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For Pete's Sake  | Open: 09/27/12 Close: 10/14/12

For Pete's Sake  | Open: 09/27/12 Close: 10/14/12

Frogs  | Open: 11/04/11 Close: 11/19/11
Fault Line Theatre presents FROGS by Aristophanes.

A rowdy, bawdy romp through the underworld, Frogs is a celebration of humor and a poignant examination of the purpose of art. Inventing what would become the finest traditions of modern comedy, Aristophanes brings to life characters that belong in the same breath as the Three Stooges, Mel Brooks and Looney Tunes. A night of original music, jokes and capable storytelling, Frogs is a comedy event 2,500 years in the making.

"Director Aaron Rossini and a richly talented young cast—so in synch it’s hard to believe this is their first production as a company—inflect the story with influences as far reaching as Monty Python, Buster Keaton and Julie Taymor." -- Show Business Magazine about Fault Line Theatre's previous production.

About the Company: Fault Line Theatre

Fault Line Theatre is a collaborative group of artists dedicated to producing plays, classical and modern. The core of Fault Line Theatre is the text.  The company converts the potential energy of a playwright’s words into action, creating productions that engage and inspire.  Fault Line Theatre strives to understand and transmit a story from within the text --  shear the unnecessary and seek the essential.  For more information, visit

Transatlantica  | Open: 09/30/10 Close: 10/23/10
The Operating Theater's production of TRANSATLANTICA is a vivacious enactment of award-winning playwright Kenny Finkle's lunatic fable about the denial of death, directed by Jason Schuler.

TRANSATLANTICA tells the story of Dr. Reginald Reinhold, whose psychoanalytic session with an eccentric patient, Ilyria of the land of Ilyria, is interrupted by news that his wife is dying. By coincidence, Ilyria, too, is dying, as is every subsequent visitor to his home - a parade of unusual guests including: famed theatre director Udi Bohe, the enigmatic Inspector Stranjè, and the inimitable Jacques Jacques, with whom all but Reinhold share a lascivious past all leaving Reinhold to ponder his relationship with mortality. The setting is the parlor of Dr. Reinhold's lavish mansion (festooned with mythical taxidermy, bold wallpaper and curious artifacts) on the shores of the fantastic continent of Transatlantica, a topsy-turvy world where gardens are planted with cake and lovers grow into trees.

In this unusual comedy playwright and cast consciously walk the line between sharp wit and purposeful idiocy, making us laugh at nonsense yet reflect upon it philosophically.   

Somewhere between yesterday and forever lies... Transatlantica 

About the Company: The Operating Theater

 The award winning Operating Theater, entertains audiences with unusual, innovative, provocative performance, creating art that can only be fully experienced in a live form. We experiment with perception and explore the visceral subjectivity of human experience.  

In Loco Parentis  | Open: 08/13/10 Close: 08/29/10
Acclaimed director Jonathan Warman will direct IN LOCO PARENTIS by Michael DeVito, as part of the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival (August 13-29), at the Fourth Street Theatre, dates to be announced soon.

IN LOCO PARENTIS is the story of a high school senior who is still struggling with grief over the death of her mother three years earlier, and her English teacher, a middle-aged lover of Shakespeare who has begun to lose his zest for teaching, and for life, but who is awakened by the young girl’s beauty and insight. Together they study Hamlet, and what begins as an uncomfortable arrangement of one-on-one tutoring turns into a powerful, life-changing exploration of each character, with Hamlet as the backdrop. IN LOCO PARENTIS explores how we define ourselves, and is set in the pressure-filled American high school classroom.

The cast of IN LOCO PARENTIS includes Desmond Dutcher*, Kristin Katherine Shields*, Ryan Hilliard* and Kareem M. Lucas.

The BeeBo Brinker Chronicles  | Open: 09/27/07 Close: 10/20/07
Set in pre-Stonewall Greenwich Village, THE BEEBO BRINKER CHRONICLES celebrates the era when "the love that dares not speak its name" began breaking the old rules. Fueled by booze and furtive sex, the play follows the lives and loves of Laura, Beth and Beebo as they navigate uncharted territories of desire.

Beth and Laura, secret lovers in college, went separate ways after graduation: Beth married and had children, Laura moved to New York. Both pine for each other, but before they can reunite, they find themselves entangled in the web of Beebo Brinker, a butch denizen of the bars with a soft spot for young lesbians fresh off the bus.