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New York, NY    10010

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Tape  | Open: 11/13/10 Close: 11/27/10
An event occurred the night of three friends' high school graduation party that affected them profoundly. They reunite in a shabby motel room 10 years later and battle over the haunting details from that in-erasable evening.

About the Company: Duel Theatre


Duel Theatre isn’t just theatre.


Duel Theatre CHALLENGES our fellow artists, audience members, and community to recognize their own SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.


As a theatrical ensemble, we will pursue this mission through a season of PLAYS, holding CLASSES and WORKSHOPS on acting and its related fields, and by engaging our COMMUNITY through OUTREACH projects.

Barrier Island  | Open: 04/30/10 Close: 05/22/10
“It is true that living on a potential disaster spot has tended to develop in its citizens a philosophy which is at the same time nonchalant, fatalistic, imperturbable, stoic and with a sort of paternalistic pride in the blows that nature can give and that 30 miles of sand bar can take…” (Prominent Galvestonian).

Barrier Island tackles the nature of a fearless community that chooses to stake their lives on the strength of the historic Galveston seawall -- built to protect the island from natural disasters -- as they await the arrival of one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States since Katrina, Hurricane Ike. Nominated for the 2009 Weissberger Award (Williamstown Theatre Festival), Barrier Island is the first play in “The Galveston Cycle.”

+30nyc  | Open: 03/05/10 Close: 03/21/10
RED FERN THEATRE COMPANY, Artistic Director, Melanie Moyer Williams, and curator, Dominic D'Andreaare pleased to announce the world premiere production of +30NYC in a three-week limited engagement at Center Stage NY (48 West 21st Street, 4th Floor).

A sustainable project, this evening of short plays examines how our actions today will directly affect our lives in 30 years.As per the mission of Red Fern Theatre Company, that each production is paired with a philanthropy whose work relates to the social themes of the play, +30NYC is paired with Material For the Arts.  Performances begin Thursday, March 4 and continue Sunday, March 21. Opening Night is Saturday, March 6 (8 p.m.).

Proof  | Open: 12/09/09 Close: 12/13/09
On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Catherine, a troubled young woman, has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, a famous mathematician. Now, following his death, she must deal with her own volatile emotions; the arrival of her estranged sister, Claire; and the attentions of Hal, a former student of her father's who hopes to find valuable work in the 103 notebooks that her father left behind. Over the long weekend that follows, a burgeoning romance and the discovery of a mysterious notebook draw Catherine into the most difficult problem of all: How much of her father's madness—or genius—will she inherit?


Stage Manager: Amandine Rougieux

Lighting Designer: Kryssy Wright

Set Designer: Edward Morris




Phone: 347-407-3457



* Proof is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. NYC

Manuscript  | Open: 07/09/09 Close: 07/18/09
David and Chris, two childhood friends, reunite in Brooklyn over Christmas break from their respective Ivy League schools. With Chris's famous, published girlfriend Elizabeth in tow, the three friends set out for a purported night of opiates and dancing. On the drug run, however, Chris discovers a manuscript that could guarantee literary success for Elizabeth and David. A manipulative quest for vengeance and fame ensues, ultimately examining friendship, betrayal and literary ambition.

360: An Original Adaptation Of La Ronde  | Open: 05/28/09 Close: 05/31/09
The Collective presents
Developed, written and performed by members of The Collective

Performed by members of The Collective:
Krista Amigone*, Brian Bannan, Karen Chamberlain, Robert Z. Grant*, Swann Gruen, Kevin Kane*, Brian Leider, Nick Marshall, Amy Schumer and Naomi Warner

10 couples. 10 encounters. Based on the sensationalized "La Ronde" written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1900, this original adaptation developed, written and performed by members of The Collective explores the disconnected nature of humanity and the role sex plays in the search for true intimacy.

In the desperate search for real connection, we're all f*cked.

NOTE: This production contains nudity and sexual situations.

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association

True North: Dolores & Lila On The Wall  | Open: 05/20/09 Close: 05/24/09
The Collective presents
An evening of two one-acts written by Edward Allan Baker
**LILA on the WALL presented with special permission from Edward Allan Baker

Directed by Michele Chivu and Suzannah Quincy Beard

Performed by members of The Collective:
Craig Butta, Victoria Dicce*, Brielle Silvestri and Melissa Rindell

Lila on the Wall follows a reporter and her cameraman on one night during what may be the last, best report of her career, and possibly the most important night of her life.

In Dolores, Sandra is home alone, enjoying her weekly break from her husband and kids, when her older sister Dolores shows up with a black eye, courtesy of the latest in her string of bad husbands. It becomes clear that Dolores is unwelcome, because she’s an explicit reminder of the brutality Sandra tries to overlook in her own apparently comfortable life. A drama/comedy with the rough Rhode Island demeanor like The Sopranos and the irreverence of Laverne & Shirley. In the author's own words, it's "the story of two sisters drawn together because of domestic violence which influences the lives of both characters more than they've ever admitted."

-32 plays to his credit—most notably, Dolores
-on the playwriting faculty of The Actors Studio MFA Program, Pace University (current)
-1 of 10 writers chosen to attend The Sundance Film Institutes writers conference (1991)
- received numerous awards in film festivals for the short film Dolores (1989-1991)
- was presented with "The 25th Anniversary Award for Theatrical Excellence" by EST

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Clayscapes  | Open: 05/12/09 Close: 05/16/09
The Collective presents
A collection of solo works written by Clay McLeod Chapman

Directed by Melissa Rindell

Playwright and story-teller Clay McLeod Chapman has seen his short fiction transposed to the stage for over the last ten years, produced in Romania, Scotland, Ireland and here in the US. Originator of the rigorous story-performance group, the Pumpkin Pie Show, Chapman has taken his writing to the Sibiu International Festival of Theatre, the NY Fringe Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His first book of stories, rest area, has been published.

Performed by members of The Collective:
Suzannah Quincy Beard*, Patrick Bonck, Karen Chamberlain, Margaret Champagne, Kevin Kane* and Melissa Rindell.

An Equity approved showcase.
*These Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

Love  | Open: 03/20/09 Close: 04/12/09
The Production Company
Proudly Presents the US Premiere of
2004 Wal Cherry Award Play of the Year
2006 Australian Writers’ Guild Award (AWGIE) Best Play
Too much is not enough… 

Tanya, Annie and Lorenzo, are young, but already with their youth wrung out of them. They've been abused, they're abusive and they're difficult to like, let alone love. But it is LOVE, in all its distorted and mutated forms, that holds them together,.
The production stars Bronwen Coleman (The Beebo Brinker Chronicles) as Tanya, Erin Maya Darke (The Sublet Experiment) as Annie and Ken Matthews (The Most Damaging Wound) as Lorenzo.
The production features scenic design by April Bartlett, costume design by Deanna Frieman, and lighting design by Dan Henry. Sara Bader is the sound designer and Jeff Meyers is the stage manager.


Native Speech  | Open: 11/20/08 Close: 12/21/08
Boomerang Theatre company opens their 10th season with three great new shows playing in repertory.
Summer & Smoke  | Open: 11/13/08 Close: 12/14/08
Boomerang Theatre Company opens 10th season November 13th with three great shows playing in repertory.
Wonder Woman Week Festival  | Open: 12/11/07 Close: 12/16/07
Wonder Women Week Festival, a full week of the wonderful women of New York theatre. You will see one women shows, dance, burlesque, stand up, sketch and music. Including established faces from Television and women just starting out. The festival culminates with a performance from The Guerrilla Girls on Tour. Wonder Women Week will celebrate the diversity and talent of NYC women: 6 nights, 60 women, 600 reasons to attend.
Comedy Period!  | Open: 12/14/07 Close: 12/14/07
An hour and a half of sketch, stand up and improv by women. Once a month (as regular as your Aunt Flow's visits) see the top women from the NY comedy world, plus hot new talent. Long sets, short sets, music and excerpts from one women shows.
This month part of the Wonder Woman Festival!!
The Maids  | Open: 12/05/07 Close: 12/09/07
Produced by Impure Artists in association with Alex Merkin of Fivelion Productions (director of the award winning film - "Across The Hall" starring Adrian Grenier), The Maids asks the audience to examine the responsibilities we have in determining the courses our lives will take. The production transports the audience into the wild imaginations of two seemingly ordinary, unremarkable sisters. Using elaborate costumes, and ritual, Solange and Claire focus their rage towards Madame, who employs them as maids. They plan Madame's murder to the last detail, but things never go exactly as planned.
The Lesson  | Open: 11/15/07 Close: 12/02/07
Some people never learn. This darkly comic one-act depicts a nonsensical and increasingly menacing tutorial between a deranged professor and an obtuse pupil — an encounter laced with unsparing critiques of learning, authority and sexual politics. Written in 1950, 'The Lesson' has endured as one of Eugene Ionesco's classic absurdist plays, famous for the comic proportions and bizarre effects that allow his work to be simultaneously hilarious, tragic and profound. "Startling and often brilliant. The lack of spiritual content in our civilization has been the major outcry of European drama since Ibsen. Ionesco has carried this idea to the climactic point of savage caricature." — Harold Clurman