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Eminene  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/24/09
She is a runaway girl from a warring tribe. He is a mysterious stranger haunted by a specter from centuries past. Together they must journey across a post-apocalyptic landscape in search of a safe place. Eminene by Barton Bishop is a harrowing tale of science fiction that explores the pursuit of stability in an unstable world, drawing parallels to today’s immigration dilemma and the moral quandary that a secure society faces with the knowledge of horrors beyond its borders. Set in a distant and unforeseeable future, Eminene features armed border patrols, outer-world refugees, forged identities, two-headed mutants, and more.  Presented by Zootopia Theatre Co. as part of the 13th New York International Fringe Festival - FringeNYC.

Panopticon  | Open: 08/13/08 Close: 08/23/08
Trapped in a sinister prison known as the Panopticon, Patrick is stripped of his identity to become prisoner 67401. In his cell he is confronted by the demons of his past only to realize the true nature of his incarceration. For more information go to
Big Thick Rod  | Open: 08/10/08 Close: 08/22/08
Cricket's ready to hump the table leg. Her husband wants to improve her mind. Can they find satisfaction with a three-armed gardener, a busload of Japanese tourists, and someone named Rod? Aren't you supposed to screw the ones you love?
The Terrible Girls  | Open: 08/11/07 Close: 08/25/07
THE TERRIBLE GIRLS is a wicked dark comedy of friendship, obsession, and Southern sensibilities. Two women battle for the love of one man, while the third guards his terrible secret. "It's a wild mix of fearless comedy and Southern Gothic horror," says Kristina Meeks, Founder, Playwrights Collective. New York Premiere at the New York International Fringe Festival, August 10-26.