Vineyard Theatre

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 06/11/10 04:54:11 PM
Address: 108 East 15 Street
New York, NY   

Location: (between Union Square East & Irving Place)

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I'll Be Damned  | Open: 07/01/10 Close: 07/18/10
 I'll Be Damned is the story of a friendless, comic-book-loving homeschooler named Louis who receives a seemingly irresistible offer from Satan. Louis' mother is a little late in coming to terms with her son growing up, God seems lost in his vision of a perfect world, and Louis is discovering himself as he attempts to find just one true friend. This fresh new musical comedy begs the universal question: "Is there a way to make people like you without having to sell your soul to the devil?"

Length: 2 hrs 00 mins
Intermission: Yes

The Metal Children  | Open: 05/05/10 Close: 06/16/10
THE METAL CHILDREN is a timely drama about a New York writer (Mr. Crudup), and his explosive encounter with a small American town that he travels to in order to defend one of his young adult novels, which has been banned by the local school board.  The controversy ignites heated emotions over religious beliefs and censorship.

Directed by Adam Rapp, the cast of THE METAL CHILDREN will feature Betsy Aidem, Connor Barrett, Susan Blommaert, Guy Boyd, Billy Crudup, David Greenspan, Halley Wegryn Gross, Jessy Hodges and Phoebe Strole. 

This Beautiful City  | Open: 02/03/09 Close: 03/15/09
 THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY is docu-drama in nature, drawn principally from interviews The Civilians have conducted with people involved with or affected by the mega-church movement in Colorado Springs.

A play with music, THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY was created from interviews by Emily Ackerman, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brad Herberlee, Stephen Plunkett, Alison Weller and the authors with actual persons over the course of 10 weeks in Colorado Springs. Every leading church in the area participated in the project, as did numerous civic organizations, progressive activists, and individuals from all walks of life.

The cast  includes Emily Ackerman, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brad Heberlee, Brandon Miller, Stephen Plunkett and Alison Weller, along with musicians Chris Biesterfeldt , Benjamin Campbell and Richard Huntley. Music direction is by Erik James.


God's Ear  | Open: 04/09/08 Close: 05/18/08
A compelling and moving new play about a young couple struggling through their relationship after the loss of their child.

The cast of GOD'S EAR includes Gibson Frazier, Judith Greentree, Christina Kirk, Raymond McAnally, Matthew Montelongo, Monique Vukovic, and Rebecca Wisocky.

The production features original songs by Michael Friedman, with additional lyrics by Jenny Schwartz. GOD'S EAR has scenic design by Kris Stone; costume design by Olivera Gajic; lighting design by Tyler Micoleau; sound design by Leah Gelpe.

The Piano Teacher  | Open: 11/18/07 Close: 12/23/07
Originally booked thru December 9, THE PIANO TEACHER extends to Dec. 23 on the strength of reviews that praise the play and Ms. Franz's remarkable performance as Mrs. K, a lonely, retired piano teacher who reaches out to her former students to find out why they abruptly stopped taking piano lessons years before.

Written by Julia Cho and directed by Kate Whoriskey, THE PIANO TEACHER stars Elizabeth Franz, along with John Boyd and Carmen M. Herlihy.