaigns worldwide.


The Lemon Tree  | Open: 11/06/09 Close: 11/15/09

 A Greek dream becomes an American tragedy.

A play set to music about a Greek immigrant who loses his father in the Smyrna massacre. He comes to New York, immerses himself in work and makes enormous sacrifices to avoid poverty. He dreams of an ideal love, but after marrying a Greek woman who longs for home, ends up in a marriage that is empty of love and empty of laughter.

Mother  | Open: 07/08/09 Close: 08/01/09
MOTHER is set in an upscale resort in West Virginia where an eccentric family gathers for their annual New Year's holiday. The get-together turns out to be far from traditional when matters of infidelity, sibling rivalry, copious bottles of bubbly, and even attempted kidnapping come to call -- all in the hotel dining room.

Joining Mr. Henry and Ms. Taylor in the cast are the playwright, Ms Ebersole, and Haskell King. Mr. King, in fact played opposite Ms. Ebersole in BROTHER, her 2005 play about race and class, which she directed when it debuted at The Paradise Factory in New York City.

The Secret Agenda Of Trees  | Open: 03/15/09 Close: 04/11/09
THE SECRET AGENDA OF TREES is set in a rural community in the backwoods of America where escape and fantasy substitute for hope: a tattered bond holds together Veronica, a 13-year-old who survives on a dream-life filled with Rosemary Clooney and Veronica Lake, and her mother, who dulls the pain of work at a slaughterhouse with booze and meth. As Veronica develops a dubious crush on a tattooed boy from study hall, and her mother invites a mysterious stranger into their ramshackle home, the cycles of dependency become increasingly dangerous and holding the world at bay may prove impossible.

THE SECRET AGENDA OF TREES was a finalist chosen by playwright Edward Albee when he served as judge for the first-ever Yale Drama Series in 2007. Prior to its Off-Broadway debut, the play was presented as part of the Cherry Lane Theatre's Mentor Project (mentor, Lynn Nottage), and has received The Goldberg Prize, NTC's Stavis Award and the John Golden Playwriting Award. Mr. McKenna's play "any-body" was presented at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, and his play "Parking Lot Lonely Heart" was produced by Boomerang Theatre in NYC last fall, while other plays have been performed at Soho Rep and La MaMa ETC.

Stitching: A Twisted Love Story  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 07/19/08
The controversial play that shocked the UK.

Stu and Abby love each other so madly, they're driving each other crazy. Stitching follows the increasingly disturbing and inventive games the couple plays in order to connect. As they circle and test each other, they role-play with reality and fantasy to the point where even they don't seem sure what is real anymore. When Abby discovers she's pregnant, the choices they make will haunt them forever. The visceral poetry and physicality between the lovers creates a surprisingly tender, often humorous, brutal romance. Stitching is a complex love story that takes a bracing look at the startling casualties of modern romance.

The Creditors  | Open: 03/25/08 Close: 04/06/08
In an exploration of human psychology, sexuality, jealousy, and need; Miscreant attacks August Strindberg's The Creditors. Infidelity and revenge wash through and accent this one hundred and twenty year old play which will resonate in the ears of twenty first century lads or misses fighting to find actuality in another and acceptance of themselves.

What is left when you are the definition of disgrace? How does one retrieve what never had been caught?