Eugene Francis Dow Arena Theater

Todays Date: 07/02/22
Last Update: 01/29/08 06:54:59 AM
Address: 6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA    91371

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Tomahawk  | Open: 01/17/08 Close: 01/27/08
Tomahawk, a musical play by James Domine, will be presented this coming January in the Dow Arena Theater at Pierce College. Tomahawk mixes elements of tragedy and comedy in a realistic treatment of contemporary life in suburban Los Angeles. Based on the novel The Naked Man, it is written in a pithy vernacular, the characters act out a true-to-life millennial drama that is both philosophical and farcical in equal measure. Episodes of love, war, lust and betrayal are woven into a counterpoint of governmental conspiracy, police brutality, missing beer and drunken buffoonery as the conflicting emotions of youth evolve into the delusional quandary of middle-age. The main theme of Tomahawk is a quest for truth, and what happens as a result of its absence, obscurity and elusiveness.

The original Tomahawk cast features:

Chris Benton -- Courtney Brown -- Lewis Bryans -- Tony Fagundes -- Michael Fox

Amy Jennings -- Scott Kriloff -- Niku Rashidian -- Andre Rivera -- Jesse Salas

Inga Stamboltsyan -- Debbie Stavitsky -- Megan Sweeney -- the Screaming Clams

Technical Direction by Michael Gend -- Choreography by Inga Stamboltsyan

Set Design by Gene Putnam -- Assistant Director Sandra Tinto