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Todays Date: 06/29/22
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Address: 45 Bleecker Street (at Lafayette St
New York,   

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Woyzeck  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/26/09
Buchner's classic about a mentally challenged enlisted soldier who is provoked by his superiors to kill his unfaithful lover.  Now playing at The New York International Fringe Festival

Oneword  | Open: 08/09/08 Close: 08/19/08
CAMPO STELLA is pleased to announce the US premiere of
ONEWORD - an extended poetree, written and performed by GAIL LANGSTROTH. ONEWORD will play a unique role in the New York International Fringe Festival, as Gail Langstroth is the first eurythmist to ever perform in the festival. She performed in New York in 1978 with the Eurythmeum Stuttgart at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. 30 years later, Gail Langstroth returns with her gripping solo performance. ONEWORD will be performed at Theatres at 45–The Lafayette Street Theatre (45 Bleecker Street at Lafayette).

'tis the tale about how the brown Armenian Nut tried in vain
to kiss the yellow grain of Russian Corn

Courageous, witty, eloquent, and vivid, Gail Langstroth dances the story of her life in ONEWORD - an extended poetree. This choreographed work, based on speech and performance, addresses the question how do I become...who I am?

American poet, internationally acclaimed eurythmist, and performing artist, Gail Langstroth, uses key events in her life as inspiration for her creations—stories of the Armenian Nut, the Russian Corn, the Connecticut Mannequin, Montana Dump Trucks, and Raving Nuns. Combining these with her own expressive dance theatre, she narrates crucial moments experienced through her life journey.

It is her journey, it is our journey, as the artist associates themes of childhood, loneliness, love, desire, and freedom. Sometimes light heartedly, sometimes in greater depth, memories are re-examined and lived. Experiences both real and imagined create the manuscript for this gripping solo performance. Added to that, Langstroth's clear recitation and poetic speech open a new dimension in listening.

ONEWORD – an eventful life in Movement and Spoken Word.

The production is managed by Marta Stemberger. Michael Lounsbery is the stage technician.

Burn  | Open: 08/11/07 Close: 08/26/07
New York Theatre Experiment is proud to open its fourth season with the world premiere of playwright Creighton James' Burn, presented as part of the 11th Annual New York International Fringe Festival. Continuing the Appalachian trilogy begun with James' Feud, a hit at FringeNYC 2005, New York Theatre Experiment presents this chilling ghost story for adults sown from the darkest hours of America's past.

In an era where horror films are getting increasingly more graphic and disturbing to satiate the collective appetite, New York Theatre Experiment wants audiences to remember sometimes the truth is a whole lot more awful than what folks dream up. No story of ghosts and devils and hillsides running with blood could be more terrifying than the horror of our own bloody American history. What our audience will learn is that our past cannot be escaped: that nothing stays dead, and nothing is more tragic than humanity at its worst.